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Electric Games
Another massive games site, Electric Games has a wealth of resources. It has some features that aren't so prominent on other sites. For example the Add-ons section features links to many sites for downloading add-on levels, maps, cars, and editors for many different games. Also the site reviews gaming hardware as well as software which appears to be unique. The reviews are quite in-depth, but there are no screen shots. Another big section is the Online area which is dedicated to online gaming and features different types of online games along with services for connecting players of multiplayer games across the Internet
GameSpot is a web site dedicated to every facet of PC gaming. Content includes the usual news and reviews side of the games industry, but the bonus comes through the inclusion of games hints, and information on how to become a beta tester for selected games. The site is well rounded off with the download area, offering demos of recent games.Organisation of the site has created sections for each style of game - simulation, action, etc. - letting you find the right kind of information easily. If there is one down point to the site, then it's that the front page looks a little garish, and cluttered.
A purple background, yuck! Actually it's not as bad as it sound and this site is very colourful without being too bright and gaudy. The text remains easy to read and the site is quick and fairly simple to navigate through, despite having a great deal of content. However the pages are a tad cluttered. On that note, the content is, basically, anything and everything games related. From news and reviews to cheats and sneak peeks of what's up and coming in the huge computer gaming industry.
Freegames net
We all have days when we would much rather sneakily download a game and play it than get on with the filing or the ironing or whatever else we are supposed to be doing. That's where free download games come in, no matter how basic or how bad the graphics it certainly beats sorting out your emails or watching windows check your hard disc for errors. Freegames net is an enormous website consisting of, you guessed it, free games. Most of them are pretty naff, but then what do you expect for nothing?!
World of Spectrum
On first impressions, World of Spectrum appears to be one major geek fest and you'd be right to judge this book by its cover. This website is a shrine to Clive Sinclair's revolutionary home computer, the ZX Spectrum and contains, among other things, numerous free download emulators for PC. The website looks pretty bad, but is relatively simple to navigate and does present you with the chance to get nostalgic about what were, all in all, pretty good games for their time.
Hasbrointeractive - online shockwave games
Hasbro Interactive has been creating computer games for years since its infamous first release, Pong, in 1972. Fortunately, its product development has come along way since then and its current products are some of the best on the market. Its website includes some classic games, such as Centipede and Frogger, which can be played online with the aid of a free download plug-in.
Games Domain
Games Domain is dedicated to computer games of all kinds, from PC and console game reviews to cheats and online games it's all here. The online games section is huge and accommodates a large number of single and multi- player games, which can be played over the Internet with an opponent of your choice. Cheats for all the latest PC and console games are available for those of us that need them and up to date reviews give you the chance to read all about it before parting with your hard-earned cash.
Games for everyone, that's what it says on the home page and that's what you'll find on the website. Pogo.com contains a number of games, which can all be played online. The games are divided into sections for different types of game, for example, word, board and card games. Like many free game sites, the graphics are nothing special and the site is pretty slow moving between pages, so you'll need a good connection to play some games effectively online.
Brain Teaser.com
The folks from Brain Teaser make some bold claims for this site; "the ultimate puzzle site" and "the leading authority on brain teasers and puzzles". The site is packed full of tricky questions along the lines of "if it takes three bald men five years to dig a ditch, how many miles is it to Timbuktu?" Wimps can choose to view brain teasers complete with answers, while suckers for punishment will go for the without answers option. Cash prizes are offered for solving the especially tricky teasers. And if all of that logic makes your brain ache you can go and play some of the shoot-em-ups in the online arcade area of the site to relieve the tension.
Kids Crosswords
The puzzles here all have an educational spin, covering areas such as spelling, anatomy and plant life. The puzzles themselves look a lot like the kind of quizzes you find in conventional colouring books. However you might want to skip the crossword devoted to the delights of Texas (yes how did you guess, this site was developed in the US).
This site is strong on interaction and brings together scrabble players from around the world. There are some interesting online games which are well worth playing (although you do need Macromedia's Shockwave player to use them) including a curious mix of Scrabble and Space Invaders and a hybrid Scrabble/Hangman creation. There are also some cunning tips for dedicated Scrabble players; my favourite is to memorise all 109 two letter words in the English language so you can sneak into those gaps left by other players. If the Scrabble bug has bit you bad, check out the section of the site devoted to Scrabble clubs, societies and tournaments around the world.
Trivial Pursuit
Welcome to the online home of the game that's inspired a million family arguments. As well as information on the latest products, including the rather stylish Star Wars Special Edition, you also get to play the game online. Answer some of the sample questions from the updated Genus IV edition; beware though you have to get the phrasing exactly right to win. And if you're having an argument about the rules of the game you can always check out the online rules on the website without resorting to fisticuffs.
The big news on the Monopoly website is the introduction of a new token - and it was done by mass vote. 51% of Monopoly fans voted in favour of the new Sack of Money token; what a capitalist lot they are. Although you don't actually get to play the sacred game over the Internet there's enough Monopoly trivia on this site to keep even the biggest fan satisfied (for example did you know the longest Monopoly game ever went on for 70 days).
Yahoo Games
Yahoo! has one of the best collections of online games and runs one of the most popular gaming areas on the Internet. You can pit your wits against players the world over. Online board games include backgammon, checkers and chess and there are endless card games covering blackjack, bridge, cribbage, gin and poker. There are also plenty of tips and cheats areas, along with active games playing communities to join.
Pokemon World
Pokemon has taken the world b storm and this is the best place to find out exactly why. It has all the latest news on new games and characters, plus on the new film, but it is the FAQ part of this site that is the most useful. It gives you loads of tips on how to get more out of the games and how to train your Pokemons just the way you want them.
Puzzle Up
What's nice about this site is that it splits puzzles up into various difficulty levels; there are quizzes suitable for young people, quick puzzles for those who only have a few minutes to spare and really tricky quizzes for the expert puzzle solver. Most of the puzzles are created in Java so you'll need at least version 3.0 of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer to view them.

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