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St.James Street
including Wellington & Wiveliscombe.   ‘Paradise of England’ & Alfresco Capital of Britain
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Exchange House
The Wessex Tourist board are pleased to announce that they have arranged a very special concession for our readers. The exclusive Exchange House Club in central Taunton will avail special day membership to you when you visit Taunton. You may relax, socialize and dine at the exclusive club. There is a lovely bar and beautifully panelled dining room where you may enjoy a relaxing meal or a business lunch. Lovely snacks also for those ladies who love to lunch. The Club is in The Crescent opposite County Hall and the Law ourts.  There are also business conference suites and a function room.  All you have to do is email to arrange your visit day. Do remember to say you wish to take advantage of the offer made to Wessex Tourist Board readers.

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Tone FM
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A brand new radio station for Taunton opened on February 28th! Tone FM will provide a mixture of speech and music content aimed at the over-45s.
Tone FM - Bringing local radio back to Taunton 107.8 FM

Woo Hoo - We are now streaming live from the website!

Can you please let me know if you have any problems listening by emailing:
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We may have lost the Brewhouse Theatre.  Now YOU will be able to watch  the shows on Television,  Your laptop, Your PC and Your Tablet.  Taunton's very own Local Television Station Opening in June !
The Arrest of Ai Weiwei
By Howard Brenton, based on Ai Weiwei’s account in Barnaby Martin’s book ‘Hanging Man’  Directed by James Macdonald

So the stats are in - 15,000 people from all over the world, including UK, USA, China and Canada watched 4,700 hours of the LiveStream including Ai Weiwei himself in China! 
Thousands tuned in across the globe from Friday 19 April 2013 to watch the live and free streaming of the critically acclaimed The Arrest of Ai Weiwei from The Hampstead Theatre. This newest London Theatre seats just405.  They were delighted that they were able to bring Howard Brenton’s extraordinary story to so many people. The ultimate highlight of the night was Ai Weiwei being online. He watched the entire show and got involved in the twitter conversation .     There was plenty of conversation and interaction throughout the live-streaming  . This endorses our belief that live theatre can and will prosper in new and creative views. There have been many who hold the view that the auditorium at the Brewhouse wastoo small... this is irrelevant as with Internet Television so many more may view live shows.  This is our aim and we hope to make Taunton the centre for these developments in the same way that Bransom, Missouri became the Musical Theatre Centre of the USA.

Download productions to your desktop and watch offline.   Download Digital Theatre productions to keep on your laptop or desktop.  View your production and Online Rentals while connected to the internet. Productions can also be downloaded to watch while offlineWatch in your browser with no need to download or install additional software. Online Rentals are available in your Library for 30 days from date of purchase.  Access productions instantly, with 48 hours to complete viewing from starting playback. Stream Digital Theatre productions to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch when you're online.  Access your library of productions, watch trailers and get your daily dose of inspiration from The Journal.  Play productions on your HDTV at the touch of a button with AirPlay and Apple TV.
We may have lost the Brewhouse Theatre.  Now YOU will be able to watch  the shows on Television. Our very own Local Television Station Opening in June !  It will include Local News, Local Arts,  Local Drama, local Sport, and Local lifestyle.   Local Theatre Groups interested in participating should contact us. 

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Tel:  01823 240170

Some of The Available Productions by Eugene O’Neill
David Suchet returns to the West End in Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece.

by William Shakespeare
David Tennant and Catherine Tate star as reluctant lovers Benedick and Beatrice in Shakespeare's timeless comedy.
by Henrik Ibsen, English version by Simon Stephens
Hattie Morahan and Dominic Rowan star in Simon Stephens’ compelling new version of Ibsen's masterpiece for the Young Vic.
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by James Lapine
Olivier-Award winning production of Sondheim and Lapine's dark and humorous musical twist on the Brothers Grimm stories.
by Mark Ravenhill
Mark Ravenhill's play in which twins are reunited by the fall of the Berlin Wall, starring Harry Treadaway and Luke Treadaway.
by Arthur Miller
Howard Davies' acclaimed production of Arthur Miller's classic 20th century drama with David Suchet and Zoë Wanamaker.

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Taunton Watchdog:
The Column that looks out for your interests. 

The Fire At Dowell Close, Taunton  on Xmas Eve... Comment as to causes
Why I’ll never shop at Asda again The sneaky way Tesco funds price drops The ‘You don’t have to pay your bills’ scam
Are Taunton OAP's Being Taken For A Ride?
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Taunton Sign

This is YOUR Gateway to Taunton

Taunton Skyline

Location Taunton Philharmonic

 For retail therapy, Taunton with its High Street names, specialist shops and out of town retail parks is THE place to shop. With stunning attractions including Hestercombe Gardens, Sheppy’s Cider, Willow & Wetlands Centre and Somerset County Cricket Club and Museum. Then there are the wonderful gourmet eateries and hostelries. One day is simply not enough! Located centrally between the South Devon/Dorset and North Somerset coasts the area is the 'Perfect Rural Retreat' and ideal destination for a day visit, short break or holiday.  The population of Taunton is 102,000(2001 Census), and they all are so friendly.
John Norden, the country’s greatest topographer, described it as the ‘Paradise of England’.

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Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30am to 5pm

Taunton's Tourist Information Centre is situated in the heart of the town centre, sharing the same premises as Taunton Library. It offers friendly advice and local knowledge on a scale that only experience can offer. Find local places to see and visit, check for local celebrations, shows or seek accommodation. You can pick up all aspects of Tourist Information leaflets and guides and even order selective publications in another language.  Tickets to local events can also be purchased from the Tourist office so why not check your dates and spend an evening or weekend with us. We have a lot on offer and you can find out what they are by visiting our Entertainment section. Taunton Deane Borough Council also provide a tourists brochure which you can get, for free, via their own website. Visit now by clicking here

Taunton Tourist office 

Tourist Info

 The Library, Paul Street, Taunton

Tel: 01823 336344
Fax: 01823 340308
Accom Booking Line:
 0906 302 0180


Taunton's Wall of Art
Graffiti is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface, often in a public place. Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and it has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire.

Chip Lane Graffiti Wall

In modern times, paint (particularly spray paint) and marker pens have become the most commonly used graffiti materials. In most countries, marking or painting property without the property owner's consent is considered defacement and vandalism, which is a punishable crime. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles.
Within hip hop culture, graffiti has evolved alongside hip hop music, b-boying, and other elements. Unrelated to hip-hop graffiti[citation needed], gangs use their own form of graffiti to mark territory or to serve as an indicator of gang-related activities. Controversies that surround graffiti continue to create disagreement amongst city officials, law enforcement, and writers who wish to display and appreciate work in public locations.

 There are many different types and styles of graffiti and it is a rapidly developing art form whose value is highly contested and reviled by many authorities while also subject to protection, sometimes within the same jurisdiction.
Here on Chip Lane Taunton's budding Banksys ply their art

3rd Way Bridge

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The Viewing Gardens of Taunton


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Taunton, Massachusetts


Saxon England
  The Wessaxens came here for a visit 1514 years ago and liked it so much they have stayed.








drawn by  & Copywrite of
Juliet Davey


I'm Cerdic First King of Wessex. Welcome to my

Here you will find dedicated pages to specialist activities in Wessex & Mercia. These include a list of Agricultural ,Horse Shows etc,  The Wessex Hall of Fame, Michelin starred restaurants in Wessex,Seaside Resorts,Theatres in Wessex & the UK, List of Films made in   Wessex, Wessex Names, Golf Clubs, Football Clubs, Rugby Clubs, and Racetracks . Campers & Caravanners have their own dedicated  section too.  Cerdic Merchandise is also available- Click here to view.

Taunton began as a Saxon village and was called Tone Tun. The Saxon word tun means farm or estate. The word Tone is Celtic and may mean roaring river. By the 10th century Taunton had grown from a village into a small town (although it would seem very small to us with a population of only a few hundred). In AD 904 a charter was given to Taunton by King Edward the Elder  . Taunton was also a fortified settlement called a burh. In the late 9th century Alfred the Great created a network of fortified towns across his kingdom. These were called burhs . The burh of Taunton would have been surrounded by a ditch and rampart with a wooden palisade on top. By the 10th century Taunton had a mint and a market, which was held on The Parade. By the time of the Domesday Book (1086) the population of Taunton was about 1,500. In Thomas Hardy's Books Taunton was renamed Toneborough. In 1935 Taunton was made the county town instead of Weston Super Mare, an indication that Taunton was growing in size and importance.

Sit back and enjoy a 1 minute taster video of what Taunton has to offer:



It is believed that the legend of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table  is based on Cerdic- and you may visit the Sword in The Stone just outside Taunton Castle. Have a pull - you could be the next King of Wessex.

Marcus Trescothick

Reportedly bought a flat overlooking the County Cricket Ground

Reportedly Seen In Taunton

Lord Lucky
Notable Visitor
Notable visitors
Ben Larden

Debt Problems ? Call Drummond & Co Now 01823 337 892
Somerset LifeSomerset Life The Leading Somerset Magazine 
in which Stephen Tate Describes Taunton

Unit 22, Midsomer Enterprise Park, Radstock Road, Midsomer Norton, Somerset BA3 2BB
01803 860910
French Weir
View from French Weir

Ever since the Saxons pushed the Romano-British Celts back into present-day Devon in the 690s, the Vale of Taunton has remained one of England’s prized assets. Protected on three sides by upland terrain, the vale is a land of plenty. In 1609, John Norden, the country’s greatest topographer, described it as the ‘Paradise of England’.

 Taunton prospered under the Saxons. Later, the Diocese of Winchester, annexing town and vale, grew powerful on its milk and honey. Later still, the monarchy took charge, issuing a royal charter. The town lost that privilege when it backed the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War, but it grew regardless, producing silk and cloth. Like so much of Somerset, though, many tapped its wealth and tried to impose their will, but Taunton remained its own town. Never more so than now will today’s visitor discover a town very much in control of its destiny.

Hit the downtown

Follow the excellent Taunton Heritage Trail  from the castle where King Ine, King of Wessex from 688-726, built the original castle in 700 to consolidate the territorial gains of his predecessor. The castle’s Assize Hall is where Judge Jeffries took three days to condemn 526 followers of the Duke of Monmouth to death after defeat at the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685, less than a month after Monmouth had arrived in Taunton to declare himself King of England. A plaque at the northern end of the High Street commemorates the Duke’s folly. Tudor House on Fore Street, Taunton’s oldest building, takes up the story as Royalist Sir William Portman owned the 14th-century building when he escorted the Duke to London to be hanged.
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Despite its turbulent history, today the castle is the benign custodian of Somerset County Museum, home to the fabulous Shapwick Hoard of Roman coins. (Somerset County Museum will close to the public on 19 April 2008 for a two-year re-fit before re-opening as the Museum of Somerset in the summer of 2010.) Nearby, eye-catching creeper covers the Old Municipal Buildings where Bishop Richard Foxe founded a grammar school in 1522, which continued until 1870. The beamed main hall still hosts civic functions.

Taunton takes pride in its links with the church. St Mary Magdalene Church boasts the highest church tower in Somerset, with Glastonbury Tor and Alfred’s Tower visible from the top. The Unitarian movement also put down strong roots here. The Mary Street Unitarian Chapel still has its original 18th-century interior where Coleridge and John Wesley once preached.

In such an enlightened town, perhaps it is no surprise to learn that visitors can walk across the universe, albeit a scaled-down version. The Somerset Space Walk  is a model of our solar system, with planets marked at intervals along the canal path between Taunton and Bridgwater. Start at the Pluto stone by Tone Bridge.

French Weir
French Weir

Castle Concrete

Archaeologists have discovered important evidence of Taunton’s past as a fortified town and, later, a thriving market town. Excavation at Castle Green has brought fascinating glimpses of the past to light, including a skeleton and some human bones. Further analysis is being carried out to determine when the person died, their age, what their diet was and if they had diseases that can be found within the bones.        Excavation at Taunton’s Castle Green has brought fascinating glimpses of the past to light  Work is being carried out as part of Project Taunton and Taunton Deane Borough Council’s enhancement of Castle Green to turn the old car park into a paved and landscaped open space. The dig is being carried out by AC Archaeology and Britannia Construction, the company contracted for the transformation of Castle Green. Most of the site lies within the precinct of the mediaeval Taunton Castle, a protected scheduled ancient monument, and Castle Green was once the outer bailey of the castle with barns, a chapel and graveyard.
The Norman castle was built over a large part of the Saxon cemetery and skeletons were first noted in 1943 by workmen digging a gas main near the Winchester Arms pub. There is no public access to the site as it’s closed while construction work continues. Councillor Mark Edwards, deputy leader of Taunton Deane Borough Council, said: “The history of Taunton from a Saxon town through medieval times and to the present day is of great interest to people. The work being done today adds to that history.”

Whilst we appreciate the efforts and cost being put into this development we have noticed that the green of Taunton has been greatly diminshed this year. Firstly those lovely trees in the paved high street have been reduced, taking away a lot of natural colour. Al;so the plaque depicting where the Duke of Monmouth was crowned King of England in 1685 is missing. Down in Goodland Gardens more concrete has replaced the green area next to Debenhams. Looking across the river from beside Lydl the green view has become barren and only highlights the now defunct public conveniences building.

These are to be converted into a café after two local entrepreneurs signed a lease with the Borough Council! Work on turning the block into a café is due to start any day now – but the name of the venue has yet to be revealed. The building has been standing vacant for a number of years after the decision to close the block was taken and the café is due to be open for business around Easter. The deal was brokered by Project Taunton, working with Southwest One and the Borough Council, after officers were charged with the task of finding a use for the building which could otherwise have been demolished.
Castle Green had a nice lawn between the Winchester Arms and the Castle Hotel. Many people came to visit the "Sword in The Stone". This, like the Monmouth plaque is missing at present. Both these symbols have become an integral part of Taunton. Visitors are always calling us about them. We hope will be replaced very soon. Should we rename Castle Green? Suggestions would be appreciated   as the "green" has gone. How about Castle Concrete or Taunton Tarmac?
Crazy Paving

Goodland Gardens
                          before & After
Monmouth's Progress
 In Memorium
"I am James Scott, First Duke of Monmouth and the son of His Royal Majesty Charles II. All those who join me in my quest against the Catholic Usurper, James Duke of York, my father's brother and his murderer, will gain Royal favour when I take my rightful place as England’s Ruler."

 I was  Crowned King in Taunton 20th June 1685 and  presented with flags embroidered by the maids of Taunton pupils of Mistress Susanna Musgrave and Mistress Mary Blake ( See plaque at top of High Street)

In Memory of the People of Taunton executed for following me by courtesy of "hanging" Judge Jeffries.  Although my rebellion was a disaster for many it will always be remembered amongst West Country people as a reason for some pride. Pride that when liberty was threatened the West County at least was prepared to fight against all odds for what they believed in. TThe Taunton Assize took place in the Great Hall of Taunton Castle (now the home of the Somerset County Museum). Of more than 500 prisoners brought before the court on the 18th/19th September, 144 were hanged and their remains displayed around the county for all to see and know what happened to those who rebelled against the king. The 284 who were transported were treated worse than slaves as, unlike slaves who had to be bought and paid for, they cost nothing and were therefore expendable. This may seem a cruel and bloody period in our history, but even into the 1800's people were still being imprisoned, executed, and transported for rioting and rebellion.
The relatives of the schoolgirls, the Maids of Taunton, who had presented me with a banner, had to pay a heavy ransom to have them set free.

*One of the more interesting twists in the historical record revolves around William Penn, Jr.’s ( Son of the founder of Pennsylvania) activities in the aftermath of the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685. T.B. Macaulay, an English historian and Whig politician writing in the mid-1800s, caused a great stir among Quakers and other Penn admirers when he claimed in his History of England that William Penn took a bribe in return for arranging for the release of the “Maids of Taunton” 

Macaulay’s accusation was based on a letter found in an obscure archive:

“Whitehall, Feb. 13, 1685-6.
“Mr. Penne,
“Her Majesty’s Maids of Honour having acquainted me that they design to employ you and Mr. Walden in making a composition with the Relations of the Maids of Taunton for the high Misdemeanour they have been guilty of, I do at their request hereby let you know that His Majesty has been pleased to give their Fines to the said Maids of Honour, and therefore recommend it to Mr. Walden and you to make the most advantageous composition you can in their behalf.
“I am, Sir,
“Your humble servant,

The “Maids of Taunton” moment in history deserves further consideration 



Duke of Monmouth

Monmouth rebellion

Monmouth plaque

Coffe Cup Beans 
The world renowned coffee & tea merchants D.J.Miles of Porlock & Minehead have opened two magnificent new Coffee Houses and Tea Rooms. Is this Taunton's answer to Betty's of Harrogate?   How lovely to have the lovely aroma of coffee roasting. We are sure this will become a mecca for not only ladies who lunch but also the visitors and tourists to Taunton. Relaxed and sipping the wonderful array of coffees and teas- pinkies in the air. It is also a shop to buy tea, coffee, chocolate and an array of gifts.This is a traditional family business based in the heart of Somerset.  Their unique business is devoted to rare and mouth-watering  exclusive coffees and fine teas, now available to buy online.
 Mr Miles Tearooms, 3-4 High Street, Taunton, TA1 3PG Tel: 01823 322288  Email:
 and at Riverside Place, St.James Street TA1 1JH  Tel: 01823 352033


Every Thursday on the High Street pavement you will find a mouthwatering Food Market stocked with local goodies.  Somerset Duck stuffed with Apple or Apricot, Butchers, Cheeses, Ciders, Plants, Chocolates, Pies, Organic Vegatables and fabulous bread from a commune. A must if you are in the area.
Taunton Food Market
High Street,

We're Westin Gourmet and we love meat!
We're proud to be British and of British meat (we have some very clever farmers living here you know..) 
The first Argentinian restaurant in the UK to use an authentic Argentine grill, Buen Ayre is renowned across London for the flavour of its wholesome Argentinian fillets, ribeye and rump steaks.

We also love scouting out gems from all over the world, putting them through the taste test and ensuring our lovely customers only get the best.
Our HeritageWe're pretty proud of our gourmet meat and all the hard work that goes on until it lands (with a flourish) on your doorstep. We work super-duper hard to ensure our produce is bred responsibly and tastes great - so you enjoy every single mouthful..

Fancy dabbling with some of Britain's finest? Or are you still drooling over that steak you had while on your jollies abroad (think USA, Australia)? We have a cracking selection of beef produce which hails from right around the world.   And do you want some more good news? The range is only going to get bigger! But we just don't do beef, team that with scrummy pork, lamb, chicken, turkey...(the list just goes on) and you can't go wrong.

