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It has been brought to our attention that utility companies are entitled to have monies deducted directly from State pensions to pay for utility bills.Under Section 35 of the Social Security (Claims and Payments) Regulations 1987, deductions may be made from benefit and direct payments may be made to third parties on behalf of a beneficiary in accordance with the provisions of schedule 9. Paragraph 2(1)(e) of schedule 9 states that benefit may be paid direct to a third party in discharge of a liability of the beneficiary to that third party in respect of water charges.
Paragraph 7 of schedule 9 gives the adjudicating authority the right to deduct a weekly amount from the specified benefit. The adjudicating authority is the body with responsibility under the Social Security Acts and regulations for determining claims for benefit. Specified benefit includes pension credit. They have to apply to the The Department for Work and Pensions . This we agree with.

However it has been brought to our notice that Pensioners are required to apply for this and agree to the amounts that are withdrawn from their pension. In a recent case a Pensioner has been in dispute in regards to an accout. Whilst not going into the details the pensioner claims that the account submitted dates back years before he took residence.  He requested that the dermination as to what he owes should be determined by a Court of Law. A right every citizen has. 
The Water Board concerned have refused that citizen's right and applied directly to the Department of Work & Pensions without the Pensioner applying. He did not even supply his pension number. The monies are now being withdrawn by the Water Board from the Pensioner's pension.Therefore the Water Board are ignoring the Pensioner's legal rights. Obviously this is contrary to English Law and we are concerned that this has happened to other pensioners. As such we are prepared to act on behalf of anyone else who has suffered such actions. If this has affected you or someone you know please get in touch with Mike Ripper on 0709 217 5220.

Don’t ditch your doormat

Don’t ditch your doormat, is the message to flat owners from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) , as Taunton Deane Borough Council allege that doormats in blocks of flats are a health and safety issue.

Taunton Watchdog learns council officials have told tenants in one of the Council's blocks to remove their doormats from outside their flats because they were considered to be a health and safety hazard. They were bemused when a council official knocked on their doors and issued the warning. .

Apparently, the council, supported by the Fire Service, had decided that mats should not be placed outside flats, explaining that this would help keep fire escape routes clear and prevent trip hazards. However, the HSE confirms that doormats are nothing to do with the Health and Safety at Work Act, which is the legislation governing safety in the common areas of blocks of flats.

The HSE points out that if flat owners are unsure whether or not an issue is health and safety related, they can challenge what they have been told by contacting the Myth Busters Challenge Panel at

If  managing agents who are members of ARMA are unsure about a health and safety issue, they can access free of charge the services of experienced H&S consultant, Rob Lane, by sending queries to

PI reclaims - Your bank may have cheated you - Again.
  The BBC have found that the banks have often been repaying their PPI claimants less than they should have done.

    We have always encouraged people not only to look at the PPI premiums they have paid over to their bank - but also any charges which were incurred as a result of an overdraft or shortfall caused by those PPI charges.
    The banks are fully aware that these sums should also form part of a PPI refund because they are part of their unlawful take.
    The FOS has made it clear that this money should be repaid.

    However it could come as no surprise that in many cases the banks have not being playing fair - or honest and they have failed to hand this money over.

    Specifically - and not exclusively
    Lloyds ( Cheating people out of their money again - no surprises here)
    Barclays (could be one of the most dishonest banks in the UK)
    Capital One
All of the banks declined to appear on the programme.
 Even if you received a PPI refund form some other bank, you should double check whether you have received your full entitlement.

    Listen to BBC You and Yours today - and get back to your bank and get the rest of your money back - plus interest - plus any charges on those charges.

    Of course, one of these reasons why this has happened is that the banks tend merely to tell claimants what the global refund figure is without giving any breakdown. The FOS, to their shame, have been happy to go along with this.

    Once again - there is no requirement that the banks should take the initiative. It will be up to you to make your own claim. So much for pro-active regulation.

    Start claiming again straightaway. It's your money. The banks have been caught with their hands in your pockets once again.

Pensioner Patrol

We are pleased to announce a new service for disgruntled consumers.  We have recently obtained judgments against both telephone and internet providers who have taken money from Consumers for Services they have unilaterally withdrawn and not provided but charged for.  Under English law this is breach of contract and the courts have agreed as those companies have failed to give "consideration" to the customers for that which they have charged.   As this is common practice we are now offering a service to recoup such fees in similar cases. Check your bills to see if you have fallen victim to such corporate activity. The biggest culprits are  within the telephone, internet and television subscription providers.

These  judgements have been given on "consideration" having not been given.
"Consideration in English law is one of the three main building blocks of a contract. Consideration can be anything of value (such as an item or service), which each party to a legally binding contract must agree to exchange if the contract is to be valid. If only one party offers consideration, the agreement is not legally a binding contract. In its traditional form, expressed as the requirement that in order for parties to be able to enforce a promise, they must have given something for it (quid pro quo): something must be given or promised in exchange or return for the promise. A contract must be "met with" or "supported by" consideration to be enforceable; also, only a person who has provided consideration can enforce a contract. In other words, if an arrangement consists of a promise which is not supported by consideration, then the arrangement is not a legally enforceable contract. Mutual promises constitute consideration for each other. ("I promise you that I will do X, in consideration for which you promise me that you will do Y").

Contact Mike Ripper on:  Tel:0845 868 2810
Shitstirrers of Wessex

UK Children now on par with 3rd world starving.

Save Our Children
A damning indictment of the UK's dismissal of their obligations to its own children as well as its vulnerable disabled.  Whilst children in the UK are plunged into poverty and near starvation, the UK government pretends to be 'saving the 3rd world' from starvation and injustice.  The ultimate and cruel hypocrisy of today's Britain as one of the world's richest economies, we join the USA in hiding the truth of what really is happening.  We too have soup kitchens, and church charities providing food for hungry families, 200 of them within 60 miles of where I live..  Save the world's children dismiss your own.  The UK gave £80m to Africa recently, that was to buy influence away from China.  Madness, and completely immoral.
In the 30’s and 40’s, we fought for children’s right to adequate nutrition in the UK. Our campaigning was a success: the Education Act of 1944 made it compulsory that all schools in the UK provide milk to children under the age of 18. We continue fight for children in the UK today by supporting some of the most vulnerable children and families. Right now, 1.6 million children live in severe poverty in the UK. Our programmes make sure children living in poverty get off to the best possible start in education, and we’re making sure they get the essentials they need - a hot meal, blankets, a warm bed.
Is your water provider raiding your pension without permission?
The Cash Back Scam
The Sub Post Office Catch 22
Is your coffee Eco- Friendly?
He's Back, by unpopular demand, El-Con  Selva Carmichael still ripping People Off 
  Even though we have placed warnings
on the Internet for 6 years
STOP PAYING HIGH CHARGES FOR 08 NUMBERS FROM YOUR MOBILE Weekly bin collections are a basic human right Private bailiff firms contracted to North Somerset Council,
are defrauding members of the public
Why I’ll never shop at Asda again The sneaky way Tesco funds price drops The ‘You don’t have to pay your bills’ scam
Are Taunton OAP's Being Taken For A Ride?
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Phishing - the simple scam that will never die 
Non Status Personal Bank Accounts
Wasted Gas Costs in Taunton
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A friend has forwarded this story........
I had bought a bunch of stuff, over £150, & I glanced at my receipt as the cashier was handing me the bags. I saw a cash-back of £40. I told her I didn't request a cash back & to delete it. She said I'd have to take the £40 because she couldn't delete it. I told Her to call a supervisor. Supervisor came & said I'd have to take it.. I said NO!  Taking the £40 would be a cash advance against my Credit card & I wasn't paying interest on a cash advance!!!!! If they couldn't delete it then they would have to delete the whole order. So the supervisor had the cashier delete the whole order & re-scan everything! The second time I looked at the electronic pad before I signed & a cash-back of £20 popped up. At that point I told the cashier & she deleted it. The total came out right. The cashier agreed that the Electronic Pad must be defective. the cashier knew the electronic pad was defective because she NEVER offered me the £40 at the beginning. Can you imagine how many people went through before me & at the end of her shift how much money she pocketed?

Just to alert everyone. My co-worker went to Milford, Sainsbury’s, last week. She had her items rung up by the cashier.
The cashier
hurried her along and didn't give her a receipt. She asked the cashier for a receipt and the cashier was annoyed and gave it to her. My co-worker didn't look at her receipt until later that night. The receipt showed that she asked for £20 cash back. SHE DID NOT ASK FOR

My co-worker called Sainsbury’s who investigated but could not see the cashier pocket the money. She then called her niece who works for the bank and her niece told her this. This is a new scam going on. The cashier will key in that you asked for cash back and then hand it to her friend who is the next person in the queue.

Please, please, please check your receipts right away when using
credit or debit cards!
This is NOT limited to Sainsbury’s; they are one of the largest
retailers so they have the most incidents. I am adding to this. My husband and I were in Sainsbury’s and paying with a credit card when my husband went to sign the credit card signer he just happen to notice there was a £20 cash back added. He told the
cashier that he did not ask nor want cash back and she said this
machine has been messing up and she cancelled it We really didn't think anything of it until we read this email. 

To make matters worse ....

Tell  your friends INTERNET EMAIL CROOKS
 the simple scam that will never die

These phishing scams are as old as the internet, yet people still fall for them every day. wonder of the internet is that sending hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of messages – spamming – is so cheap that it provides scam merchants with the biggest bang for the few cents they spend.

The second wonder of the internet is why anyone takes any notice of what they must know by now is obvious nonsense. Why does anyone fall for tricks which are so old they have been around the block time after time? Especially when they have been the subject of warnings online, on television, in newspapers and magazines, in mailings from financial companies and just about anywhere else you can think of.

And the third wonder is the huge amount a fraudster can make if only one in 100,000 responds.

So I write this with an air of “I know I should not have to write about this for the millionth time but if someone is doing this then it is likely there will be a victim, possibly for big money.”

Phishing - the scam that won't die

The “This” is phishing - attempts by scamsters to get hold of your personal details by pretending to be your bank and claiming a security breech. Of course, they have no idea where you might bank. As a result lots of people are told that someone has their secret passwords with Barclays or Lloyds or whatever and they must contact the bank immediately or their account will be frozen or lost, even though they have never dealt with the banks in question. It's been around for years so surely everyone is aware and no one bothers to phish any more?

Wrong.  This week, I received an email headed “Errors were detected on your account (Fix Now)”. And it came from PayPal. Or at least that
is what it said – the sender was “ but don't try it at home because it has nothing to do with the real PayPal.

It read:

from: <>

Subject: Errors Were Detected On Your Account (fix now)
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 05:04:16 -0500

Dear Valued Customer,

PayPal security team is sending you this notification message because we seem to be having errors in the proper verification of your account. This might be due to one of the following reasons:

*A recent Change in your Account Details
*An Internal error within our servers

CLICK HERE to rectify these Errors.

PayPal Online Security Team.

So I clicked on the link to rectify these Errors – although I could do nothing about the errors in the grammar and erroneous use of capitals in the message itself.

But whatever the errors were, all I got was a form to fill in.  And guess what?  They want to know just about everything about me other than my great-grandfather's birthplace (which I don't know anyway).

Had I filled it in, I would have handed over my credit card details - including that three figure code on the back - so they could have spent whatever they could get away with. Credit card companies are much better these days at spotting unusual transactions – so a big purchase of something easy to sell (such as high street store vouchers) or easy to cash in (such as some airline tickets) gets picked up.