Fresh Farm Food

Best of TauntonSporting Spirits

Our Food of Taunton Award

Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter


Partridges Blue

Home to Exmoor Blue is an old stone dairy that lies in a lush valley on the eastern fringe of the Exmoor National Park. Ian and Ruby Arnett, who bought the company in November 2002, maintain a hands-on approach to cheese-making and under their enthusiastic stewardship, the business has gone from strength to strength. Using only traditional hand processes, they make hard and soft blue-veined cheeses using local cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk. Their products are as consistent as hand-made cheeses possibly can be and their top priority is to ensure that all cheeses reach their customers in the best possible state. Only vegetarian rennet is added to the milk, so all the cheeses produced by the Exmoor Blue Cheese Company are suitable for vegetarians.Partridges Blue is a stronger version of Exmoor Jersey Blue. It is made using the same full cream Jersey milk, still soft and creamy but matured for twice as long as Exmoor Blue making this a blue for blue cheese lovers, mellow and less bitter than many. The cheese was originally made for Partridges of Sloane Square and has also been served on Concorde. You must try it- when in Taunton. Made at Willett Farm, Lydeard St. Lawrence, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 3QB.   Available from THE OLIVE TREE, Just near The Bridge at 10/10a The Bridge, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1UG Tel: 01823 353707 and from  Tower Farms Cheesemakers,Deans Cross, Lydeard St Lawrence, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 3QN. Telephone : 01984 667 683 Email for Tower Farms Cheesemakers:  Website: Farms are in Taunton Market on Thursdays




For many years now we have been using Phillips Senseo Machines to make our office coffee. Although Phillips tied up with Doux  Egberts we found that their range of coffees for the machines were both more expensive and inferior to those sold by Lydl. Lydl's range named Melangerie included Brazilian. Kenyan, Columbian and Nicaraguan coffees.  However earlier this month Lydl suddenly removed them from the shelves and replaced then with another variety using the Tassimo machines. We wrote to Lydl about this and they replied:

 "Re: Availability of Coffee Pods

Thank you for enquiring about our Coffee Pods. Unfortunately this item is not available in our stores at the moment.

We hope to have this available again in the future and apologise for any inconvenience. We have passed your interest in this item onto our Buying Department and would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH
Reece Aitken
Customer Service
Tel – 0370 444 1234
Email -

Coffee Merchants UK

Unit 1, 18B
Bennett's field Trading Estate
Wincanton, Somerset  BA9 9DT
Phone: 0196331137
Fax: 0196331137
Email (orders):

  Now we have done our research and found a lovely company in Wincanton; Somerset who can provide you with the Senseo pads in the following flavours: Colombian, Costa Rican, Kenyan AA, Sumatra, as well as Decaffeinated, and  French Extreme.


Colombia Supremo - Savour the rich and nutty flavour of this classic coffee.
French Roast  -  A dark-roast lover's dream!
Costa Rican Tarrazu -  Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all contribute to the unique flavour
Sumatra 'Lake Toba'- This full-bodied yet well-balanced cup is one of our Roastmaster's favourite.
Swiss Water Decaffeinated -, and Kenyan AA DeCaf. (ONLY included if asked for)
House Blend - One of our Roastmaster's favourite blends - a unique combination of 100% Arabica beans from some of the premier growing regions in the world. Smooth, rich & delicious - perfection in every cup!
Brazilian Santos- Brazilian Blend will produce a balanced coffee with low acidity and subtle chocolate and nut notes. A good smooth, bold everyday drinking coffee 
 Roast Master Choice - Blue Mountain Blend - Signature  - Kenyan AA - French Extreme Caffeine
Coffee Sense  is the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup! The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, flavoured, and decaffeinated as well as premium hand-picked teas. Convenience, choice and a gourmet selection!
    Individually Wrapped - 8g per pod
    100% Arabica Coffee
    Responsibly Grown Coffee
    Kosher Certified

Bronze Age sauna discovered on site earmarked for park and ride scheme.
A Bronze Age sauna and one of the oldest prehistoric roundhouses in the UK have been unearthed on a site earmarked for a park and ride scheme in Somerset.
 By Telegraph Reporter  Last Updated: 4:12PM GMT 24 Mar 2009
Men working at Iron Age roundhouse
                              site: Bronze Age sauna discovered on site
                              earmarked for park and ride scheme
Bronze Age sauna and one of the oldest prehistoric roundhouses in the UK have been unearthed on a site earmarked for a park and ride scheme Photo: PA

Archaeologists have uncovered 3,000 years of history at the site near the junction of the A358 and the M5 at Cambria Farm, in Taunton, Somerset.The Iron Age roundhouse with a diameter of 56ft (17m) is one of the largest prehistoric roundhouses ever found in Britain.It is thought to date from around 700BC and has been uncovered alongside three other roundhouses.]
A mound of burned stones indicating a 2,500-year-old sauna has also been discovered as well as the remains of a Roman farm.  A number of skeletons, all but one Roman, have also been unearthed after archaeologists spent more than three months on site.

Other finds have included a pair of Roman shears, three Iron Age spearheads, loom weights and Roman brooches, as well as large amounts of pottery.

Steven Membury, historic environment officer at Somerset County Council, said: "We think the site began about 2,500 BC with ritual use around a spring where the burned stones were found.

"The idea that the stone indicate 'sweat houses' is just one theory.

"We can tell that the huge roundhouse burned down but we think we have one surviving post which we will be able to carbon date.

"Another of the roundhouses dates from around 400-100BC, and we have found Glastonbury ware pottery inside.

"It's the first opportunity we have ever had to look at an Iron Age settlement like this."

Construction work will begin on the park-and-ride scheme next monday

British Seaside

                  for you

Annual Events in Taunton
                                      Memorial Day 2013
For the 9th Time Holocaust Memorial day was observed at The Church of St.John the Evangelist in Taunton on Monday 28th January 2013. The theme was build a Bridge amongst all peoples. The Congregation was welcomed by Reverend Jane Eastell. The proceedings were compered by Liz Payne-Ahmadi.. Those participating included Joanne Kaye ( UNISON South West),The Mayor of Taunton Deane, Brenda Weston (Equality South West), The Somerset County Council Choir, Alice Barnett-Jones & Nathan Komane (Somerset College Students), Sheila Wheeler (Somerset County Council) , The Chaplain of Somerset College and Leonard Daniels (Anne Frank Award Somerset 2013).  The Mayor and his wife laid a wreath and six candles were lit on behalf of:
  1.  Six Million Jews
  2.  Black & Ethnic Minorities
  3.  Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals amd Transgenders
  4. People With Disability
  5. Roma/Gypsies
  6. Faith Communities
We commit ourselves, to work together for the common good, uniting to build a better society, grounded in values and ideals we share:
community, personal integrity, a sense of right and wrong, learning, wisdom and love of truth,
care and compassion, justice and peace, respect for one another, for the earth and its creatures.

We commit ourselves, in spirit of friendship and co-operation, to work together alongside all who share our values and ideals, to help bring about a better world now and for generations to come.

West Somerset Railway Steam Gala
Last Two weekends in March
Taunton Flower Show- The Chelsea of the West
First Week of August
Taunton Racecourse
Races from late October to Late April
Taunton Marathon & Half Marathon
First Sunday in April
Annual Pop & Prom Concerts in Viviary Park
Second Week of August
Taunton Illuminated Carnival
Middle Saturday of October
Somerset County Cricket Ground
Matches from April to September
Heritage Open Days
Second weekend of September
Late Night Thursday Christmas Shopping & Special Themed Events
Late November- December
Westival - Taunton's Annual Arts Festival
Late July to Early August
Taunton 10K Run
Last Sunday of September
Proms in the Park in August.

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Taunton  for local gossip & Twitter

  The 151st Royal Bath & West Show
2014 Show Dates: 29th May - 31st May
Royal Bath & West Show 29 May - 1 June
Founded in 1777 The Royal Bath & West of England Society are a Somerset based registered charity that aims to encourage agriculture, the arts and commerce. The Society owns the Royal Bath & West Showground, a 240 acre site near Shepton Mallet, which is home to a series of world class shows and events in Somerset throughout the year. The biggest event in the calendar is The Royal Bath and West Show, which takes place over the Spring half term. It's probably the biggest agricutural show in the country and a great day out in Somerset for families, friends & rural enthusiasts!
                                        & West Show Bath
                                        & west Bath &
                                        & west Show

This is where all aspects of farming and rural life can be seen, from the best of British livestock to the latest business innovations in farming. The show offers the perfect day out for the whole family; the best for shopping, food, flowers, crafts, country pursuits, equestrian competitions and arena displays.

Start date:

28th May 2014

End date:

31st May 2014


The Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Web Link:

Contact telephone:

01749 822 200

The 2013 Royal Bath and West Show takes place near Shepton Mallet in Somerset from Wednesday 30th May - Saturday 2nd June. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance and save ££'s on the standard entrance price plus you'll get free entry for up to three childen under 16 with every adult ticket!

There's more happening than you think at the country's biggest rural festival and there really is something for everyone, from food lovers to families and farmers to fashionistas!

From the country’s finest livestock and over 600 trade stands to the National Cheese Awards and the UK’s biggest cider competition. It's your chance to experience canoeing, visit an art exhibition, sample and purchase some of the best British produce, marvel at the birds of prey in the Countryside Arena or watch some of the finest animals in the country. There's so much to see and'll want to come back another day! To find out more about last years show please read on or click on the links in the top right of this page. We will be updating these pages over the coming months in the lead up to the 2012 show so please do visit again soon - and rest assured that the 2012 show will be bigger and better than ever before!

For Transport From Taunton & Wellington to the Showground Berry's Coaches run daily.
for London to & from Taunton.
Cornishway West, New Wellington Road, Taunton, TA1 5NA
Tel : 01823 331356
Fax : 01823 331356

Taunton Flower Show 2012
3rd & 4th August 2012
Taunton Flower Show is the premiere event of its type and has become renowned throughout the west.Held in the centre of Somerset's county town in the historic Vivary Park, the show is a traditional British flower show. The show features show gardens, competitive classes, a magnificent floral marquee, craft traders, a wide range of garden-orientated traders as well as a central events arena.
Competition Classes
Perhaps the core of the show is the competitive marquee which has been a feature of the show since 1866. A wide range of classes for home-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as crafts, photography cookery, wine and a whole range of classes for young people are available. More than 2000 exhibits go to make up a wonderful display of the talents of the local (and not so local!) members of the public. More about the competitive classes...
Vivary Park
pictures from 2007 Show

Mrs Caroline Seymour
PO Box 796
Taunton TA4 3WU

Friday 5rh August 2012
Gates open at 10.00am for members and at 11.00am for non-members. Show closes at 8.30pm

Saturday 6th August 2012
Show opens for all at 10.00am. Show closes at 6.00pm

Tel: 07794 407 758

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Road planner
How far is Taunton

Chat here CLICK HERE
TAUNTON & CHARD CHAT ROOM are happy to introduce their chatroom for the locals in  Chard & Taunton. Just click on the  picture of Cerdic to the left to enter the room. Obviously this site is for locals with similar interests to  chat to each other. In order for the room to be a success it is necessary for you to tell your friends about the room so you can chat to each other.. It is hoped that it will become the networking centre for the locals of Taunton & Chard.
Its Showtime
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Taunton Radio Stations

place at the following venues:-place at the following venues:-
Listen NowListen Now
CALL 01305 250300 TEXT 81222 Wessex* EMAIL >
Somerset Sound
talk; news and sport; contemporary and oldies  am1566
Broadcasting House, Park Street, Taunton,TA1 4DA 
01823 368181 

BBC Somerset Sound
You've got to have

Heart Radio

HEART Somerset's new radio station:

Heart has arrived in Somerset. You can listen on 96.5 - 97.1 - 102.6 and online.To tell everyone about Heart we're going to have a TV ad, billboard posters across the area and information in the local newspapers. You could win £1,000 just by listening to our new TV advertisement or win a fabulous holiday with Toby Anstis.


Our new look website has got plenty of fresh and fabulous features.There'll be competitions, music and showbiz news, fashion and beauty ideas, local event information, some great DJ blogs and it'll answer the question 'What song was that?'.

top 40 chart and adult contemporary music  fm102.6 (Somerset) 97.1 (Yeovil) 96.5 (Taunton)
  listen live on our audio pages   address & telephone number 

Haygrove House, Shorditch Road,Taunton, Somerset TA3 7BT
News: 01823 368330  Sales : 01823 368310  HEART CLICK


Heart Radio

10 Radio

About 10Radio

10Radio is the community radio station for the Ten Parishes of Ashbrittle, Bathealton, Brompton Ralph, Chipstable, Clatworthy, Fitzhead, Huish Champflower, Milverton, Stawley and Wiveliscombe in Somerset. It can be heard in Taunton too

10Radio broadcasts live from the Ten Parishes every Friday to Sunday. We also broadcast a live breakfast show every Monday to Thursday and most weekday evenings as well. The rest of the time we play a shuffle of music, sometimes by genre, or repeat programmes broadcast in previous weeks.

10Radio broadcasts from the people to the people. It is entirely owned and run by the local community.

10Radio transmits on 105.3FM from our new studios at Croft Cottage, right next to Wiveliscombe Community Centre, West St, Wiveliscombe. You can also hear us on the internet via this website.

Contact 10Radio

Please get in touch with us if you want to get involved in 10Radio in anyway - whether it is making programmes, helping out behind the scenes, sponsoring our broadcasts or telling us about what you're doing in the local area.

 West Street

Tone FM
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A brand new radio station for Taunton is now  on air  Tone FM and  provides a mixture of speech and music content. aimed at the over-45s.
Tone FM - Bringing local radio back to Taunton

Woo Hoo - We are now streaming live from the website!

Can you please let me know if you have any problems listening by emailing:

 Click to listen:
Follow us on Facebook:

Listen on 107.8 FM

Use TuneIn on your mobile or tablet

Use Reciva on your Internet Radio

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  In Thomas Hardy's Wessex Taunton is known as Toneborough
"I find that the name Wessex is getting taken up everywhere and it would be a pity
for us to lose the right to it for lack of asserting it"

Thomas Hardy first used the term "Wessex" in his 1874 novel, Far From the Madding Crowd Hardy's vast works conformed to the region that he envisioned and called Wessex. But as Thomas Hardy himself always maintained, "This is an imaginative Wessex only". In respect of places described under fictitious or ancient names in the novels -– for reason that seemed good at the time of writing them –- and kept up in the poems –- discerning people have affirmed in print that they clearly recognize the originals: such as Shaftesbury in ‘Shaston,’ Sturminster Newton in ‘Stourcastle,’ Dorchester in ‘Casterbridge,’ Salisbury Plain in ‘The Great Plain,’ Cranborne Chase in ‘The Chase,’ Beaminster in ‘Emminster,’ Bere Regis in ‘Kingsbere,’ Woodbury Hill in ‘Greenhill,’ Wool Bridge in ‘Wellbridge,’ Harfoot or Harput Lane in ‘Stagfoot Lane,’ Hazlebury in ‘Nuttlebury,’ Bridport in ‘Port Bredy,’ Maiden Newton in ‘Chalk Newton,’ a farm near Nettlecombe Tout in ‘Flintcomb Ash,’ Sherbourne in ‘Sherton Abbas,’ Milton Abbey in ‘Middleton Abbey,’ Cerne Abbas in ‘Abbot's Cernel,’ Evershot in ‘Evershead,’ Taunton in ‘Toneborough,’ Bournemouth in ‘Sandbourne,’ Winchester in ‘Wintonchester,’ Oxford in ‘Christminster,’ Reading in ‘Aldbrickham,’ Newbury in ‘Kennetbridge,’ Wantage in ‘Alferdston,’ Basingstoke in ‘Stoke Barehills,’ and so on.
Thomas Hardy

Taunton is a county constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election. Following the review of parliamentary representation in Somerset, the Boundary Commission for England has created a modified Taunton constituency with the name change Taunton Deane, to reflect the district name. In recent years, since the departure of Edward DuCann (Conservative), this has become a marginal seat between the Conservatives & Liberal Democrats.

Taunton Member of Parliament :   Mr Jeremy Browne (Liberal Democrat)
I take up hundreds of cases a month on behalf of constituents who write to me. I also hold regular surgeries in Taunton, Wellington and in other towns and villages across the constituency.
My contact details are: Masons House, Magdalene Street, Taunton, TA1 1SG  tel: 01823 337 874
fax: 01823 339 823 Click
                                          here website:Click


John Hope Simpson (1922) & Jackie Ballard (1997) were the only other modern day Liberals to hold the seat
Mark Formosa (pictured) is our Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Taunton Deane. He has his own website with plenty of up-to-date information on what he is doing to help you and other Taunton Deane residents. His website is

We are really interested to know what you think .  Send us an email or even pick up the phone and give us a call.  If you want to help out, or join up with your local Taunton Conservatives please go to our Membership page.

The Association Office,
20a Staplegrove Road Taunton Somerset TA1 1DQ

Telephone: 01823 286106 Fax: 01823 324453

Disraeli Plaque

Benjamin Disraeli once stood as Member of Parliament for Taunton but failed to be elected.,  Historically Taunton has mainly been served by a Conservative MP.
There are several ways to get involved with the Taunton Constituency Labour Party. For example, you can:

* Help plan an event ,* Distribute literature ,* Assist with phone calls ,  * Stand in the Local Elections  , or * Make a donation

By Post: Taunton CLP Secratary,5 Blackdown Road,Taunton,Somerset

Victor John Collins, Baron Stonham PC (1 July 1903 – 22 December 1971) was a British Labour Party politician.

Born in Whitechapel, London, he was elected at the 1945 general election as Member of Parliament for Taunton, in Somerset. He lost his seat in 1950, to the Conservative Henry Hopkinson. Victor has been the only Labour Member of Parliament for the Taunton Constituency.

United Kingdom Independence Party

Chairman: Dorothy Baker
7 Cranmer Road, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1YE
Telephone 01823 332 820  e-mail:


is dedicated to preserving and developing the cultural and linguistic heritage of Wessex.

 For more information please contact :
WESSEX SOCIETY, 121 Worthing Road, Patchway, BRISTOL
WESSEX, BS34 5HU  telephone 0117 969 4947 email
is dedicated to the setting up of self government for WESSEX. For membership information or general enquiries please contact :

James Gunter, Secretary-General, WESSEX REGIONALISTS, 5 Rickyard Cottages, Broad Hinton, Swindon,Wiltshire, Wessex ,SN4 9PS tel 01793 731974

is an all party group that is forwarding the exciting plans of all the people of WESSEX to have their own parliament, with powers equal to those of Scotland. For more information please contact :
 tel 01934 641334  email
Until borders are agreed with all the various regionalist groups in England WESSEX for our purposes consists of the counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

What's On
                  In Somerset
Welcome to 'What's On Somerset, an exciting quarterly preview of leisure and entertainment designed to bring this great county together. It is a celebration of somerset and events within it and they are working with all communities to help highlight forthcoming entertainment.Read by Somerset residents and visitors alike, What’s On Somerset has been developed in response to requests for better information about entertainment, within the county and beyond. You will find printed copies all across the county in Theatres, cafes, Tourist Information Centres, Family attractions and many other outlets that are visited by active people.And on their website, you can see their current issue on screen. Some of their advertisers have even made it possible for you to click through to their own website, should you need to make a booking or just seek further information.The What’s on Somerset team are based in the county and grew up in it so they appreciate what you might be looking to do with your leisure time and where to get information.Being a community service, they are also reliant on information being sent to them and on their website you will be able to send them  information about forthcoming events and even opinions about things you have done. 

Giles Adams Managing Editor, Character Graphics, 56/58 Station Road (rear),Taunton, Somerset TA1 1NS tel. 01823 279008 fax. 01823 279011 e.


No Picture
  Jenny Agutter Caddick2.jpg
Joseph Alleine - (1634–1668). English Puritan Nonconformist pastor and author. Colin Addison - former professional footballer and manager. Born in Taunton 8 May 1940 Jenny Agutter - actress. Born in Taunton 20 December 1952. Sir Ian Botham
resident in Taunton while playing for Somerset
Andrew Caddick - cricketer. Born in New Zealand 21 November 1968, spent professional career at Somerset County Cricket Club in Taunton Arthur C Clarke - science fiction author and inventor (16 December 1917 – 19 March 2008) Alexander William Kinglake - barrister, travel writer and historian (5 August 1809 – 2 January 1891).     James Purefoy Gary Rhodes.jpg Mali Richards Vivian richards crop.jpg
Lee Martin - footballer who plays for Ipswich Town. Born in Taunton 9 February 1987 Deborah Meaden - business mogul, philanthropist, star of T.V series Dragons Den. Born in Taunton 11 February 1959 Alfred B. Mullett - architect to Abraham Lincoln. Born in Taunton (April 7, 1834 – October 20, 1890). James Purefoy - actor, one of the stars of the joint HBO-BBC series, Rome. Born in Taunton 3 June 1964 Gary RhodesThe Castle Hotel - celebrity chef who was head chef at theCastle Hotel  from 1986 – 1990.  Mali Alexander Richards  (Cricketer)
   September 2, 1983
Sir Viv Richards
Antigua, resident in Taunton while playing for Somerset 1974–1986 
Amdy Robinson
Miranda Shearer Sir Hugh Trenchard (cropped).jpg Marcus
The image
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              displayed, because it contains errors. David Henry Wilson
Andy Robinson - former England rugby union international and head coach. Now head coach of Scotland. Born in Taunton 3 April 1964 Miranda Shearer - author. Born in Taunton 11 May 1982, but resident of Spaxton and later Over Stowey. Hugh Trenchard, 1st Viscount Trenchard - Military officer involved in establishment of Royal Air Force (3 February 1873 – 10 February 1956). Born in Taunton Marcus Trescothick - England cricketer, given Taunton Deane Citzenship Award in 2005 Sir Charles Trevelyan, 1st Baronet - Governor of Madras (2 April 1807 – 19 June 1886). Born in Taunton. Frederick Porter Wensleychief constable of Scotland Yard CID (1865 – 1949) Born in Taunton. - David Henry Wilson - English writer, known for his children's stories such as the Jeremy James series.

              cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.  <B>"In barca col politico, cocaina per
              tutti"<br>Nuova teste nell'inchiesta
              Vallettopoli</B>  Coleen Clifford  No Picture No Picture No Picture
Vanessa White - Singer, songwriter and member of the pop group The Saturdays. Henry John Woodcock - Italian magistrate. Born in Taunton of an English father and Italian mother in 1967. Colleen Clifford (actress)
17 November 1898 -
7 April1996  
Stephen Daldry,
director of Billy Elliot
W.A. Darlington (writer)
  1890 -1979
William Larkins Bernard - architect (1 October 1843 – 22 July 1922). Born in Taunton Rosemary Lord (actress)

A.H. Chadder – Harvey Chadder was educated at Taunton School and at Oxford University. He was a pillar of the Corinthian Football sides of the late 1920s, playing in all their major F.A. Cup games including the famous 1927 match with Newcastle United when Chadder played magnificently against the famous Hughie Gallager. Chadder was master in charge of football at Malvern College for many years and died in 1995.

Other Notable Local Websites CLICK



Somerset Pages
Web Directory
                Society The Best of Taunton

Raring 2 Go For The Kids


General information on Wessex
THE WESSEX SOCIETY is dedicated to preserving and developing the cultural and linguistic heritage of Wessex. For more information please contact : WESSEX SOCIETY, 121 Worthing Road, Patchway, BRISTOL WESSEX, BS34 5HU  telephone 0117 969 4947 email
THE WESSEX REGIONALIST PARTY/WESTSEAXE LANDRICESTAEFA is dedicated to the setting up of self government for WESSEX. For membership information or general enquiries please contact :
James Gunter, Secretary-General, WESSEX REGIONALISTS, 5 Rickyard Cottages, Broad Hinton, Swindon, Wiltshire, Wessex ,SN4 9PS
tel 01793 731974 email

THE WESSEX CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is an all party group that is forwarding the exciting plans of all the people of WESSEX to have their own parliament, with powers equal to those of Scotland. For more information please contact : WESSEX CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, 1/2 Atlantic Road South
WESTON-SUPER-MARE, Somerset, WESSEX  tel 01934 641334  email
Until borders are agreed with all the various regionalist groups in England WESSEX for our purposes consists of the counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

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Somerset County Council
County Hall, Taunton,
TA1 4DY Wessex

Telephone : 01823 355455
Fax : 01823 355 156


Somerset Districts

Taunton Deane Borough CouncilTaunton Deane Borough Council provides a range of services to meet the needs of local residents, businesses and visitors. The Council’s vision is: To make life better for people and communities. For more information please follow the link to the Council’s Corporate Strategy which sets out the visions and aims – the foundation for our services, decisions, strategies and spending plans.
The Council provides a wide range of services including:  Housing, Car parking,   Planning, Housing & Council Tax Benefits,   Street cleaning,   Waste collection, Leisure services including parks and play areas,   Environmental services &   Economic development. A number of these services are provided in partnership with other Councils or organisations.
The Council serves a population of about 108,000 which is split between two major towns - Taunton and Wellington - surrounded by a rural area.  There are 56 elected Councillors with a Mayor and Deputy Mayor being elected annually.

Deane House Taunton Deane Borough Council
 - The Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, Somerset -
Tel : 01823 356 356
Taunton Deane Borough Council
01823 336344


Large Google map of Taunton High St.
Great British Heritage Pass - Buy Online
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Address & Opening Times
and Click Through Website Link


Take a look at all the activities we have planned over the next couple of months – they are not to be missed! The team of dedicated instructors at 1610 Outdoor Adventure provide a range of experiences and adventures for children and young adults and their families.
    * As a group of individuals and as a company, we are fully qualified to offer a great range of adventures including:
    * Canoeing      * Kayaking      * Rafting      * Surfing      * Paintball      * Hiking      * Segway      * Climbing      * Archery      * Mountain biking      * Abseiling      * Trigger Tag
    * Orienteering

Hestercombe House
 TA2 8LG

call 01823 410126 / 127
Somerset has everything, endless countryside, dramatic moorland, the Somerset Levels, a stunning coast with numerous long sandy beaches and many parts recognized as areas of outstanding natural beauty. The county is also the home of great cider and delectable cheese, providing a great taste of the West Country. Somerset has a fascinating wealth of heritage and legends. King Arthur’s Cadbury Castle (a reputed site of Camelot) lies in the South of the county, West Somerset has Exmoor with vast areas of heathland, ancient woods and the home of Lorna Doone. Somerset also holds many traditions, one of which being the making of wicker baskets dating back hundreds of years. Balloon Flights in Somerset meet at Taunton and Castle Cary and generally fly within the Wellington / Ilminster / Wincanton / Glastonbury and Quantocks area.
Hot air Ballooning in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset,
              Dorset and Wiltshire The Hankridge Arms,
Hankridge Way,
 TA1 2LR
    * OS Map Info: 193 (254 252)
From M5 junction 25, take the A358 towards Taunton, right at next roundabout then right again into Hankridge Way.
Flights meeting here will depart from a variety of sites around Taunton.
Tel : 01823 444405

We are an indoor play and party centre located in the heart of Taunton. We open at 9.30am every morning and close at 6.00pm every evening, so there’s plenty of time to come after school!We have two separate areas, one for toddlers (under 4’s) and one for juniors (over 4’s). There is a three lane astra slide, a spiral & speed slide, we also have air canons and a sports zone.
Our huge warehouse provides the perfect setting for indoor play and there’s plenty of room to sit at a table or on our comfy sofas. Our café provides something for everyone and while you’re enjoying all the healthy food, we won’t mind if you ask for a side order of chips or a fizzy drink…...

Relax, read the paper and enjoy a lovely coffee whilst the kids run off their energy – what more could you want!
AJ'z Activity Centre
Frobisher Way

tel: 0845 050 9722
Kids just love to paint pottery. Then it is glazed for them to take home. A wonderful idea for birthday parties and a must for those rainy days during the holidays. Leave the kids to paint whilst you shop in Taunton.
Art To Art Pottery Studio
8 Station Road,
Taunton, TA1 1NH
tel: 01823 274411
A series of country lanes winding through the heart of the English county of Somerset lead to the village of Ashbrittle. This small village holds an ancient treasure in its churchyard: a 3000 year old example of the English Yew, Taxus baccata. The tree was mature when Stonehenge was in use, making the 15th century church near where it grows a youngster in comparison. As a plaque near the tree declares, "Generations of local people have cherished this tree, one of the oldest living things in Britain."
Ashbrittle Yew


Welcome to BB Game Shooting. We organise various shoots in the UK and abroad, ranging from small to large drives.Game shooting has always been a popular rural pursuit and it is becoming increasingly popular as a corporate hospitality event. We are a specialist company offering shooting days that we are confident will exceed your every expectation! We can also provide:
    * Loaders
    * Instructors
Gun dogs are always welcome. Contact BB Game Shooting for quality, hospitality and above all reliability. We will do our very best to accommodate your requirements and look forward to welcoming you soon.
Summerleaze Crescent

Barrington Hill National Nature Reserve comprises four meadows surrounded by well established hedges on gently sloping clay-rich soils. It represents a large area of species-rich unimproved neutral grassland, which is now rare nationally. The site is particularly notable for its abundance of rare French oat-grass, green-winged orchid and adder's tongue. The hedgerows (some with large oaks) contribute to the diversity of the site. Local butterflies include common blue, meadow brown, speckled wood, brimstone and orange tip.
Barrington Hill
Barrington Hill is 2 km west of the A358, midway between the villages of Windmill Hill and Bickenhall (1 km to the south east and north west respectively).By car, access to the site is via minor roads from the A358. The entrance to the site is near Barrington Hill Farm on the minor road from Bickenhall to Horton village.
Located in the Vale of Taunton Deane, Bishops Lydeard is a small village near the market town of Taunton. There were originally two mills in the village, Higher and Lower, supplying the area with flour. Higher mill has been subsequently demolished, leaving this excellent example of an overshot waterwheel at the lower mill. Picture of the mill wheel. The watermill has been renovated over the past few years and was officially opened by the town Mayor on Saturday 10th May 2003. Work has been done to restore the mill so that it is a working mill.
Bishop Lydeard's Mill
 The Mill House, Mill Lane, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 3LN

Phone: +44 1823 432151
TickGO GymTick AerobicsTick Tennis CentreTick Climbing Wall
TickSoft PlayTick Kids Fit ZoneTick Sports HallCross Swimming Pool

Deck Chair
Blackbrook Way, Blackbrook,
Taunton,   TA1 2RW

Tel:  01823 333435 
Fax: 01823 388920

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and chill out on our boat, you'll feel so much better for it. OUR PASSENGER LAUNCH  "FUTURE PERFECT" IS LICENSED TO CARRY 12 PEOPLE. Saturday trips start from the pontoon outside the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on the River Tone from around 11 am to 4 pm. Sunday trips start from Creech St Michael on the Canal from around 10 am to 4 pm. When trips are running you will see the sign on the canal bridge.  Check the home page of this web site to see when and where  trips are running. The relaxing cruise lasts between 20 - 30 mins.  Adult: £3.00 Children £2.00  The boat is also available for longer cruises by arrangement during the week. For details please contact us.
Future Perfect
If you have any ideas for places or events where a visit from Future Perfect would be enjoyed please let us know. Future Perfect is also available for private bookings and there are special arrangements for schools and charities. Contact Alec Hay to discuss and get all the details.
tel: 01823 443034

The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton  first opened its doors in 1977 and provides a full and varied live programme catering for all ages including a wide range of touring music, drama, children's theatre, dance, opera, ballet and comedy.

Today the theatre's aim is to be the cultural centre of Taunton, presenting live performance and art exhibitions of the highest quality to its audiences


Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Coal Orchard, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1JL  


 01823 283244
 01823 323116

A landmark natural hill, topped by the remains of the unfinished St Michael's Church.  This area is the source of many myths and legends of King Alfred and the Isle of Athelney.
Burrow mump
A361 Burrowbridge, Taunton

This wood provides a fascinating insight into the history of the area. The site of Castle Neroche was a small settlement over 2600 years ago, when it probably supported a small farming and hunting community.
Castle Neroche
From Taunton take the B3170 through Corfe. Continue to the top of the hill, then turn left at the crossroads. The car park is signposted with a small green sign a further two to three miles along this road.
Clayshots is a brilliant outdoor activity centre located in South Petherton Tauton Hambridge. They offer the exciting and challenging activity of clay pigeon shooting, an activities that requires aim, concentration and skill. This is the perfect location to learn, they provide excellent instruction so you will come away victorious no matter what your level. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends, family, for a corporate day or a hen and stag night. Get the competition going between team mates and spice up the day! For any enquiries or requests, do not hesitate to contact Clayshots and let the fun begin!
Frogmore Farm
 TA13 5JH

Operating out of Taunton, Discover Moor provides a great range of tailor made adventures for groups of all ages and abilities.
With beautiful countryside on all sides we have the perfect location to offer a great range of experiences including clay pigeon shooting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, coasteering, hiking, climbing, archery, mountain biking, abseiling and orienteering. No matter if this your first time or you have experience in the great outdoors, our fully qualified instructors will offer you an experience tailored to suit you and your team’s level of ability. We have a great wealth of experience providing great experiences for groups of all shapes and sizes, from hen and stag weekends to corporate getaways. Have a chat with Dan at Discover Moor to plan your adventure.
82-84 Trull Road
: 01823 331 847.
Every visitor can join in with the hands on animal feeding and ask the farmer anything about the animals from breeding them, feeding them to treating them if they are poorly. The farmer and his wife are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about farming and the countryside. In short, you can make your visit as educational as you want! The layout of The Fun Farm is very child and parent friendly. You can watch your children play outside or inside or ride the quad bikes from the comfort of the log fired woodburners, from our specially designed café or go out and join them. It's not just the children that have plenty of fun on the indoor and outdoor play equipment. There is plenty for the adults too, such as the barrel train, quad biking, apple juice making and the animal feeding. Our friendly staff will truly make your day out a unique and unforgettable experience.
Animal Farm The Fun Farm, Priorswood,
Taunton, Somerset,TA2 8QJ, UK
Phone: +44 845 249 8234
Gardens contain a wide selection of roses, herbs, agapanthus and butterfly-attracting plants.

Gaulden Manor
Tolland, Lydeard St. Lawrence,  nr Taunton
June-Aug,  Thurs and Sun 2-5pm.

01984 667213

Hatch Court is an elegant Palladian mansion set in an exceptionally fine park. The house has a good collection of pictures and furniture, a china room and a military museum.  A herd of fallow deer graze in the park and there are magnificent trees and wonderful views.The beautiful gardens at Hatch Court have been extensively restored the present owners.   The highlight is a huge working walled kitchen garden.  Before 1984 this productive garden was a complete wilderness but since then it has been brilliantly restored by Robin and Janie Odgers. 

From Taunton go south-east on A358 for 5 miles.  Turn left for Hatch Beauchamp and left at village crossroads for garden.


Soldier & artist, Coplestone Warre Bampfylde renowned as having " the finest taste for laying out ground of any man in England", created the landscape garden in the 1750s. This was supplemented with the addition of a Victorian terrace & shrubbery & the stunning Edwardian gardens designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens & Gertrude Jekyll. 

Hestercombe Gardens

 Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8LG
four miles from Taunton


Tel: 01823 413923
Fax : 01823 413747

Welcome to hollywood bowl the UK’s number one tenpin bowling experience.
If you want to go tenpin bowling in the UK then look no further than your local hollywood bowl. Our aim is to give you and your party the perfect bowling experience whether you are looking for a kids party, an office event or to spend some time out with friends.

Founded over 15 years ago and part of the Mitchells & Butlers portfolio of leisure venues, hollywood bowl has a great track record in providing top quality tenpin bowling. Our well trained and helpful staff work with state of the art facilities to ensure your visit is great
Hollywood Bowl
hollywood bowl Taunton, Heron Gate,
 Heron Way, Taunton, TA1 2LP
From the M5, exit at Junction 25 and at the Blackbrook roundabout take the A38 (signposted Taunton).

At the next roundabout turn right and continue straight over at the following roundabout. At the next roundabout turn left.
Tel: 01823 444 144
Contemporary craft gallery established in 1984 representing the work of its 15 members. Jewellery, furniture, pottery, textiles, paintings and baskets.
Makers Contemporary Arts
7 Bath Place, Taunton Mon-Sat 9am-5pm.
Sunday for the last two weeks of December.


01458 850713

Taunton last Thursday each month  
Farmers Markets
Taunton last Thursday each month  
tel: 01823 412979
Ministry of Cake is the new name for dessert manufacturer Maynard Scotts; a company which has come a long way since it was set up just outside Taunton way back in 1840. It produces mainly desserts - ranging from the classic apple pie to luxury cheese cake - and now lays claim to being the biggest manufacturer of chocolate fudge cake for foodservice. They supply up-market outlets such as Starbucks, Hard Rock Cafe as well as Sainsbury's and Tesco. But if you are in the area they have a lovely factory shop on site. Try their lovely profiteroles.
Ministry of
Ministry Of Cake Ltd.
 Bindon Road, Taunton, TA2 6AB

tel :01823 257922
Welcome to Muchcare where they offer two brilliant activities at their outdoor venue. Come along at Clay Pigeon Shooting or off road motorbiking and enjoy the outdoors and their stunning location.
Their Clay Pigeon Shooting range is suitable for all and they provide all necessary equipment and tuition and it´s great for groups! Offroading on their motorbike trails is brilliant for a thrill!  Both first timers and experienced riders can have a ball, and once again, everything is provided! If you´re looking to getaway and enjoy a brilliant escape while having an absolute blast! Contact them today at Muchcare and they will be delighted to help you book your adventure!
Frenches Farm
 TA5 1AR

01278 671331

Click on a film title below to view a film synopsis and select a time to book your tickets.


Odeon Taunton
Heron Gate,

0871 22 44 007


Come to Paintballing Tauton to enjoy one of the fastest growing adventure-sports game in the UK!   Your search for a 100% adrenalin rush is over.   If you are looking for a great family      DAY OUT, surprise BIRTHDAY GROUP, CORPORATE TEAM OUTING or just to paintball with friends in the UK then The Great Adventure Game Paintball is the place to come!


Follow the A39 to STREET, passing through the village of ASHCOTT staying on the A39 BATH ROAD you will pass KELLAND J & SON on your right hand side, after this there will be a sign on your left for IVY THORN Turn right at that sign in to BRAMBLE HILL follow to the end there is a staggered cross roads straight across to IVY THORN LANE, follow lane for about half a mile and IVY THORN FARM will be on your left, drive to the top of the track and the parking is on your left, please drive slowly up the track no more than 5 mph please.

0800 849 4911


Since the early 1800's the Sheppy family has been making cider in the west country. They have gained over 200 awards & two gold medals. A 370 acre farm with 47 acres of apple orchards. A farm shop, cider sampling, Museum, tea room & picnic area.