But such protection is never guaranteed – nothing can be 100% secure.

Playing the odds

This is phishing.  PayPal says it would never communicate in this way but at first glance it looks convincing.  Now I don't have an account with PayPal. As far as possible I do not send many payments  through it – I think the last time was about three or four years ago. I find it easier to pay with my credit or debit card directly.

But the phishers are more likely to catch the unwary with PayPal than by using HSBC or NatWest. It's a simple question of odds. More people
online have or have previously had some relationship with PayPal than with HSBC or NatWest or any other high street bank.  In any case, the banks are really fast at removing phishing sites.

There's another organisation that is even more prominent than PayPal and far more in our minds especially at this time of year. So expect
a number of emails claiming to be from HMRC offering a tax rebate (usually around £280) in return for financial details to its “secure” site.

This seasonal activity is based on the recent 31st January deadline for tax returns, the end of the tax year on 5th April, and the interest in tax from next month's Budget.

Phishing folk seem stupid if you spot them – and yes, to forestall comments, I know it is obvious. But they will convince someone, maybe a vulnerable person, and they will get some money from this.  So warn those you know both about the false PayPal and those phoney HMRC
emails that will come.  HMRC has a warning about this on its website – but the problem with all such alerts is that you have to find them
before the scam merchants find you. 

Thousands are still caught each month, their identities stolen and their accounts (plus credit cards) cleaned out.

Pensioner Patrol
Don't they annoy you? Those sub-humans who pose as banks, telephone companies, building societies,Pay Pal, Tesco, Wonga, and other institutions and places that give on-line accounts. Now these Vladimirs, Mohammeds and Sergeys usually can not even write English properly think that they are going to get us to click onto their camouflaged websites and we will give them the details of our accounts to plunder.  As we have about 40 email addresses we easily notice a batch of them landing in our mailboxes. So we were delighted to notice that Google has invited us all to pass the details of these fake websites to them so that they may be blocked and removed.  We use Monzilla's Thunderbird email system. Now you can right click onto these click-through lines in the mail and up comes a box which, among other actions, allows you to report  fraudulent email scams.  Hopefully you will use the system and help remove these sub-humans from our emails.
Firefox 3 or later contains built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help keep you safe online. These features will warn you when a page you visit has been reported as a Web Forgery of a legitimate site (sometimes called “phishing” pages) or as an Attack Site designed to harm your computer (otherwise known as malware).
Pensioner PatrolRecently our Pensioner Patroller  had some problems with his I-Pad which he had from Vodafone. It necessitated that it should be returned to Vodaphone. For the purpose of sending it Vodafone sent a Jiffy bag whigh was pre-paid for by Vodafone. 
The nearest Post Office to his home is Staplegrove Post Office. This is still a considerable walk.  When he arrived he passed the parcel across the counter but the assistant would not accept it. In fact she told him that she would charge him £9.75p to send it.  Disgruntled our valiant Pensioner patroller refused to pay and went home to complain to Vodafone.

He was advised to take the parcel to the Main post office in Taunton.  It seems that these sub-post offices work on a commission and if someone brings a pre-paid parcel in they do not receive any commission, so certain sub post offices have unilaterally decided to refuse such parcels, as Staplegrove Post Office did to our Pensioner patroller. We can all choose with our feet. Like as not she is worried about paying staff and keeping the premises and business going. Life will get harder yet, of this I am fairly sure. The the prepay system is not beneficial to the local sub post office. Who of us would like to do work and receive no payment. The irony of it is you still have to go to a post office so that your parcels are received into the postal system. If post offices elect not to process this type of prepay system  where are the parcels to be deposited? Post Offices have closed at an alarming rate and I do feel that folks should be more supportive of them.

However this is clearly a breach of their agreement with Royal Mail. The fact they  are not getting paid  for it is a  problem between them and  Royal Mail. It does not give them the right, as a public  service, to refuse mail. 
A Royal Mail spokesman  said: “  All Post  Office  branches have to accept  items of mail on behalf of  Royal  Mail, regardless of  where or how the postage  has been obtained. At  the  same time all recorded delivery items have to be processed  through our computer system and a printed receipt provided."
Staplegrove Post Office Contact Information
Branch Staplegrove Branch No. 215549
Address Manor Road
Branch Size 2 counters
Telephone 01823325481  
Staplegrove Post Office  Opening Times
Day Open Close
Monday 08:30 17:30
Tuesday 08:30 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 17:30
Thursday 08:30 17:30
Friday 09:00 17:30
Saturday 09:00 12:30
Validated opening times for Staplegrove Post Office.

Opening times are based on normal opening hours and exclude public and
bank holiday arrangements such as Christmas and Easter.
Please contact your branch for local arrangements for these times.

                                                          CarmichaelWHY DON'T PEOPLE TAKE NOTICE?
For more than a decade now we have been warning people about El-Con, Selva Carmichael,also known as Michael Silva or Michael deSilva real name Selvaraj Narasimman.... Now 51. This man, who can not even write English properly, has again cheated innocent people out of their life savings, tricked a charity,  conned tv personalities and again been jailed for £500,000 money laundering scam on Santander. All during the period our article in 2006, reproduced below , has been on-line for all to read at the press of a search engine click. Yet Companies like Linked-In continue to list him and "his" companies. He was the subject of a ten minute exposee by the BBC West's Inside Out programme on November 6th 2012. Selva Carmichael is now using the name Michael Silva or Michael DeSilva, he can be found at TMC The Medical Co Ltd, 1 Scott House, Admirals way, Canary wharf E14. He is involved in Schellenberg Global Group Plc (Danny Narash is CEO) and Worldwide Finance Group. His wife Jashmir Carmichael Trading as Global Property. Interesting to note that some of his past companies have been registered to a well known 'boiler room' address, past directors have been Temple Secretaries Ltd. Let's get him for all his scams and make sure he is not allowed out to scam for many many more years. A Documentary made by MAKE World Media Ltd using our research on Selva Carmichael. Soon to be shown on Television.
                                                          Carmichael and
                                                          Lisa Appleton
This time  Selva Carmichael, 51, posed as Silva Michael, boss of WorldScreen Group. He filmed with Big Brother stars Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton for a show that never aired and posed as the manager of The X Factor singer Chico. Carmichael, who is now being sued by one investor for more than £42,000, declined to comment on the allegations. The BBC's Inside Out programme has discovered Carmichael also failed to pay celebrity-backed charity the Five Stars Appeal thousands of pounds worth of promised donations. Cico The X Factor contestant Chico refused to get involved with Carmichael  He then used his celebrity contacts to convince people to invest tens of thousands of pounds in WorldScreen Group, convincing them it was a successful media company.
Carmichael, who is also known as Selva Narashiman and now has a family home in Buckinghamshire, promised a quick return but the money simply disappeared.
The X Factor contestant Chico, who refused to get involved with Carmichael, said: "What he wanted from me was the contacts and friends that I had, so he could build a roster of celebrity friends that he could actually use to lure rich, unsuspecting victims." Big Brother contestants Lisa Appleton and Mario Marconi spent months filming a show with Carmichael called "Lisa and Mario: Their Journey", footage from which has only ever appeared on the internet.

Lisa said: "Knowing Selva Carmichael now, he's a compulsive liar, lives in a deluded land and is a serial, serial conman." 'Silver fox' One WorldScreen Group investor is currently suing Carmichael and the company for breach of contract and the return of more than £42,000.  Carmichael, who likes to be known as the 'Silver Fox', promised The Five Stars Appeal£23,000 luxury yacht holiday as an auction prize at an event last year as well as making a £10,000 bid, both of which never materialised.  The charity raises funds for children in the North West who suffer with life changing or life threatening illnesses.  A spokeswoman said: "We entrusted Selva Carmichael as we do with all of our good-willed supporters. We severed ties and took legal action against him, at no cost to the charity, to try to recover as much money as possible."

Carmichael has failed to respond to inquiries made by the BBC but Inside Out has discovered he is now serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence for an unrelated money-laundering offence.
Letter From The Victim
The image

                                                          cannot be
                                                          because it
    Location: Buckinghamshire & London

This man Silva Michael (real name is Selva Carmichael - Google this name for his imprisonment details Bristol Crown Court) is a massive scale professional fraudster, he was imprisoned for fraud for 4 years, he is now carrying out all the same scams again, and has recently scammed me out of £42,000, my friend £10,000, his ex PA £6,000, we belive there are so many more victims around the country. I am a single parent, this was my last money from the sale of my family home due to divorce, because of this man I am facing HOMELESSNESS next month with 2 young children !! This man is so convincing in every scam he carries out. He is 5 times bancrupt (still undischarged) The Insolvency Agency have been chasing him for 10 years of income tax etc. He is destroying lives and has just started the above new website to lure more victims in to suposedly "invest" in the TV schemes, he is NOT a film director, my money has obviouly paid towards this new websire to be developed.
We believe there must be many more victims in the country and he needs exposing, so he does not keep destroying lives like this repeatedly. Even his 4 year prison sentance has not deterred him. He needs to be stopped .

We have also been informed that Selva Carmichael has been involved in some horse racing scam in the North West of England. We believe this involved either selling race horses or non-existent racehorses to professional footballers. Watch  this space.  If you have any further information on this man  Click here to contact us
We have been contacted by over 60 would be investors who tell us that the article below saved them from being ripped off by Selva Carmichael.
Our 2006 Article 

Con-Man Selva Carmichael to star and produce Bollywood Movie in Chard
after his earlier appearance at Bristol Jail!!!
Selva Carmichael
Carmichael in Spain
Selva Carmichael , real name Selvaraj Narasimman, 46,( Known as El Con by Daily Mirror readers) who wooed investors with trips abroad and promises of a quick return on their money, was jailed for four-and-a-half years in Bristol Jail for cheating investors in a Spanish property scam. Carmichael, who operated his company, The Carmichael Corporation, from offices in Bristol, offered people the chance to invest in property options or plots of land in the Spanish resort of La Manga. But soon after the operation began in 1996 "the whole thing was falling to bits".  Most of the investors never saw their money again including one woman who lost £100,000. Despite a police raid on his offices in 1997, Carmichael continued to trade as normal, telling investors that it was "all a mistake" and blaming the police for his problems.

Promising investors that he was going to transform the La Manga resort, the self-proclaimed  multi-millionaire, "wooed" his investors with lavish trips to apartments in Spain and promised them a 100% return within six months. Carmichael pleaded guilty to nine counts of obtaining money transfers by deception and one count of attempting to obtain property by deception. It was not known what Carmichael had done with the money.  After that he conned people in the village of Coin outside Marbella when he started managing the old BBC village of El Dorado. Stating that he was best friends with Richard Bransom  who he called Branston and that he rode with royalty. It did not take long before he was exposed by the Daily Mirror and ousted from Coin & El Dorado.