                  CIDER WORKS & MUSEUM

Three Bridges, Bradford on Tone,  Taunton, TA4 1ER
on the A38 midway between Taunton & Wellington


Tel :01823 461233
Fax : 01823 461712

The leading County Cricket Club in the South West 


Taunton County Cricket Ground

The County Ground, St James Street,
Taunton, TA1 1JT

Tel: 01823 272946
Fax: 01823 332395


The Museum is of great interest to all cricket lovers with a selection of photographs, plates, pottery, china, silverware, score-cards, ties & other cricket memorabilia. There is a reference library available to all. and a lending library for Museum members. The Museum opened in 1989, is rated one of the best in the country.
Somerset Cricket Museum

7 Priory Avenue, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1XX

10.30am-4pm Tuesday to Friday April-October


tel: 01823 275893
Museum of Somerset with spectacular finds from the Somerset levels, the low Ham Roman mosaic, silver, glass and china, fossil sea dragons and the museum of the Somerset Ligh.(Somerset County Museum  closed  to the public on 19 April 2008 for a two-year re-fit before re-opening as the Museum of Somerset in the summer of 2010.)
Somerset County Museum
Castle Green, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4AA
Tel :01823 320201

Fax : 01823 320229

Somerset Heritage CentreSomerset Heritage Centre
Brunel Way, Langford Mead, Norton Fitzwarren
Taunton, TA2 6SF
Telephone     01823 278805 (enquiries)

01823 337600 (appointments)
Please make an appointment if you need a guaranteed place in the searchroom.
Fax     01823 347459

We exist to find, preserve and make available written records of Somerset's people and communities.

The Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service offers:
Free access for you to do your own research, using archives such as parish, family, school and business records
Accepting documents relating to Somerset.
An archives online catalogue.
An Education and Learning Service, taking history to schools, colleges and the wider community.
A Research Service if you can't visit in person.
Talks and exhibitions
A consultation and advice service in North Somerset libraries.
Advice on document repair, handling and storage.

Please note that our searchroom is currently very busy, and so on some days we cannot accommodate microfiche or document users who have not made an appointment.  To avoid disappointment, please book a place by contacting us a few days before you would like to come in. 

The Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service is provided by Somerset County Council and holds many millions of original documents, ranging in date from the eighth century AD to the present day.  It forms part of the Somerset Heritage Service, with Historic Environment, Museums and the Victoria County History, all of which are housed at the Somerset Heritage Centre
We are a growing group. We've been together for about one year and there are approximately 30 people in the group -of all ages, singles, couples, and some with partners of other faiths. We vary in our levels of observance, but we all 'click' very well, and we love to welcome new members -I guarantee you'll have a great time! Our aim appears to be socialising, nosh and talks from group members. 
Somerset Jewish Social &
                Cultural Group Contact : Jane Warner, 
 Tel  No 01823 289085 
A family run vineyard.
Burlands Farm,  Staplegrove, Taunton

01823 451217

The parish is almost contiguous with the north western side of Taunton town, providing a most pleasant semi rural residential area, with many open spaces and expansive views of the Quantock Hills (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and Blackdown Hills. There are small shops, a Post office and a small commercial sector to the south side, bordering the Great Western railway line. The Village Hall, completely rebuilt in recent years, is host to a wide range of activities and offers a thriving centre for social and cultural pursuits. There is a flourishing Primary school and the larger, private Taunton School, offering co-education at all ages. Staplegrove is also home to the Somerset Nuffield Hospital, situated a few hundred yards from The Grove.
Staplegrove Parish
Village Hall :214 Staplegrove Road, Staplegrove, Taunton, TA2 6AL

The Church of St. John The Evangelist

Tel Hall 271570.
Tel:Church 01823 270211
The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre

The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre offers people opportunities to watch and participate in high quality drama, dance and music.A snapshot of how you can access this wonderful range of  activities is listed below:

A professional Performance Programme featuring high quality productions of Drama, Music and Dance-Youth Theatre and Youth Dance Performance groups. Adult workshops in a range of Performing Arts disciplines.-Centre Hire - the Centre is available for hire to community and amateur performers- Conferencing - the Centre runs a range of conferences throughout the year- The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre is a "Centre of Excellence in the Performing Arts in Education." -Over 1,000 young people access the Centre every week  Our comprehensive programme of dance features the country's leading exponents of Contemporary Dance, alongside a whole range of participatory activities for adults and children.

Tacchi- Morris Arts Centre
The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
School Road, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton, TA2 8PD
Tel: 01823 414141
Established club in a beautiful location in the Blackdown Hills. Visitors welcome with handicap certificate.
Corfe, Taunton
Daily except Christmas Day


01823 421790

Taunton's Second Largest Shopping Centre is also in the heart of the Town Centre and County Walk offers clothing, grooming, furniture, computer ware, haberdashery, pet store, video store, mobile phone store and Sainsburys supermarket. But why not take a look yourself? With its airy and spacious atmosphere you will surely find some great bargains. Perhaps you could grab a bite to eat while you are at County Walk because adjacent and opposite you will find fast food restaurants and some good pub grub! There is parking in the Sainsburys car park but this is restricted for a couple of hours only.

East Street

Tel: 01823 283 729
All year round bowling indoors and summer outdoors.  Tourists welcome and shoes and bowls are available.
Blackbrook Pavilion,
 Blackbrook Way, Taunton
Mon-Fri 7am-8.30pm,  Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-8.30pm


01823 285980

Taunton Flower Show
Taunton Flower Show is the premiere event of its type and has become renowned throughout the west.Held in the centre of Somerset's county town in the historic Vivary Park, the show is a traditional British flower show. The show features show gardens, competitive classes, a magnificent floral marquee, craft traders, a wide range of garden-orientated traders as well as a central events arena.This year the show has been moved from its traditional mid week dates and will take place on the first Friday and Saturday in August. This change has been made in order to encourage a family atmosphere.  The core of the show is the competitive classes where anyone can enter their fruit, vegetables, crafts, photography and floral art. The schedule of classes can be found on the competitive classes page and there are hints and tips on how to make the most of your exhibits.
Vivary Park
pictures from 2007 Show

Mrs Caroline Seymour
PO Box 796
Taunton TA4 3WU

Friday Ist August 2008
Gates open at 10.00am for members and at 11.00am for non-members. Show closes at 8.30pm

Saturday 2nd August 2008
Show opens for all at 10.00am. Show closes at 6.00pm
Adults: £8
Children (7-17): £3
Families (2 adults and up to 4 children}: £18

After 5pm on Friday and 4pm on Saturday, adults: £4

Tel: 07794 407 758

Every Thursday on the High Street pavement you will find a mouthwatering Food Market stocked with local goodies.  Somerset Duck stuffed with Apple or Apricot, Butchers, Cheeses, Ciders, Plants, Chocolates, Pies, Organic Vegatables and fabulous bread from a commune. A must if you are in the area.
Taunton Food Market
High Street,


Visitors to Taunton can naturally discover the many architectural gems it has to offer, but many more can be discovered by following the Taunton Heritage Trail.
This self-guided, circular walk illustrated by attractive brass plaques in the pavement leads visitors past some great places of interest. Some amazing and some more quirky such as the three wooden pigs marking the area of the Old Pig Market which operated from 1614 to 1882. You'll be able to find a modern interpretation of King Arthur’s sword in the stone and a plaque at the Northern end of the High Street commemorating the declaration of the Duke of Monmouth as King in June 1685.

Taunton Heritage Trail
For Information on the Taunton Heritage Trail and to request a leaflet of this circular walk around Taunton's historic town centre please contact Taunton Tourist Information Centre or Taunton Deane Tourism.
The Library, Paul Street, Taunton
Email: tautic@

Tel: 01823 336344, Fax: 01823 340308
Taunton's Premier Shopping Centre is right in the heart of the Town Centre and the Orchard(formerly the  Old Market Centre) offers a shopping experience for all the family to enjoy. There are over 40 shops, many in covered malls. You'll find the latest fashions for the whole family, from elegant style to fun fashion, jewellery, sports equipment and shoes. You will also find toys, treats, fine china and glass, in fact something for everyone. Browse through a vast selection of fine retail shops offering a wide range of goods & services. Completely free of any vehicular traffic. Situated in the centre of the town, linking the multi-storey car park High Street and Fore Street. Amenities: Provides all the sophisticated amenities that a prestigious covered shopping centre should. Suitable for wet weather visit & Children under 5 years of age are welcome.
Old Market Centre  The Orchard Shopping Centre

Open: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30pm. Late night and Sunday Opening on selected days. Late nights pre-Christmas.
Tel: 01823 326 556
Taunton Racecourse is close to the Blackdown Hills and about 2 miles (3 km) from the centre of Taunton. Although racing had been held in the area previously, the first race at the present site was held on 21 September 1927. The stands are called the Orchard Stand and the Paddock Stand which provide catering facilities and are used for meetings and conferences on days when racing is not taking place. National Hunt racing
Taunton Racecourse
Orchard Portman, Taunton
October to April.

01823 337172

Somerset Vikings are a Rugby League Club who were formed at the beginning of 2003 as part of the RFL's plans to develop the game further beyond the traditional areas in the north of England. Initially the side was made up of a mixture of Royal Marines based in Taunton and Exeter together with a number of local rugby union players keen to try the 13-man code. The Vikings play at Hyde Park which is the home of the Taunton Rugby union club, which was formed in 1874
1st XV Squad - September 2008 Hyde Park, Hyde Lane,
Bathpool, Taunton,
Email :

Tel  : 01823 336363 Fax : 01823 336767

Standing at an amazing 163½' high to the top of the pinnacles, St Mary's is one of the best-known examples of the exuberant Somerset towers financed by the prosperity created by the wool trade and has been the town church since 1308 - a heritage of nearly 700 years. The church’s interior is a splendour with it's Tudor ceiling of the nave and chancel adorned with a hundred or more gilded angels. The stained glass too is particularly fine with some bright rich fragments remaining from medieval times on the north side. On looking up as you leave the church you cannot help but be stunned by the drama of the beautiful west window.

St Mary Magdalene

The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene

Church Square, Taunton
Somerset, England,


 01823 272441


St James Street swimming pool caters for schools, clubs, childrens lessons and some fitness activities. See the individual centres for the pool details and timetables. The Pool dimensions are 23 metres x 10.5 metres, with a depth of 1.13 metres in the shallow end and  2.02 metres in the deepThere is a viewing gallery over looking Main Pool and a viewing area alongside the leaner pool.The Pool is not available for public swimming, only schools, clubs and hirers

St James Street Swimming Pool
St. James Street,

Taunton Town F.C. are a football club, who play at Wordsworth Drive in the town. They were formed in 1947 by a few local businessmen as Taunton F.C., changing to the current name in 1968, and played their first friendly fixture in 1948. For most of their history, Taunton were members of the Western League. They spent a six-season spell in the Southern League from 1977, and after a further period in the Western League, returned to the Southern League in 2002, after winning the FA Vase in 2001.] After the latest re-organisation of the English football league system, the club are currently members of the Southern League Division One South & West.

 Newsline:09066 555849

Tel:01823 278191 Fax:01823 254909
Taunton Pool measure 33.3 metres in length by 12.5 metres in width. The depth at the shallow end is 0.9 metres moving to a depth of 3.4 metres at the deep end. You must be over eight and a good swimmer to come swimming on your own.One adult may bring three children aged four to seven OR two children under the age of eight, where one or both may be under the age of four.

Tone Swimming Pool
Taunton Pool, Station Road, Taunton, Somerset,
TA1 1NN,   

Phone: +44 1823 284108

No prior knowledge of Taunton is required as all clues are solved by observation.  Both young and old will be fascinated whilst getting out for a couple of hours seeing the sites and solving the clues. Children will enjoy beating adults to solve the clues!  We even supply a map just in case you get lost.  The answers are at the back of the book so you can check any unsolved ones before you leave. The hunt starts at the Tourist Information Centre , Paul Street, Taunton, TA1 3XZ.

Click here for a larger Image

Local stockists of single hunts:
Waterstone's Taunton
The County Hotel, East Street
 Taunton TA1 3LU

Tel: 01823 333 113




Though best in the spring & summer months Vivary Park is a sheer joy and pastime to those who visit it and use its facilities. You can have fun putting, feed the ducks & birds, play tennis, play golf, play on swings & climbing frames, eat in club restaurant and may be have your lunch or picnic on one of the many tables in the picnic area next to the bird aviary. Vivary Park is really worth a visit and if you get to know its paths intimately you wouldn't even know you were right in the town centre.

Click here for a Picnic in the Park- followed by a big Firework Extravaganza


  Vivary Road, Taunton
       TA1 3JW


If you’re looking to explore southern Somerset, then a hot air balloon ride from Taunton - ‘town on the River Tone' - is a fantastic way to do it. In fact, anything else just wouldn’t be cricket. The town sits in the spectacular Vale of Taunton Deane between the Quantock and Blackdown Hills. It’s skyline is dominated by several impressive churches including that of St James, which towers over the Somerset County Cricket Club’s ground. Whilst ballooning over Taunton it is possible to see beautiful Vivary Park, home of the annual Taunton Flower Shower, and Taunton Castle, which dates back as far as the Anglo Saxon times of 710.  The Bridgewater and Taunton Canal is a fantastic sight to see on a Taunton Virgin Balloon Flight as colourful barges can be seen wending their way along the waterway. More unusually, military pill-boxes can be seen on the banks of the canal as it was planned to be a Stop Line to halt invading enemies during WWII. Whichever way the wind takes you, you’ll find some of the most quintessentially English countryside passing below the basket of your hot air balloon. Somerset offers other possible highlights such as Wellington to the west and the 175ft column built to honour the Iron Duke, Arthur Wellesley the Duke of Wellington, himself. To the east, the historic market town of Yeovil, Yeovil Country Park, and the unusual Barwick park follies beckon. Taunton launch site:-
The Blue Ball Inn
Sampford Moor
 TA21 9QL
The Blue Ball Inn is 6-7 miles west of Taunton. Please follow signs for Sampford Moor, the pub is well signposted. Travelling from the direction of Taunton, the Blue Ball Inn is on the left.

01952 212750

It cost £3½ million, it is a combined venture between the Ladymead school, Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane Borough Council. But even though this facility will further enhance local sporting and recreational provision does it reflect good design?
Wellsprings Leisure Centre offers a wide range of facilities from a large sports hall for almost every court sports you can think of, a 50 piece fitness studio with the very latest Life Fitness equipment and Cardio Theatre, two air conditioned studios, health suite with sauna, steam room and solarium, treatment room, meeting rooms, bar and cafe and six floodlit outdoor tennis courts. The main sports arena is equipped with a retractable seating unit making this area ideal for sporting competitions as well as medium sized events, including concerts or theatrical productions.The Taunton Tigers is a semi-professional basketball team competing in the English Basketball League Men's Division 1. The team play all their home games at Wellsprings Leisure Centre, which has a capacity of 500 seats
Wellsprings Leisure Centre
  Cheddon Road, Taunton, Somerset TA2 7QP
Tel: 01823 271271


Somerset baskets and willow products. Guided tours of the industry.The visitor centre is the home of P.H.coate & Son, founded in 1819. The Somerset levels is the most important wetland area in the U.K. & its unique landscape provides perfect conditions for willow growing. Basket making  willow has been grown here for 200 years. Shp, Tea-room.

Willow Croft Industry

Mears Green, Stoke St.Gregory,
Taunton, TA3 6HY


Tel :01823 490249
fax : 01823 490814

 is a small industrial town in rural Somerset, England, situated 7 miles (11 km) south west of Taunton in the Taunton Deane district, near the border with Devon, which runs along the Blackdown Hills to the south of the town. The town has a population of 13,696, which includes the residents of the parish of Wellington Without,  and the villages of Tone and Tonedale.
Known as Weolingtun in the Anglo-Saxon period, its name had changed to Walintone by the time of the Domesday Book of 1086. Wellington became a town under a royal charter of 1215 and during the medieval period it grew as a centre for trade on the road from Bristol to Exeter. Major rebuilding took place following a fire in the town in 1731, after which it became a centre for clothmaking. Wellington gave its name to the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, who is commemorated by the nearby Wellington Monument. The Grand Western Canal reached the town in 1835 and then the Bristol and Exeter Railway in 1843. The town's own railway station survived until 1964. Wellington was home of Fox, Fowler and Company, which was the last commercial bank permitted to print their own sterling banknotes in England and Wales. In the 20th century closer links with Taunton meant that many of the residents of Wellington commuted there for work, and the M5 motorway enabled car journeys to be made more easily. Local industries, which now include an aerosol factory and bed manufacturers, are celebrated at the Wellington Museum in Fore street. Wellington is home to the private Wellington School, and state run Court Fields Community School. It is also home to a range of cultural, sporting and religious sites including the 15th century Church of St John the Baptist.

The Old Town Hall, Fore Street, Wellington,

Tourist Info

30 Fore Street,
TA21 8AQ 

Tel: 01823 663379, Fax: 01823 667279
The Church of St John the Baptist in Wellington, Somerset, England dates from the 15th century and has been designated as a Grade I listed building.  A church on the site was previously known as St. Mary the Virgin.  The tower was built around 1510 .  The current organ was rebuilt in 1997. It replaced one first installed around 1700. The church was restored several times during the 19th century. The carving of the centre mullion of the east window of the Lady chapel is a Lily crucifix a rare symbol of Anglican churches in England depicting Christ crucified on a lily, or holding such a plant.  The church includes a monument to John Popham,[ died in 1607 having been Speaker of the House of Commons, Attorney General and Lord Chief Justice of England. It is part of the Wellington and District Team Ministry within the Diocese of Bath and Wells.
72 High Street
TA21 8RF
01823 662248
The magic of Cothay lies not only in its great age but also in the timeless atmosphere which surrounds it, for Cothay is seemingly beyond time.Cothay Manor, a 15th century medieval manor, is open by appointment for group visits. One of Somerset’s finest historic houses, Cothay is surrounded by twelve acres of magically romantic gardens that are open to the general public. Cothay Gardens laid out in the 1920's, have been completely re-designed and replanted within the original framework of yew hedges. On either side of a 200yd walk are 'rooms', each of which are small gardens in themselves. A white Garden, scarlet and purple garden, herbaceous borders, a scree bed, and bog garden are but a few of the delights to be found in this magical place.
Cothay Manor Cothay Manor,
 nr. Wellington
TA21 0JR
The gardens will be open to the general public from 1st Sunday in April until end of September: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays:

Opening times: 11am - last entry 4.30pm..
01823 672283
Wide range of wool and wool/cashmere fabrics and flannels all woven on site.Deborah Meaden, the multi-millionaire busineswoman with a high profile in the UK due to her involvement in the popular TV show Dragon's Den, recently (2009) acquired west of england cloth merchants Fox Brothers with partner and long time friend Douglas Cordeaux, now Fox's Managing Director. Fox is a 250 year-old firm that is probably the world's best quality weaver of flannel cloth, and Meaden's investment brought much-needed capital to the company.
On television, Deborah Meaden has a stern presence which is exaggerated on the show. In person she is charming and a pleasure to chat with, particularly about Fox. She was born in Somerset and so has been aware of the company for most of her life. Fox once employed over 5000 people and had a huge presence in the area. What's more, Meaden's husband went to school in Wellington (home of Fox) with some of the Fox brothers so when Cordeaux approached her with the idea to buy the company, it felt like serendipity. She was also strongly attracted by the quality of Fox's products, which have stood the test of time and remain as relevant today as they were when the Mill first went into production.
Tonedale Mills,
TA21 0BA
Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm.
01823 662271
The Wellesley was built in 1937, it is in the traditional Art Deco style of that period, the auditorium seats 400 people on two levels, 250 downstairs "STALLS" and 150 upstairs "CIRCLE" which has raked stadium seating, and provides a little more comfort and greater leg-room. The Wellesley is now operated under Private Independent Management, many improvements have been carried out in recent times, including the installation of a brand new - Projection Equipment in March 2003, in February 2006 we installed the latest Multi Media projection equipment which now allows us to screen films in ALL formats, 35mm, 16mm, dvd, video and satellite links, we have also installed an induction loop system in the circle area, all as part of our policy of continuous upgrading.
Wellesley Theatre

50 Mantle Street
TA21 8AU
Tel: 01823 666 66
Formed in the 1960’s, the Wellington Arts Association (WAA) brings together all groups interested in the Arts in the Wellington area under one roof and promotes their activities. At the Arts Centre we provide facilities for rehearsals, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, amateur and professional performances.
Riviera Centre The Arts Centre
Eight Acre Lane
TA21 8PS
01823 667774
Wellington Basins is complex system of waterways and ponds, developed around the existing Westford Stream and the Rockwell Green Stream, provides a fascinating glimpse into part of the industrial history of the area. The two large ponds, together with improved streams, new channels and various weirs and sluices, were excavated by Thomas Fox between 1801 and 1803 to enable a constant and controllable water supply to his woollen mills at Tonedale. Having inherited Tone Mills from the Were family in 1796, he expanded the business by buying the Old Town (flour) Mills at Tonedale for conversion, and over the next few years proceeded to modernise the works with complex new machinery which required two water wheels for power. The introduction of steam power in 1840 led to the demise of the water wheels, but the Basins were kept operational in case one day they might prove useful again. As the mills declined during the 20th century the Basins also slowly decayed. In 1978 a Basins Preservation Society was formed to restore the waterways, and it is now a valuable place for recreation and wildlife.
Wellington Basins Wellington Basins
Local Nature Reserve
Corams Lane
 TA21 8LL.

Contact no.: 01823 356356
The library is in converted shop premises in the centre of the bustling town of Wellington. It is a very heavily used library with a good range of books for adults and children. It also boasts a collection of DVDs, music CDs and talking books and has six People's Network computers for customers to use.
Opening hours
Monday:     9:30am to 6:00pm
Tuesday:     9:30am to 6:00pm
Wednesday:     9:30am to 6:00pm
Thursday:     Closed
Friday:     9:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday:     9:30am to 1:00pm
Sunday:     Closed
Wellington Library
16 Fore Street
TA21 8AQ
0845 345 9177
Fax: 01823 665194
he Wellington Monument is a 175 feet (53 m) high triangular tower located on the highest point of the Blackdown Hills, 3 km (1.9 miles) south of Wellington, Somerset, England. It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade II* listed building.
Wellington Monument, with painted site barrier in place at the base due to renovation works. It was erected to celebrate the Duke of Wellington's victory at the Battle of Waterloo. The foundation stone was laid in 1817, on land belonging to the Duke, but the monument was not completed until 1854. Its design was inspired by an Egyptian obelisk, but in the shape of the type of bayonet used by Wellington's armies.  It is 80 feet (24 m) wide at the base. A counterweight hangs inside to help balance the Monument in windy weather. An internal staircase ascends to a viewing platform.
It is now owned by the National Trust, and is floodlit at night. Originally four cannon surrounded the Monument, but these were removed during the Second World War (1939-1945) and used for scrap to help the war effort. In 1985, the Wellington Rotary Club donated the cannon currently standing at the base of the Monument. The viewing platform is currently (2007) closed due to safety concerns.  In June 2009, the National Trust announced plans to reclad the monument at a cost of £4 million. The painted fence was replaced by an open wire fence in 2010, aiding visibility, but still denying public access to the base of the monument.

Wellington Hill
Wellington Without, 
 TA21 9PA
grid ref: ST143167

Wellington Museum and Local History Society aims to promote knowlege about Wellington and its history by organising talks and visits, running the Museum and publishing books on local topics. Some of the Wellington History events that have been held so far this year are described on our Recent Events page.  For upcoming events see the box to the right. We have a fantastic local history resource, call into the museum for more details. From April, Wellington Museum is open 6 days of the week,
The exhibits in the museum feature famous firms and individuals that are or were based in Wellington. There are displays on The Duke of Wellington and his association with the town.  We aim to offer visitors the history of our town by the knowledge of our stewards and the sale of booklets on local history such as - Wellington and the Civil War, The Wellington Monument, Wellington's Historic Park, Price Brothers/Relyon, Medieval Wellington, The Parish Church, The Howards, The Foxes, Wellington School, The Baptist Story, John Wesley rode by, Wellington 1900-1999.  There is also a comprehensive range of books and leaflets on town and local walks.
The following is a summary of the current displays in the Museum:-
History: A brief illustrated history of Wellington from the Domesday Book to the 21st century.
Wellington Museum 28 Fore Street
 TA21 8AQ

Tel: 07971 242904
Wellington Park is a small park linking the centre of Wellington to the surrounding countryside. It is listed Grade II on the English Heritage Register and in 2003 it was awarded a Green Flag for high quality-provision. The park was a gift from the much respected Quaker Fox family to the town and was described by the Wellington Weekly News in 1903 as "an ideal park for the people". The family were the town's main employer for many years, providing jobs to over a thousand people in their textile manufacturing, wool and banking companies.
Minutes from a meeting held in 1902 to discuss a permanent recreation ground in Wellington showed the family's intention:  "...what is most wanted is a place in a convenient and pleasant situation, planted and laid out in lawns and flower beds and well supplied with seats...". Their offer of the park was made on the basis that the park was "under the constant supervision of a resident caretaker and shall not be used as a playground, or as a playing field, for older children and adults." The garden was then designed by F.W. Meyer, a renowned German landscape gardener. He included in his design a rock garden as part of the pond area which included 80 tons of limestone from Westleigh. Cement was not used as the colour of it would not have matched the limestone when it was wet.   The rock garden was made from limestone. The floral bedding was designed to compliment and contrast with the rock garden and curving paths. Rhododendrons as well as Berberries, Savin Junipers and Holly Olives were added. Plane trees were planted along the eastern side of the park in 1908 to replace a line of mature Beech trees which were deemed too large and unsafe. The park has four entrances, three incorporated in the original layout; the fourth, which provides access close to the bandstand from the recreation field was a later addition. The caretaker's cottage was built in a similar style to that chosen for the entrances. On the first floor, there was a gracefully curved window that would have allowed the caretaker a comprehensive view of the park. A commemorative plaque with a plain sundial is situated on the south-facing wall. A drinking fountain at the north end of the Broad Walk was installed near the entrance from Beech Grove and close to the caretaker's cottage. Although no longer in use due to changes in hygiene regulations, the drinking fountain was an essential amenity in parks and open spaces at the start of the twentieth century.
Wellington Park

The rock garden in Wellington Park
 Courtlands Road,

Contact no. - 01823 356356
Wellington School
Wellington School provides an outstanding education in a friendly, enriching environment, from nursery years to Sixth Form.  Starting at the age of three, Wellington Junior School offers the widest range of academic, creative, social and sporting opportunities in these crucial formative years. Wellington Senior School follows with outstanding, all round education for day pupils and boarders, right up to age 18. South Street,
TA21 8NT
Tel : +44 (0)1823 668800
Wimbleball lies just within Exmoor National Park.  Its 374 acres of water and 500 acres of surrounding woodland and meadow offer recreation for all.
Wimbleball Lake Brompton Regis, nr Dulverton
All year round.
01938 371372

Known affectionately as Wivey, this historic market town   is set in wonderful surroundings on the edge of Exmoor, in the Brendon Hills. The area is known as the 10 parishes, with Wiveliscombe - surrounded by Ashbrittle, Bathealton, Brompton Ralph, Chipstable, Clatworthy, Fitzhead, Huish Champflower, Milverton and Stawley - forming the hub. While the population of 2,670 is small for a town, the shops and services meet the needs of a much larger population, spread through the western fifth of Taunton Deane, in scattered farms and villages. A survey in 1997 revealed that there were at least 300 businesses within a 5 miles (8 km) mile radius of the town; 14 of these were trading internationally and a further 20 nationally. Wiveliscombe is also home to two breweries, Cotleigh Brewery and Exmoor Ales. It is also one of the first towns in the UK to set up a completely free goods and services exchange forum for the local ten parishes area. The community radio station 10radio is based in the town, serving the community of the ten parishes from which its name is derived. 105.3FM in the local area and via the internet at 
'Wivey' is a thriving local centre surrounded by attractive countryside that is never far away. It contains numerous shops, many still with their Victorian frontages, whilst the pubs stock ales from the town's two breweries. Follow the Historic Town Trail - unlock the town's history and discover why Wiveliscombe was directly involved in the London Blitz.
There's an impressive wealth of creativity to be discovered in the surrounding parishes, with artists, potters, sculptors and photographers taking part in the 10 Parishes Festival which takes place in and around Wiveliscombe. Local artist, Michael Fairfax recently unveiled a public art sculpture to be used as a tourist information point in the town's square representing local history and features.

Wiveliscombe is a friendly, peaceful and active community where everyone has the choice to become involved in the many clubs, societies and community groups in the town and surrounding area. There are excellent primary and secondary schools, a health clinic, and a busy community centre in the main square which acts a focal point for many local initiatives. Wiveliscombe's sporting tradition - especially rugby - is evident through the well-supported rugby football club based at the town's recreation ground, which also boasts a popular heated outdoor pool and tennis courts.  As well as  cricket.

Information  & Public Offices & Services
The Square

Tel: 01984 624777

The recently relocated library in Market Square, Wiveliscombe. Although not open every day the library offers a number of services in addition to the traditional book lending service. These extra library services include freely accessible computers with 'office' and 'ancestry' software; internet access; computer courses; a selection of DVDS and talking books; story time and activities to help children develop a love of reading. The library is currently closed on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Market Square
Tel:01984 623723
10 Radio10 RADIO
About 10Radio
10Radio is the community radio station for the Ten Parishes of Ashbrittle, Bathealton, Brompton Ralph, Chipstable, Clatworthy, Fitzhead, Huish Champflower, Milverton, Stawley and Wiveliscombe in Somerset. 10Radio broadcasts 24/7 from studios in Wiveslicombe, Somerset. With a live Breakfast Show every Monday to Friday 7-9am and on Saturday 8-10am, we provide a diverse range of music, comedy and talk shows weekday evenings, and great all-round entertainment at the weekends. The rest of the time you can listen to repeats of earlier shows or our unique 'shuffle' of music. 10Radio broadcasts from the people to the people - it is entirely owned and run by the local community. 10Radio transmits on 105.3FM from a hill-top near our Studios in the small Somerset town of Wiveliscombe.  Our signal covers a wide area and can also be heard well in the local large towns.

Studio: 10Radio,
 West Street,
TA4 2JP.
 Tel: 01984 624 137



CELEBRITY chef Keith Floyd, who grew up in Wiveliscombe, now has a permanent memorial in the town. A bas relief plaque of the raconteur, renowned for his groundbreaking approach to TV cookery, has been put on a wall at the top of Silver Street, where he lived as a child. It is the work of Wiveliscombe sculptor John Alder, who spent years fundraising through the Keith Floyd Memorial Project following his death in 2009. Keith grew up in the town and attended Wellington School, before the start of a flamboyant playboy lifestyle. His days in Wiveliscombe are ones he looked back on fondly, saying in 2005 his time there played an 'important part' in his life. In a chequered career, he was an army officer, a journalist, a dishwasher, a bartender, a cook, a restaurateur, with restaurants in France, Spain, Britain and Thailand. He wrote dozens of books and presented a number television series, which were screened around the world as he shot to fame. After dying from a heart attack in 2009, aged 65, the culinary world paid tribute to the eccentric restaurateur.

Top of Silver Street

We’re a friendly and welcoming church in Wiveliscombe in Somerset.  Our aim is to bring Jesus into the very heart of the community in order that friends and neighbours might become committed disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end, the Bible – God’s word – and prayer are at the heart of all our activities.

Our desire is to be a church where people feel that they really matter both to God and to others- where you can find God and make friends. We are a group of ordinary people from many different backgrounds and walks of life who have experienced the difference Jesus Christ makes to our lives, and have a common desire to make him known.

Our main Sunday service is at 11am and we warmly welcome everyone.  A group of us meets to pray together on Sunday evenings at 6pm, and there are homegroups, Bible studies, and other activities during the week.

Silver St,
Somerset TA4 2PA, 
Phone:+44 1984 623107

Serving a community of approximately 2,500 people, St Andrew's Wiveliscombe has an active membership of around 100 local people. We have a good blend of traditional and modern styles of worship and activities, and we do try hard to cater for everyone in all the range of things that we do. Whatever else we may do or be, the most important factor is our desire to bear witness to the saving love of God shown to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Church St,
Somerset TA4 2LR, 
Phone:01984 629190

was for some years a seperate parish with its own priest. Catholics originally met wherever they could find a room. A Church was dedicate to St.Richard was opened above a shop in Silver Street on July 26 1942 but because it was in poor condition a new site had to be found. The New Church was opened in 1967.

St Richard Of Chichester Church, Church Road,

Founded 1870

Recreational Ground,
West Rd,
 TA4 2TF
Open Pool.
Visitors may take out a day membership - this fee allows free entry at all the lane swimming & family swim sessions. Please note the Member only swim 11am t0 12:30pm is only open to Annual Members.    Day Membership: £3.50  Weekly membership for £17.50 0 - 2 years & Spectators free
An Adult must stay to supervise all swimmers under 12 years old & may be required to enter the pool to supervise weak or non swimmers.
To attend the pool without Adult supervision [juniors 12 - 15 years] their guardian must sign the terms and conditions of membership prior to entry to the pool. A Guardian consent form is available at the pool or online.
Guardian Consent for 12-15 year old Day Members to attend the pool without Adult supervision


 Hello, and welcome to the Wiveliscombe R.F.C homepage, this is where you can find out all information about the various teams that make up the prestigious club here in Wiveliscombe. Home to the Blue and Reds, Wiveliscombe R.F.C was founded in 1872 and is still going strong today. Currently all teams are awaiting the up coming season and have high hopes of bringing home some silverware.The second and Third team play at Plain Pond Ground, just off Northgate, and this ground is equipped with its own changing rooms and is also the location for training.Training is held on a Tuesday and Thursday Evening, Weekly, starting at 7.00pm ending approximately 9.00pm. All welcome, come along and meet some new...or old faces.

Club house and main ground is located at:
Recreational Ground
West Road
Tel: 01984 623897

 Wiveliscombe Tennis Club is located on the Recreation Ground in Wiveliscombe.     The club has three permanent all-weather courts on the site.    We are a thriving and friendly club who play throughout the year and welcome players of all abilities. Our club has three all weather courts, two of which have floodlights. We currently enter two senior teams into the West Somerset League.      Club Sessions - everybody welcome. Thursdays from 7.00pm and Sundays 10.00am til noon.     Coaching sessions for children with our Club coach     Coaching for adults also available by appointment.
    A chance to play in both League and Friendly matches.     Adult improvers lessons - Wednesdays 9.30 to10.30 am.

Recreation Ground,
 Tel:01984 623095



Wiveliscombe is situated on the B3227 Taunton - Barnstaple road (formerly the A361), 4 miles from the Devon/Somerset border and 10 miles from Taunton. From Junction 25 of the M5 the route is well signed through the North of Taunton.There is also access from Junction 26 via Wellington. Wiveliscombe has two car parks, one in North Street and the other off Croft Way.


The nearest main line railway station is Taunton for trains to London Paddington, Plymouth and the West Country, South Wales, Bristol and Bath (
An up to date timetable from trains to/from this station can be obtained from First Great Western ( or Cross Country Trains (
Taxis operate outside the station and buses to Wiveliscombe leave from the Bus station in the centre of Taunton.



Wivey Link has been going places with the people of the 10 Parishes and their surrounding areas since 2004. From the time it was set up as a community transport to combat rural isolation, it has grown steadily. Inaugurated as a Charity in 2009, its presence is an essential part of the community in which it serves. In January 2010 after an intense period of fundraising, we were delighted to take delivery of two new Peugeot people carriers. Another replacement Toyota Yaris was also purchased in May 2011.  Running weekdays and some weekends, Wivey Link provides a lifeline for those unable to access transport for what ever reason. We are not just for medical journeys to hospital or for those with disabilities, but for anyone of any age needing to get from A to B. The service is available to all residents in the area. Our volunteer drivers are the backbone of the service, keeping two wheelchair accessible people carrier

 The Wiveliscombe Community Office, The Square, Wiveliscombe, TA4 2JT
The office is open from 10.00am until 1.00pm.Please visit us to register and to discuss your specific travel requirements.
You can also telephone us on 01984 624666 from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Bus 9A  Wiveliscombe - Milverton - Wellington - Taunton 

Service operator Quantock Motor Services, Norton Fitzwarren
  Runs in council area Somerset County
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    --     -- 1 journey     --     --     --     --
Bus 10  Langley Marsh - Wiveliscombe - Milverton - Langford Budville - Wellington 

Service operator Quantock Motor Services, Norton Fitzwarren
  Runs in council area Somerset County
Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
1 journey     --     --

Bus 25  Dulverton - Brushford - Bampton - Shillingford - Wiveliscombe - Milverton - Hillcommon - Cotford St Luke - Norton Fitzwarren - Staplegrove - Taunton (Rail Station) - Taunton 

Service operator First Somerset and Avon, Weston super Mare
  Counties visited Devon County
Somerset County
Monday to Saturday Sunday
every 60 minutes     --

Wivey once boasted as many as 28  pubs and the Brewery Plaque Trail marks some of these pubs and Inns with glass, mosaic, carved slate and sculptured pieces. Famous names Cotleigh Brewery and Exmoor Ales still keep the town on the brewing map.

Cotleigh have been brewing in the West Country for over 30 years and have an extensive line up based around our core brands, Tawny Owl, Commando Hoofing, Golden Seahawk, Buzzard and Barn Owl, all of which are available in cask and 500ml bottles. Harrier, Cotleigh 25 and Honey Buzzard complete our range of permanent cask beers, but do keep an eye out for our seasonal specials which include old favourites and beers brewed for special events, such as London 2012, International Cricket and Rugby Union. Red Nose Reinbeer, Peregrine Porter, Snowy and Old Steamer complete our range of 500ml bottled beers and we have also teamed up with renowned Somerset cider producer Sheppy's, to produce Commando Hoofing Cider in 500ml bottles. We are based in the historic brewing town of Wiveliscombe and you are welcome to visit the brewery to see us and to buy any of our beers and ciders. Our new website, launched in June 2012, continues to be developed so please check back. Our new online shop will also be available later in the year, but in the meantime our current one remains open for business. Do check regularly for the latest new products.

Ford Road, Wivelscombe Somerset TA4 2RE Tel: 01984 624o86
Fax: 01984 624365

Exmoor Ales typically would be categorised as a small regional brewer.  Founded in 1980, it was then amongst the first wave of "Micro Breweries". The business has invested and expanded progressively becoming the leading cask ale supplier in the immediate region, directly delivering to around 300 outlets and nationally well represented in the well known pub companies on a regular or guest ale basis. Exmoor had a "flying start" during its early life by winning the Best Bitter national award at the GBBF in 1980…with only its 13th brew. The beer was known simply as "Exmoor Ale", being a classic 3.8% session beer. Many further awards were to follow, and today remains the backbone of the range in the region. Exmoor’s reputation for innovation and quality is well marked by its multiple award-winning "Exmoor Gold", being the first single malt "Golden Ale", which then started up whole new category of cask ale style throughout the country. Other particularly distinctive beers in the range would be exampled by "Exmoor Stag", a very serious 5.2% premium bitter (and the Head Brewers favourite) which was initially brewed as the "Centenary Ale" for Somerset County Cricket Club, which became so liked it has been brewed ever since (1990). Also "Exmoor Beast", a heady 6.6% being amongst the most famous in the strong dark porter category of beers.