He also opened a restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne and fell foul of the local health authorities and was fined.
Then   from "the Mail on Sunday" 21 May 2006 by Tony Hetherington:
"ONETV is a shambles. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld 65 complaints against the company, all from viewers who said goods had not arrived and OneTV had failed to refund their money. The company in Colchester, Essex, whined that several top managers had quit. And it is true that four directors have walked out in recent months, but that is just the start of it. Trading in the company's shares has been suspended and customers seeking reassurance from the friendly smiles of presenters displayed on OneTV's website should know that some of them have jumped ship as well. Debbie Flint is one of the bestknown faces on various TV shopping channels, but despite appearing on OneTV's website, she quit last month, announcing: 'I have decided not to present any more OneTV for the time being.' Hinting at problems behind the scenes, she offered her good wishes to employees 'during this difficult time'. The people really facing difficulties though, are the customers like the couple in Buxton, Derbyshire, who told me they paid £97 for a DVD recorder to be delivered by Christmas. When it had not arrived by January, they cancelled, but months later were still awaiting their refund. In the face of all this, OneTV boss Graham Avery, 61, will say absolutely nothing.   Avery, who has half-a-dozen other directorships, is probably too busy driving between his television studio in Colchester and his home in Ipswich in his luxury Mercedes. But at least he is more savoury than one of OneTV's owners, 45-year-old Selva Carmichael - he prefers this to his real name, Selvaraj Narasimman ."

Guess what! 
Hackenbush  found con-artist Selva Carmichael in a winebar in Chard on Wednesday 13th December 2006 spouting his next venture, and giving out his card under the name of a dissolved company. ( He is banned as a Company Director and been made bankrupt twice). Mr Selva Car Michael is now self-styled President of  SELVASCREEN INTERNATIONAL PLC.
His card reads:
Film Financing
Film Production
Film Acadamy
Film Documentaries


Pinewood Studios,
Pinewood Road,
Iver Heath ,


Tel: +44 (0)1753 651700
Fax:+44 (0)1753 785737

Mobile :+44 (0) 7841 262 2066

Our Search shows: Company Details - SELVA SCREEN INTERNATIONAL PLC  Registered No. 05189862
Type:    Public limited with share capital   Incorporation Date:    27/07/2004
Status:    Dissolved company.
Last Accounts Filed:    - Last Accounts Analysed:    -

He pays by American Express card No  374289252191009. He claims the Company is owned by his wife and a friend, but it has been dissolved.  He arrived in Chard on Wednesday 13th December & announced he will be filming and starring as the Indian Prime Minister in his Bollywood spectacular in February at Cricket St.Thomas & that he wants to shut Holyrood Street for filming.

This article has been followed up by the  Western Daily Press see:
On Location
Selva The
To The Manor Born
  at Cricket St.Thomas
or is it another El Dorado?

or in OneTV's studio
selling Sponsorships.

Response from Mr Selva Car Michael... alias of Selvaraj Narasimman
 I will try and reply the best whey I can and I trust this might clarify the situation and I hope you reflect on it.
In la manga , i felt that at the time there was a great potential in acquiring land on option and hold them for a period of time and ofload them for a profit and thus make monies for a small number of investors . As you expect a large proportion of monies were laid out by myself , my immediate family and a small group of friends, we started well but because our lack of understanding of spanish laws and things taking longer then our prediction we encountered financial problems and we just ran out monies thus the predicment we got ourselves into and some late investors losts monies and in any business there are risks for high returns.
since i owned the company I am responsible for the outcome, To deal with spanish was difficult enough but to be caught up in their system was even more difficult. Because of non payment of promised dividends the police became involved and their presence made in more difficult for us to proceed to finalise matters on behalf of us and our small number of investors and all we were delayed.
I pleaded non-guilty to charges for over 5 years but on the trial week I was advised that these matters were complicated for a simple jury to understand and against my better judgement pleaded guilty. on sentencing i realised that i should have pleaded not-guilty and tried very hard to change the plea on the basis that i made a mistake but failed.
on you have pleaded guilty you know the rest. I didnt wish to enter into something to lose monies for me or my investors but these were circumstances beyond my control. We were in La- Manga when a few people knew it ,its fair to say its a popular resort.
I am involved in other business including the one you potray , but as for One TV , i invested in shares with Mr Graham Avery with a group of friends and have no direct involvement in the management of One TV and have sold that stock a long time before it surfaced the company was in trouble , unfortunately the reporters in papers concerned are not the most credible and tend to make up their own stories and I taking legal advise on how to handle it. I have new been the owner of One TV or had anything to do with the management.
I took time to respond to this, I have never said that I was closing any street for filming, I am working on a film project and at cricket st -thomas witness by two individuals and i am even more baffled why you placed my card number and its a clear violation of privacy , we came to your bar had drinks and paid for it and left. I trust you will remove it .Should anybody use it clearly you are responsible as a manager of the pub and i will inform the authorities.  I didnt come to chard to con anybody as you portray and I trust you do understand . I took the time to write this and when I am chard next I will pop in to see you. 
Kind regards, 
Second email from Selva Carmichael

I have e-mail this article to my lawyers and asked them to look into the content as its although you based in on article that are written are wholly un-true and are under litigation you are demed liable for its content and clearly gone to other receipient and liablious. will be in contact soon. 

Kind regards, 

 Editoral Comment: We are amazed to learn that twice bankrupt Selva Carmichael has money to invest in both a restaurant and One TV whilst the poor investors who lost their money, when he failed to buy the Spanish Land Options for them, have not seen a penny in retribution. The authorities should look into where the money he has to invest eminated from. It is all very well a man being convicted on 9 counts, but in excess of £1 million disappeared never to be found. Innocent citizens lost life savings and the perpetrator continues on his merry way.From 1997 Mr Carmichael was asked to produce the purchased options & always stated that they were elsewhere or some other feeble excuse. If he was innocent he only had to produce them. He never did. By any chance we are a website protecting unwary readers- not a pub

Don't Just Take our word for it
We Investigated & acknowledge

World Screen Group Complaint 129438 | Scambook
This company is owned by a massive scale professional fraudster Selva Carmichael (now known usining the name Silva Michael...
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Our old friend, slimy scam artist Selva Carmichael is up to his tricks again. This time he's telling would-be investors of a plan to turn the former Eldorado set in
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... 1373 of 1998 Date of Bankruptcy Order—17th April 1998 These proceedings were previously advertised in The London Gazette on 6th May 1998, under the description Selva...
on business as Finance Securities U.K., and as Selva Carmichael. Associates at Suite 403, Triumph House, 189 Regent Street,. London, W.I., as a Mortgage ...
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backs awful onetv - Investigations

April 2006In fact, our evidence helped jail Selva Carmichael for three-and-a-half years in 2002. Carmichael, 45, was behind a Spanish property investment scam.
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But at least he is more savoury than one of OneTV's owners, 45-year-old Selva Carmichael - he prefers this to his real name, Selvaraj Narasimman.
Real Estate Fraud / Development Schemes
10/02 - Selva Carmichael, 41, who wooed investors with trips abroad and promises of a quick return on their money, was jailed for four-and-a-half years for cheating
Europe Intelligence Wire article archives from October 18,...
... suits, plush offices and his boasts of celebrity friends, slimeball Selva Carmichael is one of the smoothest conmen we've confronted. .....
a UK shopping channel selling great Bags ...

But at least he is more savoury than one of OneTV's owners, 45-year-old Selva Carmichael - he prefers this to his real name, Selvaraj Narasimman.
Real Estate as a Fraudulent Investment
I Said a Minus 100% Return. 10/02 - Selva Carmichael, 41, who wooed investors with trips abroad and promises of a quick return on their money, was jailed for...
Bristol Evening Post April 2003 Article Archives | HighBeam...
Fraudster Selva Carmichael swindled huge sums of cash...
Company Info N-Q - DDFI
...Albert J. Rasch, Kathleen R. Novinger, Sandra B. Masino ONE LIBERTY PROPERTIES, Jeffrey Fishman 1POINT SOLUTIONS, Barry Stokes, R. Mike Curry ONE TV - Selva Carmichael ON...
The Mirror (London, England)
October 18, 2002 Article...
18 October 2002Byline: Andrew Penman, Michael Greenwood WITH the flash haircuts, double-breasted suits, plush offices and his boasts of celebrity friends, slimeball Selva...
Sorted and the City: Hi, Selva.. We Put You Away - daily ...
Yesterday we spotted Selva Carmichael just out of prison and boozing in Smollenskys bar next to the Mirror's London HQ in Canary Wharf. See the full content of this
Organisation Name.... selva carmichael Organisation Address. manor farm, main street Organisation Address. Organisation Address. buckinghamshire
INVESTIGATE: Jailbird backs dodgy TV shop.(Features) - The ...
In fact, our evidence helped jail Selva Carmichael for three-and-a-half years in 2002. Carmichael, 45, was behind a Spanish property investment scam.
ABC (Madrid) - 19/07/1997, p. 114
- Hemeroteca
La expectación está En la imagen, Selva Carmichael en la noche servida, sin llamar a marmenorense, con unos amigos puerta oficial alguna, ni pedir subvenciones a cambio
Bienvenido MR. Sitorus - Fútbol Club Cartagena
Y aquí, todavía nos acordamos de la descomunal estafa protagonizada hace trece años en La Manga por el empresario de origen malayo Selva Carmichael.
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Selva Carmichael , real name Selvaraj [7]. 1.
pages/clik2complaintscouk/6921317427 ...
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Now we have discovered that one of the digital channel's biggest funders is a serial conman well known to us. In fact, our evidence helped jail Selva Carmichael for...
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Several weeks ago, I warned that one of the owners of OneTV is 45-year-old Malaysian-born Selva Carmichael, alias Selvaraj Narasimman, a convicted fraudster who was jailed for...
Owners Down in the Dumps - evening chronicle - March 23, 2005...
Sunder Rajam Narishiman and Selva Carmichael, owners of Carmichaels, in Sandhill, Newcastle, were each fined pounds 1250 with pounds ...
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Así hasta llegar al más famoso "mangante" de todos, el anglobirmano Selva Carmichael, buscado el todo el orbe por Scotland Yard por estafador.
Property News | Costa del Conman sent to jail
Selva Carmichael, 41, was described as 'intelligent and ingenious' by Judge Carol Hagen, who passed sentence on the crook at Bristol Crown Court. ...
A cell for el sel - Mirror Online
WITH the flash haircuts, double-breasted suits, plush offices and his boasts of celebrity friends, slimeball Selva Carmichael is one of the smoothest conmen we've
Shameful onetv nears end of the road - Investigations
And we've revealed how one of its backers is crooked Selva Carmichael, who was jailed for three-and-a-half years in 2002 for a property ...
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This is Money
OneTV is part-owned by convicted fraudster Selva Carmichael, alias Selvaraj Narasimman, and run by Graham Avery, 61, whose record of ...

Investigated by Sammy Gee and Annie Martine for the Mercia Tourist Board and The Wessex Tourist Board  Click here to contact us


Private bailiff firms contracted to councils, are defrauding members of the public with no opposition from the Government, Local Authorities or the Police.  Local news papers will not, for whatever reason, report on this serious issue. They are failing in their duty to raise awareness for the many thousands of victims involved. It seems these crimes will remain covered-up if left to the local press. It therefore must be tackled by members of the public who are prepared to expose our corrupt councils. 

It has been publicised in the national press and on TV, that Rossendales Ltd, who North Somerset Council contract its bailiff services to, is a criminal outfit.   Have you been charged Unfair and Hiked-up Enforcement fees by North Somerset Council's bailiff contractors Rossendales Ltd ?