Golden Hill,
TA4 2NY,
Tel: 01984 623798


The Bear Inn in Wiveliscombe, Somerset has been owned and managed by Andy and Heather Harvey for 12 years.
The Bear is a 17th Century coaching inn that reflects Wiveliscombe's heritage. It was voted Somerset CAMRA Pub of the year in 2007 and was a finalist in 2010. The Bear is a traditional English pub where darts and skittles are still played. The atmosphere is friendly and convivial where young and old and family mix.

The Bear Inn
10 North Street

Tel: 01984 623537

Hotel and Restaurant
A traditional country house with twelve individually styled en-suite bedrooms
There are 12 bedrooms and suites at Bindon each offering its own individual style and charm. We have room sizes and design to suit everyone from deluxe doubles and twins, traditional four posters to junior suites each with en-suite rooms with large bath and overhead showers. Each room features the essential requirements to ensure a comfortable stay with the addition of Molton Brown bath and body products, Hildon Mineral Water, fresh fruit and flowers.

Langford Budville,
Near Wiveliscombe,
 TA21 0UR
Tel: 01823 400070
Our coffee shop allows you to relax, mid-shop, within the vibrant, quirky atmosphere and enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee or a light lunch. We also serve traditional English cream tea  .

5 The Square
 TA4 2JT

Tel: 01984 629010
Visit the 17th century Fitzhead Inn for a truly relaxing break in traditional English countryside style. This historic inn is nestled in the small Somerset village of Fitzhead and surrounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty.  Visitors to Fitzhead Inn will be treated to a hearty full English breakfast made from local produce during their stay.
Local ales are also ready to be sampled and we serve cream teas and homely lunch and evening meals. Our inviting guest house is steeped in character and history, but with a modern touch. All our rooms have en-suite bathrooms, bathrobes, tea and coffee facilities, free WiFi and a flat screen TV. We also have a room and bathroom suitable for people with disabilities.

 TA4 3JP
Tel:  01823 400667
Pub & food   
Family Run Pub & Restaurant      Lunch & Evening Menu     Sunday Lunch     Children's Menu Available     AA Rosette     Good Food Guide
The Globe is a family-run pub in the friendly village of Milverton, Somerset. We offer excellent food, delicious drinks, comfortable guest rooms and a warm welcome.

Fore Street,
Tel: 01823 400534
Takeaway chinese food

8, High Street,
 TA4 2JX
Tel: 01984 624878

One of the finest Fish and Chip shops in Somerset

17 Church Street,
TA4 2LR 
Tel: 01984623512

The Lowtrow Cross Inn is just outside the small village of Upton in the Brendon Hills, on the eastern edge of Exmoor, in West Somerset. Upton is seven miles West of Wiveliscombe, and seven North East of Dulverton. Well run by cheery landlord and staff, good fresh home-made food, nice relaxed mix of locals and diners, character low-beamed bar with log fire, bare boards and flagstones, two carpeted country-kitchen dining areas, one with enormous inglenook.

Tel: 01398 371220

This cosy, 17th century, village pub has always been popular with locals and visitors alike. A classic pub/restaurant where you will always be assured a warm welcome from landlords Bruno and Terena. This quintessential village inn oozes character from every pore, with its flagstone floors, oak beamed ceilings and inglenook fireplaces. all complemented by a stylish new dining room and conservatory. Outside, the charming courtyard garden offers plenty of space to sit, relax and enjoy a drink and a meal.
Bruno's award winning cooking and Terena's hospitality have now made the pub a great destination for lunch and dinner. The Martlet is renowned locally for its wide and varied menu, offering traditional and modern dishes, all of generous proportions. Every meal is carefully prepared using the finest, local ingredients. The menu has been thoughtfully designed to cater for all tastes, including daily senior citizen menus, vegetarian dishes and specialist children's meals. There are also sumptuous daily specials and a fine bar food selection. Traditional Sunday Roasts are available every week, all year round, but be warned, they are immensely popular and booking is advised.However, if you are just looking for a pint or a refreshing glass of wine, The Martlet offers a selection of superbly kept local beers eg. Otter, Exmoor or St. Austell and ciders, as well as an extensive wine list.

The Martlet,
Langford Budville,
 TA21 0QZ
Tel: 01823 400262
Poppins catering trailer in its usual spot on Taunton Road, Wiveliscombe. Claire and Dennis offer a tasty range of hot and cold food and drinks both from their trailer in the lay-by and at various functions and events throughout Somerset. Drop in for anything from a coffee and a piece of home-made cake to a full English breakfast the next time you are passing or give them a call when in need of any outside catering on 07811 697684. Five star hygiene, food, and service assured.

Taunton Road,
Tel: 07811 697684.

Pub, Food and Accommodation
The Barclays look forward to welcoming you at the Rock Inn, Waterrow..  Ruth heads up the front of house team and oversees a well stocked bar and cellar with finely kept real ales from two local breweries Cotleigh and Exmoor on tap as well as Cornish and Continental lagers and a range of single Malt whiskies and gins. London born Daren heads up the kitchen. He has cooked for The Goodwood Estate for 11 years and in the West Country at top hotels - the Royal Crescent in Bath, The Castle Hotel in Taunton and Calcot Manor near Tetbury. We offer traditional pub food alongside more  contemporary dishes such as Camembert Fondant with pickled beetroot and Pigs Cheeks braised in cider with black pudding. At the Rock Inn, our menu changes regularly according to what is available during the seasons, and it is very important to us that we use local suppliers and farmers. Our meat comes from Ruby & White butchers , Clifton, Bristol. We offer cosy and well-equipped bedrooms, each with their own private bath or shower facilities, so having wined and dined well, just climb the stairs to a peaceful sleep.

 TA4 2AX

Tel: 01984 623293

Indian Takeaway
3 Silver Street,
Tel: 01984 624545

Traditional Pub, Home-Cooked Food and Real Ales with Holiday Accommodation
Mark and Julia welcome you to a 17th Century traditional local pub, providing excellent home-cooked food and a variety of real ales. As featured in numerous good pub guides. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, this handsome 17th-century red sandstone pub has had only four landlords during the last century. It remains a free house, with traditional opening hours, a good choice of ales straight from the barrel and a warm, friendly welcome. The landlord's wife prepares home-cooked meals that incorporating local ingredients. Popular with locals, walkers and cyclists, there's outdoor seating for use in warmer weather.

Langley Marsh,
 TA4 2UL

Tel:01984 623763


11 The Sq,
TA4 2JT, 
Tel:01984 629274

Welcome to The White Hart set in the Square of the old market town of Wiveliscombe
The White Hart is a former coaching inn dating back some 350 years, standing in the old town of Wiveliscombe it offers the ideal base for both business and pleasure with its combination of traditional qualities and modern facilities. Located at the foot of the Brendon Hills and nearby Quantocks Wiveliscombe provides a gateway to Exmoor and is a perfect place if you love walking and the great outdoors. Close to both Taunton and Wellington it is an ideal location for the business traveller who wants something individual. Following major renovations it obtained a high scoring AA 4 star inn rating with the inspector commenting that "The White Hart has been transformed and the high standards now offered are a credit to the new proprietor and chef"
White Hart Hotel
The White Hart, The Square, Wiveliscombe, TA4 2JP
Tel : 01984 623344

Our retail emporium was established in 1989 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset and we now happy to offer a selection of our best-selling items online - including Pilgrim Jewellery and Jellycat Toys  An Amazing selection of Gifts, cards clothing. Don't miss upstairs for lighting, cushions , rugs and much more

9 High Street
Tel: 01984 624556
From golden toast in the morning, to the hero sandwich at lunch, we know bread is important to you. That's why we charge so little for it. Look out for our Loved by us sliced bread in store, with four varieties to choose from, from only 75p a loaf. Packed lunches just got cheaper!  Our customers have told us that the best fresh British produce is really important to them, which is why The Co-operative continually strives to support and invest in British farming and producers.

From the end of September 2011 we are changing the packaging on our British fresh fruit and vegetables to showcase some of the British farmers that work hard to provide the best quality fresh produce for our stores.

Packs of our autumn produce, such as potatoes and brown onions, will be clearly labelled with a large Union Jack so our customers can easily recognise they are buying seasonal British produce.

The Square
TA4 2JT,
Tel: 01984 623215

Antiques, Interior Design, Haberdashery & Fabrics
The Courthouse Interiors is a unique and individual experience.

Set in a beautiful Grade II listed building (formerly a 19th century merchant's house) it is a showcase for a stunning range of all that is beautiful for a home. Owned and managed by Hoss and Tia Fatemi, the personal touch comes through in everything they display. The magnificent Persian carpets are all individually imported - Hoss makes several trips to Iran each year – the furniture, both antique and modern, is eclectic; the fabrics are stunning and the fashion, jewellery, handbags and gifts reflect the superb taste and style for which The Courthouse is renowned.

Our coffee shop allows you to relax, mid-shop, within the vibrant, quirky atmosphere and enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee or a light lunch. Our family-owned business combines expertise with exceptional service for each and every one of our customers.

5 The Square
 TA4 2JT

Tel: 01984 629010
NHS and private prescriptions dispensed. Browse through our most popular products and reserve your selection on our order hotline for delivery to your nearest Day Lewis Pharmacy or an address of your choice.

1 The Square

 TA4 2JT
Tel: 01984 623284
Clinics every morning by appointment. In all non emergency situations please make an appointment with us by contacting the practice .  In the last 18 months we have invested heavily in separate cat and dog wards as well as state of the art ultrasound and x-ray technology. Join our nurses for a free health-check pet clinic.  We run regular sessions for all kinds of pets offering free pet care advice. We've been caring for all kinds of small animals and pets in Taunton for over 35 years.  We offer large animal veterinary services.  Vaccinations, herd health planning, dentistry and emergency services.  Our vets are on call for paddock visits offering routine care, micro-chipping and emergency services

Unit 4a Old Brewery Road

Tel: 01984 624405

craft  supplies. Knitting Wool, Embrodary, Kid's crafting, Stationary, & Household supplies. Mon-Friday 9am- 3pm Sat: 9am 1pm Closed Sunday
1 High Street
 Tel: 01984 623791

HPC Registered
London House
The Square
Tel: 01984 629189

The Wivey Larder, Wiveliscombe, your one stop shop for all the best food on the Somerset/Devon border!   Why not check out our delicious range of muesli's and herbal teas, crackers and crispbreads? We have a fantastic Gluten Free range available too! Our speciality cheeses and meats and pies are all sourced from local producers close to Wiveliscombe and the surrounding countryside.


    22 West Street
    TA4 2JP
Tel: 01984 623236

Floral Tributes, Boiuquets and flowers for every occasion. Wide range of Garden supplies. & Equipment, Plants,shrubs, trees. Pet foods

14 North Street
Somerset TA4 2JY
Tel: 01984 623256

THORNES BUTCHERS was started up in 1979 by Michael & Rosemary Thorne.Michael from a butchery background & Rosemary from a farming Background.Taking over the Wiveliscombe shop which had been closed, they were very appreciative of the back up they had from Rosemary’s late parents who supplied the shop with beef & lamb.Our eldest son Rodney is a farmer. Farming in a most beautiful part of West Somerset, in between to the rolling hills of Exmoor & lush green vale of Taunton Deane .   Rodney & his wife Fiona lamb 500 sheep & calve & rear the cattle for most of the shop requirements of beef & lamb, giving the shop full traceability of naturally fed beef & lamb from birth to plate.Their twin sons Jason & Jonathan married to Lorna & Sally are both butchers assisting in the running of the family shop, with a view to taking over with Michael & Rosemary’s future retirement.Keeping up the standard of our own beef & lamb we source outdoor reared pork from a local Farmer. We also sell free range poultry & eggs, & over 30 cheeses. Cooking our own hams, cooked meats & pies, making all our own sausages & burgers all enables us to give a special display of choice at a very competitive price.We are very grateful to our loyal trade, & specialize in over the counter trade & not catering.We were pleased & surprised to be Award Winning Butchers, being anonymously voted as one of the top 100 shops in the World to visit, the publicity from this award led on to our shop being awarded Best Rural retailer

Thornes Butchers,
5 West St,
 TA4 2JP,
Tel: 01984 623270

independent advisors & retailers of new and used guns from the world's finest gun and riflemakers

9 The Square

 Tel:  01984 623829
Post office services including: Motor Licensing, Bill Payments. Foreign currencies available on demand. Personal banking. Greetings Cards and Stationary. Fax, photocopying and Laminating services. mon-Friday 8am-5.30pm Sat 9am -1pm

14 West Street
Tel: 01984 623308 
Fax : 01984 629098
We'll drive you to drink! eat, work and play
Tel: 01823 400009


10 West Street
Tel: 01984 624268

Billy Bunter

Billy Bunter

(Over 229 million visitors)
Readers are invited to participate in  recommending restaurants & give "bunters"
Billy Bunter
A Bunter
Comments   are based on opinions of our readers and represent their opinions on the food and service. Bunters have been given based on presentation, quantity, service and ambience. We trust this small guide helps visitors to the area. We have not tried to comment on pub food. If you have an opinion on any restaurants in the area please  Click here to contact us chef
Bridgwater Restaurants Chard Restaurants Cheddar Restaurants
Frome Restaurants Glastonbury Restaurants
Shepton Mallet Restaurants Street Restaurants Taunton Restaurants ALFRESCO Eating Outside In Taunton
Wells Restaurants Yeovil  Restaurants
Many people ( especially smokers) may wish to eat their meals in the comfort of their own homes or Hotel Rooms.
So if you are in Taunton & would like a meal delivered look out for the Just Eat Sign for eateries that provide Home Delivery.
Some do limit the distance so do check when partaking.

This week's round-up of the latest and greatest supermarket deals, restaurant discount vouchers and food freebies.  for local gossip & Twitter
Bridgwater Restaurants Chard Restaurants Cheddar Restaurants Dulverton Restaurants Dunster Restaurants Exmoor Restaurants
Frome Restaurants Glastonbury Restaurants Minehead Restaurants Porlock Restaurants Shepton Mallet Restaurants Street Restaurants
Taunton Restaurants Wells Restaurants Yeovil  Restaurants

    Like Sitting Outside ?    The Pavement Cafes of Taunton, The Alfresco Capital of Wessex.
Sit Out and watch the lovely people pass.   

Pavement Cafes
Why when other European cities enjoy pleasant al fresco summer dining, does London fail so miserably? Is there any town in Britain where it's pleasant to eat outdoors?

This is how it's done - why can't London get it right? 
In Italian cities, such swathes of pavement have been turned over to outside dining that motorists are forced to drive like maniacs down the tiny strips left between the tables. In Paris, spiritual home of the pavement cafe, most waiters have developed a deep and fetching tan by mid May. In LA where outdoor dining has now reached its peak, impossibly gorgeous people serve calorie-free delights under a sky that feels like a costly unending special effect.
Ordinarily I yield to no man in my partisanship for my home city. Our restaurants, dammit, are now the equal of any city in the world and I'll send gunboats against anyone who argues - but what we haven't managed to get the hang of in London is the pavement cafe.

As the weather improves the mind inevitably turns lightly to thoughts of outdoor dining. Like almost any other Europeans we should be able to sit outside, soaking up the rays and let lunch slip gently into early dinner. You can sit outside in Fiesole as the shadows lengthen beneath the loggia and look down on the mellow ochre rooftops that thrilled Leonardo: in London, a joyless overworked drone will lead you to a piece of broken B&Q garden furniture propped on an uneven patch of pavement and leave you to argue for your pitch with a Big Issue seller. A cab will pass, burping a fine film of particulates over your salad. The bouquet of the light, crisp white recommended by the sommelier will be lost in diesel flatus, the almost visible miasma released by hot chewing gum on an oily pavement and the ripening pool of curry vomit baking on a nearby doorstep.
I've tried, God knows I've tried, but in the past year I've had to choke down food while a passing panhandler has stopped to display and catalogue his sores; while a feral pigeon pecked the remaining eye from a roadkilled rat; and while a passer-by has paused to hoik something green from his nose the size and texture of a raw calamari.
I hate to sound defeatist but maybe just we can't do this - maybe we shouldn't try. Our cities are too crowded, filthy and hostile. Maybe we should go back inside and spend the afternoon getting sullenly pissed in the dark. Can anyone recommend anywhere to eat outside in a British city or is it insane to try? 

The Answer is Yes, TAUNTON
The Alfresco Capital of Wessex
The following 24 Alfresco  Taunton Cafes & Restaurants  have either Pavement Seating or  Gardens to eat outside Dine in the Sun or Under The Stars  
For Paverment permits from Taunton Deane BC Click Here
                                  Nero Brazz Restaurant Starbucks  Tea for two The image
                              cannot be displayed, because it contains
                              errors. Olio & Farina
Cafe Nero
Mr Miles At The Riverside
West Cornwall Pasties
Olio & Farina
Cafe Expresso The Chocolate Box The Cosy Club Taunton

Flowers Restaurant

The Firestone Pitcher & Piano
Cafe Expresso The Chocolate Box Cosy Club Augustus Castle Green Inn Pitcher & Piano
Valeries Henrys Mambo WILLOW
                                  tree Zizzi Ristorante Scrumper Deli &
Henry's Mambo The Willow Tree
Scrumper Deli & Canteen
Mr Miles,
                              Taunton Bumbles
Castle Hotel Cafe Culture

Mr Miles Tearooms & Coffee Lounge Bumbles
Castle Hotel
Cafe Culture

Full details of these & other eateries are listed below 
Tel No
Email & Delivery
 For orgasmic gourmet click here  onto Restaurants with Michelin Stars in Wessex
This column & the Bunters is customer led
Fish &
Antons Fish & Chips

87 Mountway Rd
Bishops Hull
 01823 353443

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Antons yet.
Aphrodites Greek Taverna ClosedBilly Bunter - They Have Retired
Taunton's only Greek restaurant specialising in greek and Cypriot cuisine, fresh fish and seafood, all food freshly prepared and cooked on the premises, special occasions and parties catered for.Open:Mon 6pm-10.30pm, Tues-Sat 6pm-11.30pm, Sun closed.
15 East Reach

 01823 276565

I was getting bored of eating out at various Chinese/ Indian/ Cantonese etc etc so when I found there was a Greek restaurant in town I thought I would give it a go and I am very glad I did, the food is excellent, the choice outstanding, the service is spot on and they have managed to create an atmosphere where you do not feel crowded in with other customers, the music level is just right, I have been back many times and will continue to do so.
Recommended by: Ian Gallaway - 13/02/2006
Formerly a day time coffee shop- Recently changed to a restaurant.Chef Richard Guest, formerly at the Castle Hotel, and Front of House Cedric Chirossel from Haute-Cavoie aspire to create a friendly,relaxed,reliable neighbourhood restaurant.
Tues - Thurs: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Flowers Restaurant

3T he Courtyard St James Street, Taunton TA1 1JR



What a beautiful place! We stumbled upon this place by accident and I'm so glad we did. The staff were wonderful, really friendly and lovely with my children. The food was delicious and the homemade cakes were out of this world. My only complaint: Too far away to go more often for me !!!!!
Recommended by: laura - 13/07/2005
Bar & Bistro 4DQrosette Billy Bunter

The same modern relaxed feel flows into the bistro-style restaurant, given the name 4DQ after its central postcode.It is here that the owners, the Hatton Group, are committed to restoring a local hotel for local use through design and thoughtful modern interpretation of a contemporary restaurant.Enjoy a hearty Somerset Breakfast, a wholesome light lunch or an imaginative evening meal. Complimenting the relaxed Bistro is a cosy but modern bar, subtley lit and cleverly stocked with a range of traditional and more contemporary range of drinks. AA Awards AA - 1 Rosette 2007
Park Street

01823 284683


i went for a meal at the 4DQ bisto last week i had a very nice meal, the menu has a range of different foods, we had a drink before are meals in a quiet yet comfortable bar. the bar and waiting staff were all very helpful and friendly making you feel comfortable.
Recommended by: marnie - 19/04/2007

Bengal Spice The
7 Fore St
Taunton, Williton, TA4 4PX

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Bengal Spice yet.