This would be in connection with either alleged or actual council tax arrears.  Does the council state that they are lawful?  Does the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) also state they are lawful?  You can enquire by contacting the following email for a second, more seriously considered opinion:

Alternatively or additionally you can register with the following advice website where free guidance can be sought which may potentially save you £hundreds in charges:


The Old Rage Pensioners
 Dramas at
                                                        Dowell Close
As As a pensioner resident of the block of flats in Dowell Close that were set on fire on Christmas Eve 2011 I am writing to register my feelings as to those responsible for this event. It appears that Taunton Deane Borough Council in their wisdom decided some time ago that areas like Dowell Close which were formerly set aside for Pensioners were opened up to include people of known mental afflictions. In Dowell Close two such people were placed some eighteen months ago. Very soon the trepidations of the pensioners living here were confirmed and regular reports were sent to the council and the police about this.  The person arrested by the police was never of sound mind to be placed unsupervised into the community. He has recently punched one resident knocking a tooth out and then posted drugs through his letter box with threats, trespassed into another resident's flat, argued with several residents and been seen prowling about at night trying to get into parked cars. The police have been in attendence on several occasions.  Letters have been sent to the council and NHS as this was obviously a disaster waiting to happen. The other person has been abusive to other residents including one who has recently died and her relatives who came to sort out her home after her demise. He has also thrown stones at another resident. Trahically he was struck by a No 25 bus in Bindon Road on 9th January 2013 and has sadly passed away.  By allowing these people to be placed amongst the most vulnerable in the community the Taunton Borough Council must be held liable. This was a Disaster that was of their making and they have been negligent in not dealing with it when the residents repeatedly complained. Whilst the unfortunate perpetrator will undoubtedly be held responsible I am sure that his mental position will be realised.  However those responsible for placing him there and failing to respond to complaints are the real people responsible for this fire which only because of the prompt action by the fire brigade, ambulance service and police may have resulted in fatalities.    The Editor
The message written above was sent to the local MP,the relevant Local Councillors, Taunton Deane Borough Council, Local Newspapers TV & Radio and local Pensioners Forums on December 25th 2011. The police have also been spoken to. We have, at this juncture, witheld both responses and further comment because there is an ongoing police investigation. However we have emphasised that Pensioners in the area have specific rights to protection and should have been listened to. In this case they were not afforded such rights or protection.

  Click here to contact us
Click Here To Contact
The Taunton Deane Borough Housing  Councillor

Click Here To Contact
The Local  Mental Health NHS
Click Here To Contact
South West Seniors Forum

Click Here To Contact the BBC
Click Here to contact
The Somerset & Avon Police

Click Here To Contact Taunton
Deane BC Estate Office

Click Here To Contact
Taunton Pensioners Forum 

Click here to contact
Taunton Deane Borough Council Liason Officer
  The Above contacts have been used by ourselves in regards this incident
                                                          HartFurther to the article above we have been writing to the various public sector people and have come across varying degrees of response & non response. Basically we have been contacted back by the Police, Taunton Deane Borough Council Liason Officer, The Taunton Deane Borough Housing Councillor, The Local Mental Health Office, Jeremy Browne MP, Taunton Pensioners Forum,  The South West Seniors Forum, The Minister For Housing & Local Government The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP and a twot from the Housing office at TDBC whose only reply was that she had registered our editor's letter on his "record".  Basically so far from the Council side the buck has been passed onto central government in response the Minister's office has quoted chapter & verse showing that such decisions are made locally.  Everyone else has tried to hide behind the sub judice of the case mentioned above.  Our question has little to do with that case. The case is only the manifestation of the stupidity of mixing oil with water. The simple unanswered question is that the buck passers have placed young people with mental afflictions beside vulnerable senior citizens. This does not work for either party. The senior citizens are being frightened and confused and those with mental afflictions have none of their contempories to turn to.  It is our opinion that there is a prima face case for both parties to take legal action against the buck passers at least for harassment and at most for substantial damages. We have found that in the Private Sector a SEO or senior member of a Company takes responsibility and tries to rectify the position. In the Public Sector they try and pass the buck.  There are many good people in the public sector but there are also some very rotten apples. If we do not get satisfactory responses by September 1st 2012 we shall start NAMING & SHAMING these rotten apples in these columns as we have done within HMRC in the past in our financial websites. We will not simply put it on a record but let all & sundry know about them. They are hereby warned. The pictures on this article are some of those who are assisting in this matter.
The Editor
Mobile networks charge a fortune to call “freephone” 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers. But there are a number of smartphone apps that can cut the cost of calling 08 numbers from your mobile phone. Call 0800, 0808 and 0870 numbers for free from your mobile. Despite most mobile tariffs offering a certain amount of inclusive minutes, these are limited to UK landline 01, 02 or 03 numbers and other mobile numbers. Calling so-called non-geographical numbers such as 0800, 0870 and 0844, often used by banks and insurers, will cost you extra. For example, calling 0800 numbers from an O2 contract mobile phone costs 20.4p a minute. So a 10-minute call to your bank will set you back £2.04. Calling an 0871 number will cost an eye-watering 35.8p a minute.
Other networks charge similar sky-high prices. Vodafone charges 14p a minute to 0800 numbers and 35p a minute to 0871 or 0844. Orange charges a whopping 40p a minute to 0844 or 0871 numbers. This means a 10-minute call to your insurance company on an 0844 number will cost you £4.
But if you grab one of the apps below, you can cut the cost of calling 08 numbers when using your smartphone.


Based on the popular website, this app allows users to insert the 0870 number they’ve been given and the app searches the database for an alternative 01 or 02 number which will be included in your free minutes.

It then tells users the number and gives you the option whether to call it or not. However, the database is not particularly comprehensive – I tried several 0870 and 0844 numbers before I found one for which the app came up with an alternative.
It’s 69p if you have an iPhone but a similar app for Google Android phones called 'Say No To 0870 0800 0845' is free.
08 Saver

Costing 69p on an iPhone, this app works in a slightly different way from the others. Users can search categories such as airlines, banks and insurance companies and find alternative numbers for a company’s 08 numbers.

For example if you choose “insurance”, and then Admiral, it lists charged 08 numbers and 01 or 02 alternatives where available for the insurer Admiral. Users can then decide which number to call.

There’s also a search function where you can look up a company and find 01 or 02 alternatives to its advertised 08 numbers. So unlike the other apps, you don’t have to know the 08 number you need to call - just the company name.

This free app works on Android, BlackBerry, and iPhones. It works by replacing 0800, 0500 or 0808 calls with a 01 or 02 landline number, meaning you can make the call using your free inclusive minutes if you’re on a contract or at a lower rate if you’re on pay-as-you-go (PAYG).
The app itself is fairly basic, allowing you to input a number, view recent calls made with the app and a short information page, but that’s about it. Once you have put the number in it will then generate a number and redirect your call to that number.

0800 Buster works in a different way to the other apps, in that it isn’t really an app but instead is a landline number you call before dialling the 0800, 0808 or 0500 number you want.

It works in a similar way to landline prefix numbers. First you need to visit and look for a landline number starting with 01 or 02 on the left-hand side of the page. It has several numbers and a random one is chosen whenever someone new visits the site.

Save the number on your mobile and dial it when you need to call a 0800, 0808 or 0500 number. When you dial the number you’ll be prompted to tap in the freephone number you want to call followed by the hash (#) sign. Do this and you’ll only be charged for a UK landline number which will be free if you have inclusive minutes.


Adtab SachakThe image
                                cannot be displayed, because it contains
Aftab Sachak- The Ex- Eastenders Actor Convicted of £83,000 Fraud on an old boy from Streete Court School, Barrington Court Is Sentenced to 3 years.

Another Hugo Hackenbush Exclusive

Aftab Sachak is a British actor, who is based in the United Kingdom. Born in the United Kingdom, as a member of the wealthy east-african Sachak family, Aftab enjoyed the life of a "jet-setting confidence trickster " before studying acting.  He is also a one-time friend of Selva Carmichael. He managed  Selva Carmichael's Night Club in La Manga.

He made his television debut in King of the Ghetto in 1986, but is probably best known for playing the serious minded shop keeper, Ashraf Karim, in the popular BBC soap opera, EastEnders (1987–1990). Whilst appearing in EastEnders, Sachak was in fact coping with real life bankruptcy after incurring much publicised gambling debts, and was even evicted from his home after his conviction. Sachak has commented: "I felt like I was stuck in hell, I even thought about suicide."

After putting his and his victims monetary problems behind him, Sachak concentrated on his career. Since leaving EastEnders he has appeared in the BBC comedy Waiting for God (1993), Brothers in Trouble (1995), Call Red (1996), Out of Sight (1996–1998), The Bill (1999), Hope & Glory (2000), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) and Second Generation (2003) among others. Sachak is also a veteran stage actor and has appeared in Ayub Khan-Din's stage production of East is East at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton in 2005.
Sashak was convicted at Isleworth County Court on Monday October 17h 2011 of obtaining money by fraud from one of his best friends of 20 years.  The former friend, who was a former pupil at Streete Court School in Ilminster, had some 18 years previous been engaged to a young lady.  The engagement had broken down and the victim of this scam had not seen or heard of the young lady since.
Then 5 years ago Sachak claimed that he had bumped into the young lady and she had told him that she was in an unhappy marriage and would love to once more make contact with the victim again. As "she" was afraid of her husband she thought it best to make contact through texting.
 So began a 5 year session of texts between the victim and as he thought was the young lady. In fact it was Sachak texting back all the time. Posing as the young lady he text that "she" was in need of money and could "she" borrow some. The victim agree and using his good friend Sachak as go-between passed over in excess of £83,000 over the 5 year period. 
Recently it emerged that the lady had no knowledge of the loans and Sachak had taken the money for himself. He was sentenced to three years at Isleworth County Court on June 8th 2012.
Please can you provide more info on the article relating to Aftab Sachak. I met him in 1973 when he conned me out of more than 2 months wages. At the time he had an Afghan passport which is where his family originated from. He was as utterly charmimg as he was ruthless. I'm sure I recall a previous conviction in the early 2000's but can find no trace of this. I'd early like to find attributable information to update his wiki pages etc to show the scumbag in his true light -  CL


The man who invented the coffee pods used by millions of Americans in their Keurig instant brewing machines has admitted he regrets ever coming up with the design. In an interview with The Atlantic, John Sylvan, who came up with the idea for the coffee pods and the machine in the early 1990s, revealed that he 'feels bad' about the negative impact that the pods are having on the environment.

Sylvan, who no longer uses the plastic pods himself, also confessed he wishes he had never created them in the first place. 'I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it,' said Mr Sylvan, who sold his share of the company in 1997 for $50,000.

Keurig is currently thought to be one of the most popular at-home brewing systems in America. Last year the company sold 9.8 billion Keurig-brewed portion packs and earned $4.7billion.

The design is simple - a small plastic capsule containing ground beans that can be put into a machine to produce a cup of coffee at the touch of a button. 

However despite the multi-billion pound success of the company nothing has been done to try and make the packaging of the popular Keurig pods recyclable.

And Mr Sylvan insists this will never happen.
'No matter what they say about recycling, those things will never be recyclable,' he said. 'The plastic is a specialized plastic made of four different layers.'

Mr Sylvan, who co-founded the company with Peter Dragone, added that the unique plastic used in the K-Cups - known as plastic #7 - is only recyclable in a small number of cities in Canada, and cannot as yet be processed yet in the United States.

Unfortunately the plastic is also integral to the unique design of the pods. It ensures that the coffee inside stays completely protected from any outside elements and remains completely intact while the coffee is being brewed. Funny 'Kill the K-Cup' campaign launched to tackle wastage

The popularity of the simplistic coffee pods has also come across the shores to the UK. Adverts for K-Cup featuring the slogan 'Brew the Love', enticed American audiences. And in England thousands of customers have been lured into buying Nespresso machines following similar adverts featuring George Clooney.
Nespresso is now the most prominent capsule company in the UK. The machines do not take the Keurig capsules but take similar plastic ones and Nespresso has established its own sustainability advisory board.

Coffee Merchants UK
Unit 1, 18B
Bennett's field Trading Estate
Wincanton, Somerset  BA9 9DT
Phone: 0196331137
Fax: 0196331137
Email (orders):
Mr Sylvan also confessed that despite his earlier dedication to the brand, he no longer drinks coffee made using the capsules.

In 1995 he had to go to hospital with heart palpitations after testing up to 40 cups of his coffee a day. He now no longer even owns a K-Cup machine and only drinks filter coffee.

George Clooney has helped popularise the Nespresso brand in the UK, a similar version of the K-Cups

Keurig has come under fire on numerous occasions from environmentalists who claim that the number of K-Cups sold in 2014 alone would circle the earth 12 times if they were laid down end-to-end
They have started a Kill The K-Cup campaign, which features a YouTube video showing the world being destroyed by the pl
.astic coffee capsules. 

But despite the continued criticism, Keurig Green Mountain, the brewing system's parent company, has yet to come up with a viable solution to the problem, despite insisting that they have been trying to find an environmentally-friendly alternative since 2006 
 Mr Sylvan insists that he has managed to create a new design for the K-Cups which would be far more environmentally-friendly than the ones currently being used


Not according to Mr Sylvan. The entrepreneur insists that he has come up with an alternative design to his original creation which would involve relying on the same kinds of materials used for foil ketchup packets.

But while Mr Sylvan is convinced that he holds the answer to Keurig's ongoing environmental concerns, he added that the company have thus far refused to trial his new design.  'I told them how to improve it, but they don't want to listen,' he added to The Atlantic.  'There's a much better way of doing it.'

Ironically, Mr Sylvan's current work, running energy efficient solar energy company ZonBak, requires him to be much more mindful of the environment, which is perhaps why he is suffering from such feelings of guilt over his most infamous creation.

This article by Sean Poulter was published in the Dail Mail on March 5th 20

There is another alternative for consumers and that is to revert to the coffee bag Phillips Senseo alternative.

These eco-friendly bags are made by Doue Egbert and also available from other providers. They are far more like a good filter coffee and there are several independent companies providing excellant coffee. Personally our taster considers the capsule coffees as an alternative to instant coffee and finds the Senseo system far more like the real thing.

Alternative option: Mr Sylvan
                                      insists that he has managed to
                                      create a new design for the K-Cups
                                      which would be far more
                                      environmentally-friendly than the
                                      ones currently being used 


For many years now we have been using Phillips Senseo Machines to make our office coffee. Although Phillips tied up with Doux  Egberts we found that their range of coffees for the machines were both more expensive and inferior to those sold by Lydl. Lydl's range named Melangerie included Brazilian. Kenyan, Columbian and Nicaraguan coffees.  However earlier this month Lydl suddenly removed them from the shelves and replaced then with another variety using the Tassimo machines. We wrote to Lydl about this and they replied:

 "Re: Availability of Coffee Pods

Thank you for enquiring about our Coffee Pods. Unfortunately this item is not available in our stores at the moment.

We hope to have this available again in the future and apologise for any inconvenience. We have passed your interest in this item onto our Buying Department and would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH
Reece Aitken
Customer Service
Tel – 0370 444 1234
Email -

Coffee Merchants UK

Unit 1, 18B
Bennett's field Trading Estate
Wincanton, Somerset  BA9 9DT
Phone: 0196331137
Fax: 0196331137
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  Now we have done our research and found a lovely company in Wincanton; Somerset who can provide you with the Senseo pads in the following flavours: Colombian, Costa Rican, Kenyan AA, Sumatra, as well as Decaffeinated, and  French Extreme.


Colombia Supremo - Savour the rich and nutty flavour of this classic coffee.
French Roast  -  A dark-roast lover's dream!
Costa Rican Tarrazu -  Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all contribute to the unique flavour
Sumatra 'Lake Toba'- This full-bodied yet well-balanced cup is one of our Roastmaster's favourite.
Swiss Water Decaffeinated -, and Kenyan AA DeCaf. (ONLY included if asked for)
House Blend - One of our Roastmaster's favourite blends - a unique combination of 100% Arabica beans from some of the premier growing regions in the world. Smooth, rich & delicious - perfection in every cup!
Brazilian Santos- Brazilian Blend will produce a balanced coffee with low acidity and subtle chocolate and nut notes. A good smooth, bold everyday drinking coffee 
 Roast Master Choice - Blue Mountain Blend - Signature  - Kenyan AA - French Extreme Caffeine
Coffee Sense  is the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup! The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, flavoured, and decaffeinated as well as premium hand-picked teas. Convenience, choice and a gourmet selection!
    Individually Wrapped - 8g per pod
    100% Arabica Coffee
    Responsibly Grown Coffee
    Kosher Certified

Weekly bin collections are a basic human right
The government has pledged £250m to restore weekly bin collections across the country...
Do you think it's one of your basic human rights to have your rubbish collected once a week?
Communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles does. Last week he said: “Every household in England has a basic right to have their rubbish collected each week", and announced he is setting up a £250m fund to bring back the weekly bin round.
According to the Government, the move is what most people want and that the cash will make a “significant difference”. The majority of English councils currently run some form of fortnightly collection.
However, only councils that guarantee weekly collections for five years and demonstrate improvements in recycling and procurement will be eligible for a slice of the £250m fund.
Labour’s shadow communities secretary Caroline Flint attacked the changes as a bribe to councils to help Pickles save face. Environmental campaigners also railed against the plans saying that fortnightly collections meant more recycling and less landfill waste.
Still no guarantee
Despite this cash offer, the government still cannot force councils to bring back weekly bin collections.
In fact, a survey by The Daily Telegraph this week found that four out of 10 councils will not be able to guarantee weekly doorstep rubbish collections; even in the short term.
Indeed, a quick Google News search of ‘weekly bin collections’ brings up several local paper articles detailing the rejections of Pickles’ plans by a host councils.
So, if you find yourself with a little extra rubbish lying around, what can you do about it?
Make money from your rubbish
Here are some simple ways to turn your trash into cold hard cash:   
Sell your broken rubbish: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it is broke – sell it on! Website will pay good money for broken cameras and MP3 players. An alternative is to offer it on eBay, providing a fair and accurate description of the item. Many people are willing to buy broken goods and fix them up when they arrive.
Printer cartridges: will pay up to £4.50 for some empty ink cartridges or you could hand them in at Boots for 100 extra advantage card points.
Sell your clothes: There are several online portals that allow you to swap your old, unwanted clothes or sell them for cold hard cash. Try and; both sites are free to join.
Alternatively, you could give your old togs to charity. If you donate Marks & Spencer clothes or soft furnishings to Oxfam, you'll get a £5 M&S voucher back in return.
Don’t ditch your old mobile: A host of sites have now emerged that will buy up your old mobile phone. Envirofone, Mazuma and Mopay will give you an instant price, just by inputting your phones details. It may also be worth giving eBay a go, especially if you’re shifting a high-end smartphone.
Read Turn your old mobile phone into cash for some more tips.
Get cash for old CDs, DVDs and computer games: If you’ve got a stack of old films, albums and games and can’t remember why on earth you bought them – then sell them on! One quick and easy way to do this is to head to Musicmagpie, a site that allows you to send off all your old discs for a set amount of cash.
However, as we revealed in The worst way to sell DVDs, Musicmagpie doesn’t actually give you the best return on your old media – as you’re essentially paying for the convenience of quickly shifting your discs.  
Try eBay or Amazon if you’re after a bit more cash for your old gear.
Sell your books: You should never be throwing out old books; not when you could be making cold hard cash for them! is a nifty site that allows you to pass on your books to other readers – for a price of course.

BookMooch runs on a similar set-up; however this site encourages you to trade books. Every time you swap, you’ll receive points that you can then use to get hold of other books.
Old academic text books are another potential cash cow. If you or a member of your family are heading back to university with a bag load of old books from previous modules, why not sell them on new students? Try pinning up lists on department notice boards and student union walls or even setting up a stand on the campus.
You should also keep your eyes peeled for collectables – especially if you have a lot of old childrens books. My Editor here at recently found one of her childhood books (the riveting tale of Bertie the dog and his big red ball) listed for £50 on Amazon.
Check out Sell your youth to survive the recession for some more tips on making money from vintage and collectable items.
Have a car boot sale: Car boot sales are great for shifting a large range of old and unused items in a short space of time. Head over to CarBootJunction to find a list of sales in your local area.
Pass on large items: There’s no reason to pay for ditching old beds and furniture anymore – not when you can give large old items away! Sites like Freegle, Freecycle and FRN allow you to shift your old furniture for free by passing it on to other households who will come to your home and take it off your hands – saving you delivery and disposal charges.
The sneaky way Tesco funds price drops
by   Robert Powell 
 I'm a journalist at After graduating from the University of Liverpool I studied for an MA in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster. You can follow me on Twitter @robpowell_87 or e-mail me at

Picture to left Tesco Paris 1967 opened on site of old horse butchers... the sign of things to come?

Tesco has made £500m of price cuts across 3,000 everyday products. But all these savings have to be funded somehow...

For 14,000 employees of the supermarket giant Tesco, last weekend was a long one. Thousands of products were being re-priced as most of the nation bedded down for a Sunday.It’s all part of Tesco’s biggest pricing shake-up in 20 years.

Big price drop

Tesco is ploughing £500m into price drops of up to 30% on over 5,000 foodstuffs. The cuts will focus on everyday products such as eggs, milk, fruit and veg. Tesco’s own brand products will see the biggest reductions.

Branded as “The Big Price Drop”, Tesco says its initiative will give customers a more straightforward shop. The number of promotions is also being reduced in favour of wide-ranging lower prices.

But this revamp isn’t all good news for shoppers.

Halving Clubcard points

Tesco is also making changes to its Clubcard scheme. In four weeks' time, the supermarket will award just one Clubcard point for every £1 spent. That’s half the number currently given away to shoppers.

However, Tesco will be improving the value of its Clubcard scheme. The exchange rate for points will rise from three to four times on popular rewards like Pizza Express and Strada.

The revamp has sparked negative responses from rival supermarkets. Sainsbury’s condemned the price-cuts as “classic smoke and mirrors”, since Tesco will be slashing Clubcard points to fund it.

Asda also shrugged off its rival's move, pointing to its price guarantee scheme. Vickie North, Head of Food PR for the supermarket tweeted last week: “Hi Tesco. One word. Yawn. We were 10% better value yesterday. We are today. And we will be on Monday. That’s why we have a price guarantee.”

So is this rehash just a big ruse on the part of Tesco? Or is it a genuine leg-up for struggling families?


Cuts on everyday items

Take a look at this table detailing some of Tesco’s price cuts:



Original Price £

New Price £

% Reduction (value)


Tesco free range eggs medium box of 6



-12%             (0.18)


Tesco semi-skimmed milk 2.272LTR /4 pints



-16%             (0.24)


Tesco 10 rashers smoked back bacon 300g



- 10%            (0.25)


Tesco salad tomatoes 1kg



-40%             (0.80)

Whole chicken

Tesco fresh whole chicken



- 20%            (1.00)

Washing-up liquid

Tesco washing-up liquid lemon 500ml



-10%             (0.06)


Tesco assorted fabric plasters 40’s



-17%             (0.17)


Tesco butter me up 500g



-21%             (0.26)


Tesco extra mature cheddar 500g



-20%             (0.80)


Tesco beef mince 500g



- 18%            (0.40)


Tesco wafer thin honey roast ham 420g



-20%             (0.60)


Tesco Penne Pasta Quills 500g



-22%             (0.19)

Cleaning product

Tesco anti-bacterial cleaner spray 500ml



-15%             (0.20)

Source: Tesco

Obviously these figures – obtained from Tesco – are just a snapshot of the full range of changes. However it is encouraging to see so many everyday items on the list.