Biddys Burger Bar

Fast Food Emporium

14, Station Rd, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1NH

Typical quick snack cafe- Good for Breakfast.
Blackbrook Tavern County Carvery Lodge Inn
 Ruishton, TAUNTON, Somerset, TA3 5LU

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Blackbrook Carvery  yet.
B C Chinese Restaurant
Our place is a family run business, with warm friendly service, supplied with traditional chinese food and so many different house specialty dishes.Open: 5pm-Midnight (except Wednesday)
5 Kingston Road, Taunton TA2 7SA 01823

Sorry! Nothing has been written about BC Chinese yet.

Blagdon Inn

Given a new name & new lease of life in 2004 by Steve & Sarah Rushton, this old cider house has been transformed into a stylish gastropub, yet retains its heavy beams, stone walls & fine inglenook fireplace. The Rushtons are passionate about locally sourced produce & both food & drink menus overflow with local goodies, from Devon organic soft drinks & Somerset micro-brewery beers, to Ruby Red beef from Exmoor, Brixham fish, & free-range pork reared in surrounding fields. Follow juicy scallops with bacon & balsamic dressing, by a hearty steak & kidney pie straight from the oven, then a plate of unpasteurised West Country cheeses. Mon-Fri 12N-2pm 6.30-9.30pm Sat-Sun 12N-9.30pm
Blagdon Inn
Blagdon Hill, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7SG


Bombay Spice
Exquisite Cuisine - Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant & Take Away. Dishes especially prepared for your maximum enjoyment. 7 days a week: 12-2pm 5.30pm-Midnight.
Bombay Spice  
52 Station Rd
Taunton, TA1 1NS

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Bombay Spice  yet. rosette Billy Bunter

This is an exciting brasserie – Brazz – with its starlit dome and brilliant blue fish tank, it has become one of the most fashionable eating places in the West Country  Open:Mon-Sat 8.30am-11pm, sun 10am-10.30pm. Brazz- 1AA Rosette. Brazz- This contemporary Brasserie with its huge fish tank. AA Awards AA - 1 Rosette. A Pavement Cafe

Brazz Restaurant
Castle Bow

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Brazz  yet.

A la carte restaurant offering superb and interesting English/French cuisine specialising in fresh fish, local meats abd vegetarian dishes. (Private function available). Children welcome, alcohol licence, credit cards accepted, eat-in, special dietry menu. We sell foods that are grown, reared and made in the Taunton Deane Area.


49 East Reach
01823 256500 emma
Sorry! Nothing has been written about Brettons yet. Theatre (Edwardo's)
Comfortable and pleasant surroundings. Interesting and varied menu with fresh produce cooked daily. Light or full lunches, super suppers, salad bar, scrumptious desserts. Children welcome, alcohol licence, entertainment, car parking, credit cards accepted, eat-in. Locally reared meat from Scrivens, North Petherton, Mashfield Ice Cream. A Pavement Cafe  Now incorporating Edwardo's Restaurant.

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Coal Orchard, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1JL 

 01823 274608 01823 323116  brewhouse
Sorry! Nothing has been written about Brewhouse Theatre The yet.
Brown & ForestBilly Bunter Billy Bunter
They serve their customers with produce - locally sourced wherever possible - fresh from the smokery - often so fresh that we actually unload straight out of the smoker!, - and they make all their own soups, puddings and cakes. Their aim is to offer simple excellence. The menu changes daily. We are licensed and sell a most delicious apple aperitif (made by our neighbour Julian Temperley at the Somerset Cider Brandy Co.), as well as very good white and red wines. Restaurant Hours * Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm * Saturday 10am - 2.30pm Not open Sun or Bank Hols.
                & Forrest
Bowdens Farm, Hambridge, Langport
Somerset TA10 0BP

On the Langport to Ilminster Road (B3168)
01458 253475 info@
Went there for a Friday lunch- let us try their smoked wares first - very charming people who let us eat our lunch in peace & didn't complain that we stayed til 4pm. Great Stilton & Brocolli Soup, smoked goose sausages and smoked brie. Well worth a visit.
cathy Stuckey Tea and Coffee lounge
4-6 Magdalene lane

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Bumbles yet.
Burger King
What started with one restaurant in Miami in 1954 has grown to more than 11,220 restaurants in 61 countries worldwide. And, like a small child who eats his greens, we're still growing and growing.

B urger King
62-63 High street

Good well run branch

Cafe Culture
Katie Tucker prepares fresh home cooked food for you
Cafe Culture
49 High Street,

katierrntucker Expresso

Open: Mon-Sat 7.30-5pm. Nominated best café in Taunton, Taunton deane business award-May 2005. Cafe Expresso is a coffee shop which also does takeaway coffee and food, it is very popular for business lunches and has a very extensive menu.

38 High Street

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Cafe Expresso yet. Nero
Caffè Nero Group Plc was founded in 1997 and is currently the largest independent coffee retailer in the UK, with over 300 Caffè Nero stores from Brighton to Glasgow.Our aim is to provide a European style coffee house experience offering premium espresso-based gourmet coffee, authentic Italian food products and a relaxing atmosphere in every store.

15 Fore street
TA1 1 HX

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Cafe Nero yet.
Cafe Noir

Open: Monday to Saturday. A unique coffee shop selling home made cakes and lunch time meals.Cafe Noir is a place where you can have a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. With it’s excellent cuisine and extensive wine menu café noir is an ideal place to eat, drink and relax in an informal Parisian atmosphere.

15 South Street
TA21 8NR

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Cafe Noir yet.
Canton Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway
Peking & Cantonese Cuisine, Sunday- Thursday 6pm-11pm Friday & Saturday 6pm-11.30pm
Canton Chinese Restaurant
113 East Reach,
01823 323822

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Canton Chinese Restaurant  yet.

Capriccio's Restaurant

41 Bridge Street Taunton,TA1 1TP



Sorry! Nothing has been written about  Capriccios Restaurant yet. Hotel 3
                  Forks rosette Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter
Something of a gastronomic institution.The Castle is something of a gastronomic institution in these parts. Certainly its 800-year old history makes it the West Country's most enduring watering hole. Chef Richard Guest follows in the Castle's famous tradition of celebrating the best produce of the region and has retained the restaurants coveted star award - the fifth in five consecutive years.
Castle Hotel
Castle Hotel
Castle Green

01823 336066 reception@

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Castle At Taunton yet.

Chef Peking

Open: 5.30pm to midnight.Chinese takeaway with free delivery service on £10 order.

20 Upper High Street

Home Delivery
Sorry! Nothing has been written about Chef Peking yet.
China & ChinaBilly Bunter
Currently, the largest Chinese restaurant in Taunton, China China has built up a good reputation for quality Cantonese food and personal service. A wide choice of speciality and vegetarian dishes, together with set menus are available. All freshly cooked to order with a selection of fine wines.  Mon - Sat1200 - 02001730 - 2330  
Sun 1730 - 2330

 China & China
105 Station Rd

01823 278889
01823 413295

Great food and a fun place to eat with the centre of the table turning so you can try several dishes. I've eaten here quite a few time and never had a bad meal.
Recommended by: Foody - 05/01/2007

This restaurant is a great find. I have eaten there a number of times now, and have never been disappointed. The food is all freshly cooked to order, and the service is great. You must check this place out.
Recommended by: Foodie - 30/12/2006 Chocolate Box
A new addition to the town, The Chocolate Box is the place to come for a fortifying hot chocolate in the middle of all that shopping. Specialising in chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, you’ll find high quality, single variety chocs, fabulously fresh Belgian truffles and the biggest range of hot chocolate to drink in. Choose between spiced chocolate with black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon, red fruits chocolate with wild cherry, honey chocolate, white chocolate and hazelnut chocolate… or just plain old hot chocolate. Accompany with some Belgian pralines to nibble.Added to this there is a menu that includes lovely filled homemade bread, wonderful Ice Cream and Sorbets. Come and pamper yourself after with fab french patisserie.Closes at 5pm
The Chocolate Box

7a Bath Place, Taunton


Hot Chocolate
Neil Diamond from New York says
June 30th 2008
The visit to Taunton was worth it for this gem tucked away in a quaint little alley. This must be the real England. Only regret as a New Yorker was that they didn't have Apple Strudel & cheesecake! Still my girth got bigger.
Ciao Roma Restaurant
Best Italian food in England! Children welcome, alcohol licence, entertainment, credit cards accepted, disabled facilities, eat-in, take-away, special dietry menu.We use Williams Smy Butchers and buy local vegetables from markets.

Ciao Roma Restaurant  
4 Eastgate

01823 353127

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Ciao Roma yet.

Coffee & Cream / The Sand Witch
A Modern cafe specialising in home made cakes & pastries as well as wholesome light snacks from breakfast through lunch to afternoon tea. Real food Real easy
Mon-Sat 7am-5pm
5-8 Crown Walk, High Street, TA1 3PU
01823 333878

Food good value - reasonably priced but don't touch the basic coffee!
Sammy Gee CLUB
Although it has 'club' in the name, there is no private membship it but does give the feel when you walk in that there is something exclusive about it; its like the club that everyone belongs to and you feel like you've been going there forever. The first thing that is different when you walk in is that you are immediately faced with stairs because you either go upstairs which has a smaller cosy area with comfy chairs leading to a huge spacious  dining area with central bar, or downstairs to another space with an       eclectic mix of furniture which leads to The Den,an underground inner sanctum of more cosiness. The Den area is sperated by aocrridor and has its own bar , there is a long table in the centre  and a large screen TV,not designed as as sports bar but as a place where a small conference could be held, or a family party. A lift has been fitted to go in both directions and is big enough for a wheelchair. On the family front ,another good thing about The Cosy Club is its family friendly policy, with  children welcome up to 10pm and as it is just across the street from the Registry Office at the Municiple Building, could be used for wedding parties. There is a table armed with board games,and colouring books to encourage family interaction aswell as newspapers and magazines laid out.The food ranges from a full breakfast,including vegetarian,to sandwiches, steaks and tapas and  drinks range from coffee and tea to a great selection of fruit juices wines and cocktails.

The Cosy Club Taunton
Hunts Court
The Old Arts College
Corporation Street, Taunton, TA1 4AJ
01823 253476
Just went to the opening of Taunton Cosy Club what a great place!
Dominos Pizza
The famous Pizza takeaway or home delivery
Dominoes Pizza
68 Station Road, Taunton, TA1
01823 259999

Home Delivery

Doraemon Oriental
27 Kingston Rd
Taunton, TA2 7SA

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Doraemon Oriental  yet.
Dynasty Indian Cuisine  

At the Dynasty you can choose from a wide range of traditional Bangladeshi and Indian food, including all the classic dishes alongside a recommended list of the chef’s favourites. The exciting flavours of authentic Indian food are brought to life by an inspirational management team. 7 days a week 12pm-2pm  6pm-midnight

93-95 Station Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1PB


Home Delivery

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Dynasty yet.

Express Holiday Inn
Welcome to the Express by Holiday Inn Taunton hotel in Somerset.Our Taunton hotel is situated near Junction 25 of the M5 providing an excellent base for exploring Taunton and Somerset, as well as the perfect place for a stop over whilst travelling to Devon and Cornwall.The Express by Holiday Inn Taunton hotel is a modern and contemporary hotel with 92 fully equipped en-suite rooms, with satellite TV, direct dial telephones, hairdryer and tea/coffee making facilities.Our great value room rates include complimentary continental breakfast served daily in the Great Room lounge. This relaxed and informal lounge is also a great spot in which to meet friends and enjoy a drink from our licensed bar.

Express Holiday Inn  
Blackbrook Park
  01823 624000


Sorry! Nothing has been written about Expressw Holiday Inn yet.

Farthings Country House Hotel and Restaurant is situated in the delightful village of Hatch Beauchamp, a quiet and peaceful location in the heart of Somerset yet only a few miles from Taunton and the M5. The hotel overlooks the village green and enjoys 3 acres of private and peaceful gardens. With a relaxing and informal atmosphere as well as warm hospitality it is the perfect place to unwind. In the award-winning restaurant, the emphasis is on good-quality English food and local produce, including fish, meat and dairy. Beef and lamb are sourced from a butcher who has lived in Somerset all his life and whose mother still personally inspects the livestock; eggs are courtesy of a retired sergeant major who keeps hens on his farm nearby.
Hatch Beauchamp
 01823 480664

This is the best hotel and you're the nicest people we've ever stayed with. I'd forgotten that hotels could be like this
Beryl and Alan Tucker, Oswestry GREEN INN

A fine dining concept that boasts an open plan bar with a modern and comtempary feel. Consists of a 74 seater Restaurant plus large comfy, cosy drinking area. Eat, drink and unwind at the Firestone, be it after work, shopping break or special occasions. Large Business bookings and party bookings are the Firestone's forte. We can cater for up to 70 people and can also offer exclusive rights to the restaurant.
 From 10.30am with speciality coffee's readily available. Stylish menu consisting of fantastic English & European dishes. Mouthwatering desserts and Tear & Share Breads to die for. Pizzas, Wraps and Calzones available from our fantastic open plan front
 The Firestone
Castle Green Taunton TA1 4AE
01823 257688

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Firestone The yet.
The Flying Horse
is an extremely popular family pub just 200 years from the town centre and just up the road from Taunton Football Club.  There is a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere here, with a team of helpful, happy staff and we do not tolerate trouble, which makes us an ideal venue for the whole family.  Inside is open plan but well segregated with the sports area on one side which leads to a snug then on to the family and dining area.  Bar Food is served daily with a good choice of traditional favourites including scampi, chicken nugget, burgers, hot dogs etc., etc., served with chips and a choice of beans or peas at only £2.50 per portion.  Or you can treat yourself to a great Sunday lunch & starter for only £4.95.  The beer garden is ideal for lazy summer days, you can relax as the children play.  A whole range of outdoor activities is provided such as football, skittles, quoits and swingball and for tots there is a ball pool and sandpit.  Why not give us a try, we look forward to your visit.
The Flying Horse
123 Wordsworth Drive, Taunton, Somerset  TA1 2HH  
Tel / Fax  01823 251669
Franco’s Restaurant

Franco’s Italian restaurant is set in a lovely listed Georgian building with a colourful floral courtyard. They serve Italian cuisine as well as traditional roasts on a Sunday.

6 Shuttern, Taunton, TA1 4ET

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Francos Restaurant yet.

French Connection

Home cooked Continental Cuisine- Full A la Carte Menu.
Tuesday-Saturday Evenings only from 7pm
French Connection
 65 Station Rd
Taunton, TA1 1PA

Sorry! Nothing has been written about French Connection  yet.
Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter
The Gallery
Art Gallery/ Restaurant

A new and different restaurant in the centre of Chard. Behind "Hooked on Books" bookshop. Good Jazz and other evenings. Book early. David Barnes. the Chef< and John Woods will make you feel ats if you are enjoying a real gourmet meal in your own home. If you are in the area this is a treat not to be missed. Be sure to book first
OUR RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR - Michelin, Egon Ronay & Other Guides- this is the treat you have missed!!!!

4 Hollyrood Street
Chard,TA20 2AH
01460 61010

The people are nice, the food magnificent- my favorite restaurant in Britain.

Bill Clinton (USA)

Golden House Restaurant

Golden House
88, Station Rd, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1PD

Hankridge Arms
 Hankridge Way, TAUNTON, Somerset, TA1 2LR

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Hankridge Arms yet.

Welcome to the home of succulent spitroast chicken, the wholesome taste of
flame - grilled steaks, platters with a little bit of everything and unlimited freshly
prepared salad with every main meal… great food starts here!
We believe fresh just tastes better. At Harvester we’re serious about serving great, fresh food – the fresher the better. That’s why our bread rolls come straight from the oven, our famous Salad Cart is freshly prepared and continually replenished and our fresh chickens are cooked onour rotisserie throughout the day – so when you think fresh, think Harvester.


1 Blackbrook Park Avenue, TAUNTON, Somerset, TA1 2PF

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Harvester Restaurant yet.
Hatchers Restaurant
Shoppers restaurant offering good quality fresh cooked meals. Carvery & specvial dishes. Hot & Cold vegetarian dishes. Gluten free cakes. Watch out for a 99p breakfast. Monday- Saturday 9am- 5.30pm
Hatcher & Sons Ltd,
9-13 High Street, TA1 3PQ
01823 272277
Basically a self service food place by day and a bar by night.
47 High Street Taunton TA1 3PR

Nice to sit outside on a warm day. Good value
Jenny At Tristans
Wine Bar & Bistro. We pride ourselves on our warm friendly service in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. The very best in quality cuisine at Affordable prices. Tues-Sat 6pm til late, Sunday Lunch 12-4pm. A warm welcome awaits you.
Jenny @ Tristans
11 East Reach

  01823 332117

Diane Fenton & Cathy Stuckey
 (February 5th 2008)

We had a great Sunday Lunch- Traditional but creative. The Roast Beef was wonderful & not done to death  as we have found out elsewhere. The entrees and afters were different and mouthwatering. We are telling all our friends in London & Birmingham.

The Colonel invented it 45 years ago & everyone is still munching it


Kentucky Fried Chicken
59 East Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3LX


Typical KFC- Clean & good for a quick snack.
Dick Holland

La Bonne VieBilly Bunter

Established 1976- French themed. International Menu in a Candlelight atmosphere. Monday- Saturday for lunch & dinner


La Bonne
                Vie Restaurant
33 High Street,
Taunton TA1 3PN



The food is really nice with small romantic tables and good price, but the manager is a bit moody at times and it can be very difficult to book!
Recommended by: ANON - 27/01/2007

I love this little place. The food is really great. the only downfall is trying to book.
Recommended by: Andy B - 16/06/2006

Lotus Flower Thai Restaurant

For Authentic Thai cuisine
Lotus Flower
89 Station Road,
01823 324411

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In 1974 MacDonalds opened their first restaurant.. Today it symbolises the great American dream.. Trying hard to get away from its former junk food image. In New York there is a smart MacDonalds with waiter service and a piano player- formally dressed waiters.

County Mall, 66 East Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3LU


MacDonalds usual- Gets very full at lunchtimes.
Mandarin House Restaurant

Large selection of Fine Chinese Cuisine Lunch & Dinner Buffet. Fully licensed. Air Conditioned- Large or small Party Bookings accepted.

 Heron Gate
Taunton, TA1 2LP

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Mandarin House yet.
Maharaj Tandoori Restaurant
Traditional Indian Cuisine- Parties welcomed up to 70 people. Free Delivery within 3 mile radius. Open every day including Bank Holidays 12-2pm- & 6pm- midnight.
3 Staplegrove Rd
Taunton, TA1 1DE

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Maharaj yet.

Taunton Deane Borough Council & Somerset Gazette awards winning restaurant for 1996- 1998 - 1999- 2000 for Banladeshi food
Miriam Indian Cuisine
 18 Paul St
Taunton, TA1 3PF

Home Delivery
Sorry! Nothing has been written about Mariam  yet.
Meryan House
Bishop's Hull Rd
  01823 337445

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Meryan House yet.’s Wine Bar  - Now Known As Mambo

This popular wine bar has a great choice of bistro food to accompany its ample wine list.This is where Food & Music Matter- New for 2007 Authentic Thai cuisine served daily 'til 9pm plus a full range of superb snacks, grills, salads & pasta.  Open from 11am-3am (2am Sunday) every day. Parties our speciality. Top DJs. The terrace garden and inglenook fireplace make it a good place to eat at all year round.