Research conducted in June by Asda showed that households are about £60 a month worse off than they were last year. This can be in part put down to rising food costs.
Moreover, as the purse strings tighten, the temptation to turn to cheap, low quality and unhealthy food is often too great for many stretched families. This is fuelling the widely trumpeted ‘epidemic’ in childhood obesity.
Granted, cheap, unhealthy food is still rife throughout Tesco. But by taking the step of including foodstuffs like fresh fruit and veg, meat and pasta in its price cuts, the supermarket should be applauded.
Cutting down on redundant promotions is also a positive step. For too long shoppers have been forced to buy more than they need just to obtain a reasonable single-unit price. This has often led to an increase in household waste when foodstuffs are not used before they go off.
All in this together
Tesco has made these price drops after speaking to 200,000 customers and analysing Clubcard data. And it shows. The supermarket’s move is an appropriate reaction to the current economic climate and a wise public relations move for the chain.
As Mark Kleinman noted in the FT, the language used by Richard Brasher, Tesco’s UK Chief Executive, when announcing this price-cut was rooted in a common current theme. Mr Brasher spoke of ‘families suffering under budget pressures’ and the role of Tesco in helping them ‘make ends meet’. For anyone who’s watched a David Cameron or George Osborne speech recently, the sentiments should be familiar. The message from the supermarket is clear. We’re all in this together.

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AsdaWhy I’ll never shop at Asda again
John Fitzsimons by Lovemoney Staff John Fitzsimons of Love Money on 26 September 2011

A food delivery service where the food isn't delivered?
My weekends with my little boy are precious, so I want to spend as much time with him as possible. That’s a big reason why, since the turn of the year, I’ve tried out the delivery services from a range of different supermarkets. And without question, Asda’s has been the worst.
A couple of weeks ago our order from Asda turned up two hours late, at 11pm on a Friday night (like all the cool kids, I tend to be at home on a Friday night). After complaining, the supermarket offered me a free delivery to make up for it.
Having failed to learn my lesson, I attempted to use that free delivery this past Friday. We got a call from the driver halfway through our two-hour delivery slot asking for directions (a common occurrence whenever we order anything, despite the fact that we live on a main road), and thankfully he was only two roads away.
Sadly, he ignored those directions and drove past our house. And despite trying to call him over the course of the evening, he not only failed to pick up his phone, he also failed to show up at all. So instead, I had to waste an hour of my weekend in my local supermarket shopping for baby milk. Not good.
The first supermarket delivery service we tried was Tesco, and really I had no complaints. The deliveries were almost always on time, and on the one occasion it was late, the driver had the courtesy to call ahead of time to warn us. On the negative side, virtually every time we ordered food, at least one thing we ordered was out of stock and so had to be substituted for something else.

However, the best delivery service we have enjoyed, by a country mile, is that of Ocado. When you order, you get a text message from the firm to not only confirm the time of your delivery, but also to tell you the name of the driver, and even the number plate of the delivery vehicle.

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Even better, on the three occasions we’ve ordered from Ocado, the driver has not had to call for directions once. It’s a small thing, but it makes a difference to me!

Of course, the trouble is that shopping at Ocado tends to be more expensive than Tesco and Asda. Indeed, you need to spend at least £40 just for them to deliver.

And the delivery costs can be a little dear. For example, if I wanted to get my shopping delivered this coming Friday night, at first glance it looks like the 9-10pm slot is £4.99. But that’s only if you spend more than £75 – spend less than that and it jumps to £5.99. And slots in prime timeslots can climb as high as £6.99.

Meanwhile, with Asda, the same Friday night slot would set you back £3 (assuming they ever showed up). And Tesco charge £4.50 for the same slot, while peak timeslots will see the cost jump up to £6.

The one service I’m yet to try is Sainsbury’s. Having looked at the site, for the same timeslot on a Friday night, I’d be paying £3.95 (so long as I spent more than £40, otherwise it jumps to £6).

So what have your experiences been of the various supermarket delivery services? Are they worth it, or should you just stick to shopping in store?

Are Taunton OAP's Still Being Taken for a Ride?
by Hugo .Z. Hackenbush

Hugo HackenbushTaunton Deane along with Christchurch in Dorset has the highest percentage of Old Age People in England. Therefore anything to the detriment to pensioners should be reported. As you may well know the concessions to OAP's are to be removed for long distance coaches after October 31st 2011. Now we find out an even more disturbing matter happening in regards to Somerset transport. For several years now Taunton has had a very good service called Slinky. This service has picked people up from their homes and taken them to their preferred destination... and returned them home. As this is considered a local bus service OAPs with bus passes use this admirable service for free.  This service is pre-booked and we have been pleased to advertise it on this site for 5 years. The Transport in Somerset service has another service which provides a personal car service ,manned by volunteers, for which they charge £2 per head per journey. Again an admirable service.

  However the people who run these services down at Sixacres have recently become either confused or something more sinister. Basically without informing the people who have asked for the Slinky Bus service they have been sending the car service and the drivers are now demanding the £2 per journey charge. This has happened to one local OAP twice in one week. On the second instance a small car with a volunteer driver   arrived at Morrisons for four OAPs ( 2 of then over 80 and the other two over 70). The journey was very local and the car could hardly  accommodate the driver, the 4 OAPs and their shopping. For this he demanded £2 each . So he was taking £8 for the short journey from Morrisons to Bindon Road. This was in fact higher than local taxi services. 

We did have a photo of the driver on this site, but as of September 16th 2011 Somerset County Council identified him as one of theirs, a Mr.Pat Foster,  and we have removed it. If tMr.Foster had shown identification or authorization when it was requested of him there would have been no need to place his photo on line. It was his refusal to produce such authorisation that left us no other option than to photograph him and circulate the picture. This was done in the public interest in case he was a rogue operator. In this case the complainant apologises to Mr.Foster who was no more than the messenger in this matter. A person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But our complainant was right to be wary as in London Transport in London are running a campaign to warn passengers about getting into unlicensed cars, but it appears that Transport in Somerset in Taunton are not taking this seriously.. See the London campaign below: 

So the OAPs who go on the same journey each week and were waiting for the bus at Morrisons for free had to experience a service which turned up over 20 minutes late,refused to show any form of  identificationand tried to shuffle them into a small car and charge them £8.  One of the 4 OAPs is one of our contributors and he informed the driver that he had no intention of paying the £2 as he had already had the same experience four days previous and had informed the booking office that he did not book the car service. He had booked the bus service. The driver refused to take him.  As one of the witnesses below stated there was a "heated discussion" which has been blown up out of recognition. The driver & the complainant were both victims as the fault lay elsewhere. Our main concern is that vulnerable people are being picked up by a car without any prior warning that a car will be coming.

Later that day the complainant rang the booking number and was answered by a person called Fordham who explained that it was one of their drivers that there was a shortage of bus drivers and that they had had to provide alternative transport which created extra charges and was subsidised.

This we understand but is it right that OAPs struggling on a limited budget should be charged in this way? A cost they have not budgeted for and being blackmailed into paying for on the threat of being left abandoned as the driver did to an OAP who objected to being charged

 Our contributor would have paid if he had been given the choice beforehand but he and the others were picked up by the bus on the outward journey and were waiting at Morrisons for the return bus when Mr.Foster, who the Council have now identified as one of their volunteers, appeared in lieu and asked each passenger for £2. Regardless of protestations that the complainant was informed beforehand the offices at Sixacres have failed to produce evidence that they did. The complainant has a telephone that lists all calls received and no such call shows. Further the other three passengers confirm that they were not informed either.

To add your name or write to: Mike Gillingham, Transport in Somerset,Sixacres, Sixacres Close, Roman Road, Taunton,TA1 2BD ( asking for the return of the charges not contracted for and paid under duress This is YOUR LEGAL RIGHT. We will, of course, publish any written response by Transport in Somerset.
This story was discussed on BBC Radio Somerset on 12th September 2011 and the representitive of Transport in Somerset agreed that all drivers should show identity to the passengers and that if a car has to be sent passengers should be informed prior. However he stated that in the instance above the passengers were informed. None of them can recollect being so informed. We have been assured that this will be done in future. This does not seem to be the case as we are still getting reports that cars are arriving instead of buses without prior warning. A lady of over 80 takes a regular trip to visit an old friend in a care home every week. Last Tuesday September 20th 2011 a bus took her but unannounced a car came to take her home at the cost of £3.  She did not want to pay but the driver called Sixacres and told her she would have to. We will continue to publicize this until this matter is put right. Unfortunately we and our lawyers have received abusive telephone calls over this article which includes threats of arson and the murder of our chairman. All calls are recorded and details have been given to the police. 

The Power of the Press?  Guess what Somerset CC have done in response.... they have now made passengers more vulnerable by telling them that they will no longer inform regular users that a car is coming instead of a bus! Less work for Somerset CC and more danger for passengers. Are they aware that there is a large campaign going on in regards this problem?  They have also turned down our suggestion that each volunteer car should have a sticker affixed to its windscreen showing it is approved by Somerset County Council as normal taxis and minicabs have to. It seems there is one law for the private sector and another for the public sector.

Contact US
We have had several phone calls on this matter. Within minutes of our publishing this article we received 4 phone calls from tthe same person. He purported to be from a firm of solicitors in Taunton telling us to remove the article. He wasn't. We have researched his number and have that person's details and email address. Whilst we try and write accurate news we are open to constructive criticism. We note that this person helps Help For Heroes which is very admirable. As you will see from our main Taunton page we try and promote them and our valiant boys fighting for us all. May we praise him for such work, but please go about calling us in a fit and proper way.


This form was submitted: Sep 16 2011 / 16:03:09
by a visitor with this IP Address:

FirstLastName = Joe Smith
Email = Up yours
Message = You are scum bag who has twisted the truth, you are pretending to be a lawyer and you are the man in your column you are a a fruad and I am an oap who uses this service and you dont speak of me. Print this if you dare but you wont will you.

Thank you I'm actually a vet . You obviously need a Pat on the back son.
                                    Offices REPLY
The Informed Investor began publishing from offices at 13 Nottingham Place, London, W1 (See Picture) in 1972. It started as a printed publication for Drummond & Co, European Legal & Tax Advisers since 1966, offering Investments and Insurance. Long before today's regime in regards commissions Drummond & Co  pioneered discount  selling of  Linked Insurance and Unit trusts- splitting the commissions with the purchaser. Many in the Industry condemned this and many leading Insurance Groups refused to take their business. Most of those companies have gone out of business today & Drummond & Co are recognised as the Company that led the way. Today 38 years later Drummond & Co still lead the field in Financial Innovations and have advised both the public and professionals. As Financial Commentators the Informed Investor have, over the years, Informed Investors about dangerous offers and Financial mis-doings sometimes years before the scandals broke. This we continue to do through our many websites.These have attracted over 230 million views.  This includes:,
We provide a free service for British Tourism and back Britain through:

This form was submitted:  Sep18 2011 / 10:10:33
by a visitor with this IP Address:

FirstLastName = DAVID J. MOHER
Email =
Message = I have both witnessed this incident and read your website. I am a visitor to England and am amazed how such a low key difference of opinion has actually received such coverage. In my country it would have been far more demonstrative and louder. The complainant was obviously distressed and all he did from a distance shout to the driver that he objected to being asked for £2 as he had been expecting a bus not an inappropriate car. He was carrying a filled personal trolley and a walking chair. It looked unlikely that with the other passenger's shopping as well as the passengers there was inadequate room. Yes he was annoyed and loud. But he was only asking Questions.

However the driver fueled the situation by telling the complainant that he refused to take him anyway. In fact I don't believe he could have and he used the excuse to avoid taking an overweight car. The Complainant then asked the driver to show identification and the driver flatly refused.Two older men following their own agenda from a distance. It was all over in a moment and to his credit the complainant left the scene.  If, as has been written, the driver was an authorized representative of the local Council he should have both shown that he was instead of irritating an old man who was understandably apprehensive and hesitant to get into the car. On the other hand the complainant should have moderated the volume of his voice. The Driver, in a position of responsibility, failed to use the basic communication skills to diffuse a really minor situation instead of fueling it. Which he had a duty to do. I have witnessed far worse in an infants play group.... just two grumpy old men who should have known better. My sympathies were for the other passengers and I was apprehensive enough to write down the car registration number in case your complainant was right in his apprension. I must thank you for providing my family with such a comprensive and interesting website on Taunton..... we will be back.

Thank you for visiting our lovely town.


This form was submitted:  Sep 18 2011 / 16:10:05
by a visitor with this IP Address:

FirstLastName = Matt Paynter
Email =
Message = Dear writer I have been following this story with some interest as I bore witness to the heated discussion at the Morrison's car park and I must say that the gentleman with the car was very undeserving of the treatment dished out by your complainant. On the whole it was very disturbing to witness such behaviour from an OAP to a gentleman just trying to help. Your write up should be aimed at the correct people and not an individual. I do hope your web site will post this comment as I think it's very important for freedom of speech and the integrity of this site if its to be taken seriously. Regards Matt Paynter
Thank you. Obviously you have grasped the point. This article is not about a driver ,who failed to show authorization, but about the people who caused the heated discussion

This form was submitted:  Sep 18 2011 / 22:27:08
by a visitor with this IP Address:
FirstLastName = Mark Lewis
Email =
Message = Surprise surprise you did not publish my email because it was factual and observed by four people I must agree with the first person Joe blogs john smith whoever. You are a fraud and a disgrace and you report bias B**l S**t. People like you make me laugh you are quite pathetic and did not even reply to my personal email as I left my address. You are farcical and a joke and you have the audacity to claim you are credible website. All you publish is one sided opinions to put over your point of view. You are deplorable and disgraceful and you claim to be a lawyer or within this industry no wonder there is so much scum on the streets. Talks about selective reporting!
Mark Lewis
Unfortunately we can find no trace of an email from the above Visitor. In case of error I live in Embryo, which as you may know is in the vicinity of Wishful thinking.
 POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a couple were assaulted following a dispute about a taxi hire.
The assault occurred at 3.15am on Saturday, October 15 2011. A couple had been out in Yeovil socialising when they were involved in a dispute over the hire of a taxi. A 17-year-old woman was hit in the face and an 18-year-old man was pushed to the ground. The suspects are described as a group of four or five white males. Anyone who witnessed the assault or knows who is responsible is asked to contact Avon and Somerset Police on the non-emergency number 101.Alternatively, phone the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800-555111.

Cabbie Stabbed By Passenger
17th September 2008
A taxi driver is recovering in hospital after being stabbed by a passenger in an unprovoked attack on the outskirts of Taunton. The victim, who is in his 50s and has not been named, sustained serious but not life threatening injuries. He was then bundled out of the cab by his attacker, who drove off leaving him at the side of the road. Police later stopped the white Fiat vehicle near Bridgwater with a stinger device and arrested a teenager in connection with the incident shortly after 2am yesterday (Wednesday). Officers raced to the junction of Kingston Road and Corkscrew Lane, in Taunton, after a caller from Ace Taxis reported one of the firm’s drivers had been attacked with a knife. They found the driver, who is in his 50s, at the side of the road suffering from stab wounds to his leg, hand, arm and buttocks.

A MINEHEAD cabbie convicted of sexual assault on a female passenger is still taking fares in the town.
Paul Gunter, 30, of Timberscombe, has been registered as a sex offender after he fondled a pregnant woman's breasts while taking her home from a town centre shopping expedition. 
A jury found him guilty at Taunton Crown Court on August 18 but the hearing was adjourned until September 29 for pre-sentence reports. Gunter was released on bail on con dition he does not carry female pas sengers in the front passenger seat of his cab. He was told on August 21 his Hackney carriage drivers licence was being suspended by West Somerset Council.
The ‘You don’t have to pay your bills’ scam

  by   Tony Levene of Love Money
If you get a text offering to help you write off your credit card debts, don't fall for it

I've been hit by a plague – not of locusts but of texts and phone messages telling me I don't have to pay my credit card and other unsecured loan bills.
One even told me I could escape £2,310 - even though none of these texters and callers can know what I owe or don't owe. But this promised freedom from debts does sound truly amazing.
It's also easy. I don't have to emigrate to the Gobi desert to escape my creditors or build a bailiff proof wall around my home. The beauty of this plan is that it is legal. In fact, it is actually sanctioned by new laws – or so the above mentioned texts and phone calls assure me.
I bet not too many  readers knew that! So I can go on a crazy spending spree, knowing I need never bother with the bills. Sheer heaven.
Here's one text. “Due to new legislation, records indicate that you can now apply to have it written off.”
And someone who described himself as “just working in the call centre of a major claims management company” told me if I had a pre-2007 credit card, it was “likely that I did not have to pay a penny.”
It only costs £499
So how to find this financial nirvana?
All it costs is £499 (and that would be added to my credit card, whose debts would be almost certainly null and void so it was really free!!!) plus I would get that £499 back in the remote possibility that this did not work.
What these claims management companies (all subject to light as a feather Ministry of Justice regulation) all maintain is that credit cards and credit agreements before 2007 may not comply exactly with sections 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act. In a nutshell, these firms say, this puts the onus on the credit provider (the bank) to send a copy of the original agreement if the customer requests it. Failing to do so within 12 working days means the consumer can regard the agreement as unenforceable.
The same freedom can be obtained, they say, if the credit company failed to give proper written notice of interest rate changes or variations in the credit limit.
Now, according to a number of blog sites, some people have managed to achieve this – especially a few years ago when some banks decided it was cheaper to roll over than to fight this in court. They don't roll over any more.
Now here's what the claims management people don't tell you.
What they won’t tell you
Assuming you win because an “i” has not been dotted or a “t” crossed, unenforceable does not mean the debt is wiped out. It means it cannot be enforced through the courts. That won't stop the banks entering your failure to pay on your credit record – so no new mobile phone contract let alone a mortgage – and it does not stop debt collectors calling you. It won't stop the bank cancelling your card.
Plus, it does not prevent the bank selling the unenforceable debt to one of those companies that buys up old debts for a penny or two in the pound. They have no legal right to enforcement but they often have more graphic methods.
But even if the bank says it cannot find your original agreement, a legal decision (a December 2009 case known as Carey vs HSBC but it included other banks and other customers) that the claims people won't mention says the bank can “re-constitute” the contract. The bank may not be able to find your particular paperwork from 10 or 20 years ago, but it will have a sample so it can re-create the original. And unless you still have your copy of the document, you can't challenge it (it will probably be correct, anyway).
Once this is done, the debt becomes enforceable again.
Get out clauses
The other supposed “get-out” clauses – not informing about interest and credit limit changes – are covered in most terms and conditions.
The debt management companies send out almost identical letters costing around a tenner so it's good earner. And you can't ask for your money back if they can show the debt is legally unenforceable.
But don't expect a £499 refund if lenders find other ways of getting their cash or punish you with blacklisting. The claims people will argue they did what they set out to do – and you won't find a claims company to take your side in any subsequent dispute.
Banks are not the most attractive firms around. And you may have some sympathy with those who can't pay. But those who won't pay - and those that profit from encouraging borrowers not to pay their debts - simply put up the costs for the rest of us.
Follow me on twitter @tonylevene1

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Xmas in TauntonMichael DaveyRef: H81/7/7/057/5
For The Attention of Amanda Oaten
Housing Property Services
Priory Depot, Priory Way, Taunton, Somerset TA1 2BB
An Open Letter also being Published on the Taunton Website of the Wessex Tourist Board.
Dated 1st August 2011
Dear Ms Oaten
I have today had your regular epistle pushed through my letter box telling me that there is a Statutory Requirement for me to have an annual safety inspection and service of all gas and solid fuel heating appliances installed in my home. Now, heavens forbid, I do not allow these inspectors in every ten months ( I presume you all work a 10 month year & that is why Pension changes are essential) I start getting your ever stronger epistles. As I said 10 months ago you are wasting council tax payer's money by paying for 6 "annual" inspections every 5 years. Whilst you are wasting money many of your former co-workers have lost jobs because of cut-backs. I'm sure that they and the rest of council tax payers will be alarmed to learn that Xmas and Guy Fawkes have been canceled this year as the Council has  decided that November & December no longer exist.
In my calculation I am due to legally to be inspected etc on October 12th.... not July 29th. I shall, of course, obey the statutory law, and allow the inspection in October. We may then celebrate the birth of Jesus on his real birthday on October 25th and I may then wish you season's greetings.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Davey
(Wessex Tourist Board)

Taunton Deane Borough Council state that the Council's housing stock comprises of approximately 6,000 rented houses with a further 372 leasehold properties. The housing service also owns and manages a number of shops and meeting halls. It is a statuory requirement that all gas fittings must be inspected and certified annually. Obviously this is a very necessary function. However as seen by the letter above Taunton Deane Borough Council have decided to inspect and certify these premises every 10 months. If the occupier states that he/she is quite prepared to be inspected as per the statutory requirements (i.e Once a year) he/she are subject to a system of letters and threats about the council breaking in and changing the locks. This, even though the occupier has actually made an appointment that complies with the law. On the above instance 5 people turned up at the door at the time of the mutually arranged appointment - these included a Council Officer, A locksmith and 3 engineers.  Guess what this whole procedure has begun again in 2012. On a conservative estimation the Council could be paying £50 a visit (Although the norm is approx £70).  Therefore the cost on 6,372 properties could be £336,600 per annum. Over 5 years this adds up to £1,683,000 but they will be paying £2,019,600 which is an extra £336,600. Is that an economic way to spends Council Tax money?
Gas Safety Week: how safe are your gas appliances?
Rebecca Rutt

Gas appliances which have stopped working properly or were poorly fitted can be a health hazard and also end up costing you a lot of money. How safe are yours?

Gas Safety Week: how safe are your gas appliances? 
Every household has a certain number of gas appliances which are used on a daily basis. But if they’re not fitted properly or maintained they can cost a lot of money and be a real safety risk.  That’s why the people from the Gas Safety Register are dedicating this week to making sure we are all aware of the potential dangers which could be lurking in our cooker or gas fire.