Mill Lane, Taunton,


Sorry! Nothing has been written about  Mambo yet.
Ming Chef Takeaway
Chinese Take Away - Peking & Cantonese Cuisine Sunday- Thursday 5.30pm- 11.30pm Friday & Saturday 5.30pm- Midnight Closed Tuesdays. Telephone Orders Welcome. Home Delivery
Ming Chef
58  Station Road,
Taunton, TA1 1NX
01823 330028

Home Delivery
Sorry! Nothing has been written about  Ming Chef yet.

7 Staplegrove Road, TA1 1DE

Mount Somerset

The excellent food is one of the big attractions at The Mount Somerset that boasts two first class restaurants, quite possibly the finest restaurants in Taunton. Our menu combines classic favourites and imaginative new dishes using the freshest, finest ingredients – sourced locally wherever possible. Quantock chicken, Exmoor lamb, Brixham Lobster and crab, and Somerset cheeses feature regularly. Our speciality home-baked breads are renowned locally for a very good reason – they are irresistible. So too are our delightful canapés and petit fours, which provide the prelude and grand finale to any dining experience at The Mount Somerset.Yet the experience is not just about our award-winning food and we pay equal attention to the quality of the setting, recognising that fine linen, exquisite tableware and excellent service can lift a meal from good to truly memorable.  Watch the sun set while you settle down with an aperitif in the west-facing Somerset Room or in our Garden Room.
Mount Somerset  
Lower Henlade
Nr Taunton
  01823 442500

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Mount Somerset yet.

Mr Miles At The Riverside
Meals prepared to order. Scrumptuous Sandwiches & salads as well as mouthwatering main courses. In summer sit outside in a Courtyard right next to the River Tone with a lovely view of Taunton Bridge
Tea for two
Riverside Place, St.James Street TA1 1JH
Tel: 01823 352033

Good food at a reasonable price, well worth visiting. We shall be back
Recommended by: helenlouis - 11/02/2007 Miles Coffee & Tea House
How lovely to have the lovely aroma of coffee roasting. We are sure this will become a mecca for not only ladies who lunch but also the visitors and tourists to Taunton. Relaxed and sipping the wonderful array of coffees and teas- pinkies in the air. It is also a shop to buy tea, coffee, chocolate and an array of gifts.This is a traditional family business based in the heart of Somerset.  Their unique business is devoted to rare and mouth-watering  exclusive coffees and fine teas, now available to buy online.
 Mr Miles Tearooms,    Email:

Mr Miles, Taunton
3-4 High Street,
 Taunton, TA1 3PG
01823 322288

Mr Scrumptious
Catering Kebabs, Pizza, Burger, Chips, Fried Chicken, scampi, chicken nuggets and soft drinks. Sunday-Thursday 4pm-12pm Friday & saturday 4pm-1am
Mr Scrumptious
5 East Reach TA1 3EN
01823 665387

Home Delivery

Takeaway food Available, kebabs, pizza, chicken. Delivery available all day within Taunton area. Weekdays 2pm-2am Friday & Saturday 1.30pm-2.30pm

1 Grays Road, TA1 3BA

01823 321111

Home Delivery

Natraj Tandoori
Established for 10 years, we provide Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani home cooked cuisine. Visited by:Patsy Palmer (EastEnders), Joss Stone, Darren Gough/Keith Gillespie, Danny John Jules (Cat, Red Dwarf), D-Side, Sonati Javarida (Sri Lankan Cricket Captain). Open Every Day Lunch time - 12 noon - 2pm  Evening - 5.30pm - Midnight
Natraj Tandoori
 148 East Reach
Taunton, TA1 3HT

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Natraj Tandoori yet.
The Old Bear Restaurant  

The Old Bear is a small family run restaurant offering a warm welcome and simple but delicious home cooked food. Tuesday-Saturday evening from 7pm Sunday Lunch at 12.30pm

14 Upper High Street, Taunton, TA1 3PZ
01823 331777

Very 'safe' menu. Nothing too challenging for the cook. Well presented and the service was good. The clientele is mainly over 60's though and the atmosphere much too serious for the food on offer.
Recommended by: Taunton food critic - 16/02/2007

The Old Mexican RestaurantBilly Bunter

<>James Kinniburgh & Mark Green are two colleagues who have entered into business together forming LDB Limited - 'Los Dos Bandidos Limited' in 2005. Since investing in The Old Mexican the restaurant has gone from strength to strength.Established as a restaurant over 20 years ago it is proving to be one of the South West and Taunton's most popular Mexican Restaurants.If you want traditional Mexican food then tarry at this restaurant. You can even have a menu to take home - Then you phone before arriving with your order and it is ready when you arrive. Lovely nachos, frijoles,fajitas,enchilados, chilli con carne, burritos etc
Monday-Saturday 7pm-11.30pm
Old Mexican Restaurant
18a Lower Middle St

 or out of hours

Have been to this restaurant several times and never fails to impress. The food is excellent though rustic which is part of the charm. Portions are generous and it is a struggle to do three courses but of course we did and the sweets were fab. Authentic ambiance adds to the dining experience. Yep we will be returning!
Recommended by: mrs h - 30/10/2005

The Old Inn, Taunton
An excellent pub for food and Ye Olde Pub feeling
Old Bull Inn
Bishops Hull Road, Taunton, Somerset TA1 5EG 
01823 284728

01823 284728 & Farina
An Italian coffee bar/restaurant/deli backing onto Taunton Cricket Ground and overlooking the River Tone. Very pleasant location and has a special area for those attending Cricket Matches at Taunton County Cricket ground. O&F Café: was created to allow our customers to sit down and enjoy our high quality food and drink prepared on the premises allowing them to experience the “Italian culture of Taste”. The café became a very important part of the shop allowing customers to enjoy the atmosphere and lifestyle as if they where in Italy .Giving and receiving an O&F Gift is truly a sign of quality and elegance. Our products, individually selected, symbolise typical flavours of different Italian Regions, united in creating the Italian Gastronomic Tradition.Oils from Liguria, selected Wines from Piemonte and Tuscany, Balsamic vinegar from Modena, and much more, all our products, helped by a generous amount of love and passion typical of the Italian people, contribute to the delivery of products of outstanding quality and flavours simply "irresistible".

Olio & Farina
Pegasus Court, St.James Street,Taunton, TA1 1AE

Great Coffee and pastries.
The Olive Tree
Coffee shop & Table service  restaurant providing quality food and home made specials inside a flourishing delicatessen shop. Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
The Olive Tree
10/10a The Bridge, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1UG
 01823 353707

Shop downstairs- Eaterie Upstairs. Food adequate but a bit pricy.
Lionel Blair
In this lovely old building (Circa 1530) which boasts a wealth of period features including low beamed ceilings, inglenook fireplaces, intriguing stairways and cosy alcoves. Dining here is leisurely and relaxing yet, in this delightful country-side location, it is hard to imagine that you are just a few convenient minutes drive away from Taunton's busy town centre.Such ambience is matched by the freshly and professionally prepared dishes - the emphasis being on wholly fresh food with many vegetarian and fish specialities.
Dipford Road, Angersleigh, Nr. Trull,
Taunton,  TA3 7PA

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Orchards yet.
Pain Et Vin
Licensed Coffee & Sandwich Bar- Sandwiches/Baguettes Frshley Made to Prder. Platters, Cod Buffets & Corporate catering. Deliveries throughout Taunton
Pain Et Vin
51a St. James Street, Taunton, TA1 1JH
0845 8320521
01823 252777
Home Delivery

Papa John's Pizzas
Americas No 1. Monday- Thursday 4pm-11pm Friday & Saturday 12 midday- 11.30pm Sunday 12 Midday-11pm Order online.

Papa Johns
144 East Reach,
01823 337475

Home Delivery & Piano

P & P first started in Fulham in 1986, since when it has evolved into one of the UK's favourite bar groups, offering outstanding premium drinks, mingled with food that carries its own distinction against a background of different themes, many deriving from the locality, and from what is the whole being of contemporary life in modern bars.Sun - Wed: 11:00 - 23:00, Thurs: 11:00 - 01:00
Fri & Sat: 11:00 - 02:00

Pitcher &
Corporation Street, Taunton, TA1 4AJ


Sorry! Nothing has been written about Pitcher & Piano yet.

In 1965, an English eccentric entrepreneur by the name of Peter Boizot changed the face of British dining forever. He teamed up with Enzo Apicella, a fiery Italian designer, to create a new type of restaurant that shattered the mould and rewrote the rule book.Out went the dull food, lacklustre interiors and indifferent service that were the standards of the day. In came a vivid, passionate approach to dining thanks to the synergy of cultures from the two very different men - Italian flair and panache coupled with the very best of English creativity and idiosyncrasy. PizzaExpress was born.
Pizza Express
20 Bridge Street
Taunton Somerset TA1 1UB


Sorry! Nothing has been written about PizzaExpress yet.

Pizza Hut
We started our life in 1958 when Frank and Dan Carney opened the first Hut in Wichita, Kansas. The first Pizza Hut restaurant was only small, with enough room for 25 seats; the restaurant sign only had space for nine letters. Frank and Dan wanted to have 'Pizza' in the name, which left space for just 3 more letters. Because the building looked like a hut... Pizza Hut was born! Fifteen years later, the first UK restaurant opened. Since then we have grown to become the biggest Pizza Company on the planet. We're the UK's leading pizza restaurant and delivery chain too, with over 600 outlets across the country. We are part of Yum Restaurants International (who also own KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, A & W and Pizza Hut Worldwide).
Pizza Hut
Taunton Riverside Park Hankridge Way
Taunton Somerset TA1 2LR

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Pizza Hut yet.

Smart air conditioned Italian eaterie right in the centre of Taunton. Very popular.Prezzo is about providing great quality Italian food in a friendly and relaxed environment at reasonable prices. We use the finest seasonal products available, many of which are imported directly from Italy. Our menu includes pizza, pasta, risotto, grilled meats, fresh salads and frequently changing specials. Our stylish, contemporary designed restaurants often situated in historic buildings or buildings of local interest, provide the perfect backdrop for informal dining or a venue in which to celebrate any special occasion.
25 Fore Street, Taunton, TA1 1JW

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Prezzo yet.

Rajpoot Restaurant

Indian Tandoori RestaurantOpen every day 12 noon - 2pm  & 6pm-Midnight

New Rajpoot
 5 Corporation Street, Taunton TA1 4AW



Home Delivery

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Rajpoot Restaurant yet.

The Sanctuary Wine Bar & Restaurant  
The Sanctuary promises to tempt you with something new every time you visit. The fantastic menu takes its inspiration from around the world and food is beautifully presented too. we specialise in fresh fish and where possible we use organic ingredients - check blackboards daily  Download a copy of our menu updated fortnightly
 Sanctuary Restaurant
Middle Street
Taunton  TA1 1SJ


Sorry! Nothing has been written about Sanctuary The yet.


Contempary Indian cuisine. Takeaway & Kebab house **** Master Chef Roll of Honour awards 2006. Free Home Delivery Closed Tuesdays, Open 5.30pm- 12 midnight.
17 East Reach,
Taunton, TA1 3EW
01823 330995

Home Delivery

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Seema yet.

Somewhere Else
 39 East St
Taunton, TA1 3LS

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Somewhere Else yet.
Springfield House

Springfield house is set in 2 acres of its own well tended garderns. With a summer house and guest conservatory
Springfield House  
Walford Cross
West Monkton
Nr Taunton


Sorry! Nothing has been written about Springfield House yet. Coffee House

Welcome to Starbucks! If you’re visiting for the first time, allow us to tell you a little bit about who we are. Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, with more than 6,000 retail locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim - wherever there is a demand for great coffee.– while also conducting our business in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities in which we do business. We believe it’s possible to do well and do good at the same time.

8 Fore Street,

Nice Starbucks- Right in the middle of Taunton
Stonegallows Restaurant
Taunton, TA1 5JP

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Stonegallows  yet. DELI & CANTEEN
At The Scrumper we celebrate the quintessence of the South-West and mix it up with some great Mediterranean ingredients.   The canteen will be serving real fresh food cooked on site and sourced from the best local producers.  We will also be offering an array of local artisan drinks including ciders and wines that can be enjoyed in our al fresco seating area on Bath Place either with lunch or as a solitary treat.   The Scrumper is a great lunchtime and coffee venue whilst also offering quality takeaway foods, pies, sandwiches, salads, a classic Scrumpers Ploughmans and more which is all homemade.  Later in the year we will be adding our business buffet menu which will be delivered to your office.  The deli offers the best of the South West, British and Mediterranean foods, take for example our gorgeous selection of regional cheeses – Montgomery Cheddar, Rachel Goats Cheese, Beenliegh Blue – as well as Brown & Forrest Smoked meats and fish, Somerset Cider Brandy, Sharpham Park Spelt.  The best of the rest will come from suppliers such as Rococo Chocolates, Brindisa and Seggiano.

                Deli & Canteen
Bath Place,
Somerset  TA1 4EP
Tel: 01823 337234 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Sorry! Nothing has been written about Scrumper  yet.
Deliciously filled bagettes with lovely sauces and fillings to choice.Long hours at work and hectic lifestyles mean we don’t always have time to prepare and cook healthy meals, and instead rely on grabbing something to eat on the move. The problem is, we often end up eating food that’s highly processed, packed with calories and fat, but contains little in the way of vitamins, minerals and fibre – not exactly a good foundation for a healthy diet. Fortunately though, food on the go doesn’t have to mean unhealthy food if you eat at one of the numerous SUBWAY® stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Experts in toasted and cold submarine or SUB sandwiches, wraps and salads, SUBWAY® stores are well known for providing low fat and fresher alternatives to burgers, kebabs, pizza, fried chicken and fries.
54 East Street, Taunton.
01823 339 400

Nice but Stopped the "Sub of The Day"

Barbeque restaurant and Piano Diner. Four courses & wine fixed rate price. Open Friday-Saturday from 7pm
 24 Upper High St
Taunton, TA1 3PZ


Sorry! Nothing has been written about Svetlanas yet.
Tornedos No 1 Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant

situated in the heart of Taunton, Tornedos No1 takes you straight to the Mediterranean, making you feel "on holiday at home" within its unique Mediterranean styled dining environment. A popular venue, it has recently been awarded the 2007 Gold Medal Award for 'Hospitality, Service, Quality, Value & Style' by Somerset Social Group, Somerset's premier socialising & dining out organisation. The lunch, evening and tapas menus have been designed to reflect a broad selection of dishes primarily reflecting the cuisine of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal. Lunch: Tuesday - Saturday 11.45am - 2pm  Evening: Monday - Saturday opening 6.00pm 

Closed all day Sunday

Tornedos No 1
41 Bridge Street,
Taunton, TA1 1TP
01823 335711

Wonderfully presented Med food. Loved the lamb with a cucumber & Yoghurt sauce presented on a Triangle & skewer- and a great Fish soup. Been back many times.
Michael Davey


<>Tramonte’s Italian Restaurant brings a true taste of Italy to Taunton .Situated on the edge of town, with a seating capacity of 170 and customer parking, Tramonte’s is the ideal location for that romantic dinner for two, a wedding or corporate function and so much more. Established in 1999, Tramonte’s  creates thoughts of Tuscany, the Bay of Naples and ristoranti on the shores of Lake Garda.An intimate upstairs bar  offers an opportunity to talk quietly to each other, while the conservatory overlooking the lake is relaxing and picturesque .  Signor Tramonte handpicks the finest wines to accompany classic Italian cuisine from the length and breadth of Italy. Food is painstakingly prepared and presented by professional top class chef, Guisseppe Coppola who boasts over a decade of experience. Whether you love food or just romance, Tramonte’s Italian restaurant will be an unforgettable experience

Tuesday - Sunday 6.00pm - 10.30pm

Also open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

for Lunch 12.30pm - 2.30pm


Heron Gate
01823 323377

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Tramontes  yet


48 High Street, Taunton TA1 3PR

01823 275454

Sorry! Nothing has been written about Tuckers yet.
UddinsBilly Bunter Uddins
23 East Reach, Taunton, TA1 3EP
01823 351555

my wife and I have eaten at Uddins East Reach Taunton on several occasions and had several takeaways and been delighted on each occasion.
Recommended by: john - 29/05/2006
One of those quaint places for ladies who lunch. Lovely salads and home made quiches. Or just pop in for a coffee and a natter. Daytime only.
Bath Place,
01823 271034

Lovely salads and good tea & coffee.
Nice place to meet.
Jennifer Moss Country Pasty Company
Get Freshly Cooked West Country Pasties.The West Cornish Pasty Company was launched in 1998 by Ken Cockings. After 9 years, Cockings sold the company to its management for £40 million. There are now over 50 stores in the UK,
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16 Fore Street,

White Lodge Beefeater

A multi-million pound re-vamp of our restaurants has created a stylish new look that's warm, modern, and welcoming. So come in, sit back and enjoy your meal in one of our new leather-booth seating areas. Why not relax with a Costa Coffee or select from our wide range of drinks in our bar.The majority of our restaurants are joined with our partner hotel, Premier Travel Inn, so if you need accommodation during the week on business or during leisure time at the weekend, you'll find everything you need at Premier Travel Inn right next door.

 81 Bridgwater Rd
Taunton, TA1 2DU
01823 321112

Sorry! Nothing has been written about White Lodge  yet.

We are a table service restaurant and always prepare and cook to order, whether it is early morning, lunch time or in the afternoon and evenings.Healthy and sensible eating has been our aim, serving from freshly prepared salads, grills, breakfast, baguettes and 100% beef, fish, chicken and vegetable burgers. We serve freshly extracted ground coffee for that perfect Caffé latte, Cappuccino and espresso

 27 North Street, TAUNTON, Somerset, TA1 1LW

                                                          in Taunton
Sorry! Nothing has been written about Wimpy  yet.

J R Whittington

The Buffet Business Station Depot, Tower Street Taunton TA1 4BH

(01823) 257351

Sorry! Nothing has been written about J R Whittington  yet. Tree Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter
The Willow Tree was opened in September 2002 by ex-Roux Brothers Head Chef Darren Sherlock and his partner Rita Rambellas; set in a charming 17th Century Grade II listed building with its cosy inglenook fireplace and delightful waterside terrace, The Willow Tree should prove to be an excellent choice for dinner - whatever the occasion. Named by the Good Food Guide as "Somerset Newcomer of the Year" in 2004.Throughout 2006, the Willow Tree's excellent reputation continues to grow. AA Restaurant Guise awarded 'best use of fish' and 'best use of local produce'.

Willow Tree
3 Tower Lane
Off Tower Stree
Taunton, TA1 4AR
01823 352835

 Overall, the evening was superb and I would highly recommend the Willow Tree restaurant. The menu is well balanced, with the service being attentive, polite and efficient. Set within a picturesque building, the ambience is relaxed and comfortable. I am very surprised, if not astonished, at the lack of a Michelin star!   Rohan Shaikh (12 March 2007)
Fantastic! How the Castle Hotel has a Michelin star and not the Willow Tree will never cease to amaze me!  Herschelle Gibbs (13 January 2007)
Winchester Arms Winchester Arms
Castle Green , Taunton , TA1 4AD
01823 272488