Gas safety checks
To make sure all your gas appliances - such as fires, boilers, wood burners or cookers - are working safely and cost efficiently, you need to arrange annual services and safety checks. A registered engineer will come to your house and perform a series of checks, such as making sure appliances are on the right setting and burning with the correct pressure, checking ventilation routes are clear and working and that harmful gases are being removed from your house. They will also give you advice on when you need to replace an appliance and produce a report detailing exactly what state your items are in.
Signs you need to book a safety test.
If your cooker is getting a bit long in the tooth, there are a number of early warning signs that it may be about to break down. Keep an eye out for a lazy yellow flame instead of a crisp blue, as well as black marks or stains on or around your gas appliances. Increased condensation in a room or a pilot light which keeps going out are also indicators that you need to get things checked out.

Get a safety check for free
Although these checks generally involve you booking and paying for the engineer, there is a chance you might be able to get the whole thing done for free. To be eligible for a free check you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  •     be of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and either living alone or with someone in the same situation,
  •     living in a house with at least once child under the age of five,
  •     if your house hasn’t had a check in the past 12 months or if you live somewhere where a landlord is responsible for arranging these checks.

Ultimately the decision lies with your provider, but if any of the above apply to you then call it first to ask if you're able to get the service for free.

Finding an engineer
Instead of heading to the yellow pages to find a local engineer, use the online database on the Gas Safe website to make sure you find someone who will do the job correctly. If you don’t have access to the internet you can call 0800 408 5500.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning
A broken gas appliance can be costly and can also lead to serious health issues. As carbon monoxide (CO) is invisible and has no smell you won’t realise if there’s a leak and smoke alarms cannot detect it. Therefore to prevent an accident make sure you have a CO alarm in your house in each room with a gas appliance. The recommended models are audible (as if you're asleep you won't notice if an alarm changes colour) and should have the British Standards’ Kitemark and the mark ‘EN 5029’1. These last around five years and cost an average of £15 from a local DIY shop.

Save money on new appliances
There are many ways to save money on energy and when buying a new appliance the best thing to look for is the ‘Energy Saving Trust’ logo which identifies items that will save you the most energy in the home. If you’re buying a big appliance, such as a boiler, it’s worth while researching and shopping around first as generally if you go for a cheap deal you’ll end up paying out more for it in the long run.

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CEO E-mail addresses  
Organ Grinder
                                                  & Monkey So, you're fed up dealing with "Customer Services" on general-purpose contact e-mail addresses. Are you not getting replies, or not getting the replies you want? Time to take it to the top! As they say fo to the organ grinder, not the monkey. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are very reluctant to publish their e-mail addresses. This page attempts to redress the balance by publishing the e-mail addresses for the CEOs of some UK companies, government and other organisations. We believe in letting the "little people" get noticed.

Some tips when e-mailing:
  • Be polite
  • Keep the information concise and to the point
  • Include customer reference numbers or invoice numbers, if applicable
  • Include a brief history of the issue, if applicable
  • Do not accept being passed back to "Customer Services" or elsewhere within the organisation
  • Insist on a reply from the CEO
If you're working as part of a campaign group, send a personal, individually-created letter. Letters which are cut/pasted from a standard template will invariably receive a standard template response in reply... Good luck with your enquiry!
Compiled @

Contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free
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UK Companies
Company Name CEO Name CEO E-mail Address Website FTSE Symbol Last Verified
Agro-Food & Drinks          
Associated British Foods George Weston, Chief Executive ABF.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Cadbury-Schweppes Todd Stitzer, Chief Executive CBRY.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Dairy Crest Mark Allen, Chief Executive DCG.L (FTSE250) 16 Jun 2010
Diageo Paul Walsh, Chief Executive DGE.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Dominos UK Chris Moore, Chief Executive
Tel: 01908 580604

21 Sep 2010
Fyffes David McCann, Chairman (Ireland) 16 Jun 2010
Kelloggs UK Greg Peterson, Managing Director, UK   16 Jun 2010
KFC UK Martin Shuker, Managing Director Part of Yum! Brands 16 Jun 2010
McDonalds UK Steve Easterbrook, Chief Executive
16 Jun 2010
Pizza Express UK Mark Angela, Managing Director
16 Jun 2010
Pizza Hut UK Jens Hofma, Managing Director Part of Yum! Brands 16 Jun 2010
Unilever Paul Polman, Chief Executive ULVR.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Whitbread (Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Costa, Premier Inn) Andy Harrison, Chief Executive WTB.L 1 Sep 2010
Audi UK Jeremy Hicks, Director
16 Jun 2010
Bentley UK Franz-Josef Paefgen, Director
16 Jun 2010
BMW UK Tim Abbott, Managing Director   16 Jun 2010
Ford UK Nigel Sharp, Managing Director   16 Jun 2010
Honda UK Ken Keir, Managing Director   3 Sep 2010
Jaguar Land Rover Carl-Peter Forster, Chief Executive
Part of Tata Motors 28 May 2010
Land Rover Phil Popham, Managing Director
Part of JLR / Tata Motors 28 May 2010
Manganese Bronze (Taxis) John Russell, Group Chief Executive
28 Jun 2010
Mercedes-Benz UK Simon Oldfield, Managing Director Customer Services
6 Aug 2010
Mitsubishi UK Lance Bradley, Managing Director   21 Jul 2010
Nissan UK Paul Willcox, Managing Director
29 Mar 2010
Peugeot UK Jonathan Goodman, Managing Director
8 Jun 2010
Porsche GB Andy Goss, Managing Director
29 Mar 2010
Renault UK Roland Bouchaea, Managing Director
14 Sep 2010
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Part of BMW 3 Mar 2010
Toyota UK Miguel Fonseca, Managing Director
21 Feb 2010
Vauxhall / Opel UK Nick Reilly, Chief Executive
9 Feb 2010
Volkswagen UK Chris Craft, Director
29 Mar 2010
Volvo UK Peter Rask, Managing Director Part of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group 3 Apr 2010
Arts Council Alan Davey, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
Barnardo's Martin Narey, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
British Heart Foundation Peter Hollins, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
Cancer Research UK

26 Sep 2010
National Trust

26 Sep 2010
Oxfam Barbara Stocking, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
RSPB Graham Wynne, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
RSPCA Mark Watts, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
Salvation Army

26 Sep 2010
Scope Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive

26 Sep 2010
Wellcome Trust

26 Sep 2010
BOC Group Mike Huggon, Managing Director (PA) Part of the Linde Group 3 Mar 2010
ICI John McAdam, Chief Executive ICI.L (FTSE100)  
Reckitt Benckiser Bart Becht, Chief Executive RB.L (FTSE100) 4 Jan 2010
Construction & Building          
Balfour Beatty Ian Tyler, Chief Executive
16 Sep 2010
EAGA Insulation Drew Johnson, Chief Executive
21 Aug 2010
Travis Perkins (Wickes, Toolstation, Tile Giant, Benchmarx) Geoff Cooper, Chief Executive
24 Sep 2010
Wain Homes Steve Toghill, Chief Executive
21 Aug 2010
Alliance Boots Andy Hornby, Chief Executive Privately held 17 May 2010
Arcadia Group (Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topman, Topshop, Wallis) Ian Grabiner, Chief Executive
21 Feb 2010
Argos Sara Weller, Managing Director Part of Home Retail Group 24 Jan 2010
ASDA Andy Clarke, Chief Executive Part of Wal-Mart 21 May 2010
Boots Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman Part of Alliance Boots  
Burberry Group Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive BRBY.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Co-operative Group (Co-op) Peter Marks, Chief Executive Mutual 2 Dec 2009
Comet Hugh Harvey, Managing Director Part of KESA Electricals Group 30 Mar 2010
Damart Andy Hill, Chief Executive
16 Sep 2010
Debenhams Rob Templeman, Chief Executive DEB.L (FTSE250) 21 Feb 2010
Dreams Beds Nick Worthington, Chief Executive
21 Aug 2010
Dixons Group / Currys / PC World John Browett, Chief Executive DXNS.L 28 Oct 2009
Flying Flowers Stephen Cook, Chief Executive   30 Oct 2009
Freeman Grattan Holdings (includes Freemans, Grattan & Lookagain) Koert Tulleners, Chief Executive
  13 Apr 2010
GAME Group PLC Lisa Morgan, Chief Executive   7 Feb 2010
Glen Dimplex (Belling, Burco, Carmen, Creda, Dimplex, Goblin, LEC, Morphy Richards, Xpelair) Sean O'Driscoll, Chief Executive
24 Mar 2010
Greggs Ken McMeikan, Chief Executive GRG.L (FTSE250) 10 Feb 2010
Halfords David Wild, Chief Executive   25 Jan 2010
Hillarys Blinds John Risman, Chief Executive   19 Sep 2010
Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase) Terry Duddy, Chief Executive HOME.L (FTSE100) 23 Feb 2010
Homebase Part of Home Retail Group 10 Feb 2010
House of Fraser John King, Chief Executive
16 Sep 2010
Iceland Malcolm Walker, Chief Executive Part of Baugur  
JD Sports Barry Bown, Chief Executive
8 Jun 2010
Jessops Trevor Moore, Chief Executive   22 Sep 2010
JJB Sports Keith Jones, Chief Executive
23 Mar 2010
John Lewis Partnership Andy Street, Chief Executive
17 May 2010
Kingfisher (B&Q and Screwfix) Ian Cheshire, Chief Executive
KGF.L 25 Mar 2010
Kwik-Fit Ian Fraser, Chief Executive   9 Apr 2010
Laura Ashley Lillian Tan, Chief Executive
21 Feb 2010
Marks & Spencer Marc Bolland, Chief Executive MKS.L (FTSE100) 11 Aug 2010
Morphy Richards Phil Green, Chief Executive part of Glen Dimplex 24 Mar 2010
Morrisons Dalton Philips, CEO MRW.L (FTSE100) 24 May 2010
Mothercare Ben Gordon, Managing Director
30 Mar 2010
Next Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive
NXL.L (FTSE100) 29 May 2010
Ocado Tim Steiner, Chief Executive Partly owned by John Lewis Partnership 3 Sep 2009
Paperchase Timothy Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound   11 Feb 2010
Peter Jones Simon Fowler, Managing Director
Part of John Lewis Partnership 26 Mar 2010 John Perkins, Chief Executive
3 Jun 2010
Sainsbury Justin King, Chief Executive SBRY.L (FTSE100) 3 Sep 2009
Shop Direct (Empire Stores, Great Universal, Kays, Littlewoods, Very, Marshall Ward, Woolworths) Mark Newton-Jones, Chief Executive
8 Jun 2010
Somerfield Part of Co-operative Group 10 Dec 2009
Specsavers John Perkins, Chief Executive
14 Sep 2010
Sports Direct Dave Forsey, Chief Executive
22 Apr 2010
Staples Peter Birks, VP UK & Ireland
24 Jan 2010
Steinhoff Group / Homestyle / Harveys / Benson for Beds / Sleepmaster / Cargo Markus Jooste, Chief Executive
14 Sep 2010
Tesco Terry Leahy, Chief Executive TSCO.L (FTSE100) 27 Nov 2009
Thorntons Mike Davies, Chief Executive   5 Feb 2009
Toolstation Mark Goddard-Watts, Chief Executive   21 Aug 2010
Waitrose Mark Price, Managing Director Part of John Lewis Partnership 8 Oct 2009
WH Smith Kate Swann, Chief Executive
19 Feb 2010
Electrical & Electronics            
Canon UK   22 Sep 2010
Indesit UK (Hotpoint, Indesit, Cannon & Creda) Enrico Vita, Chief Executive   16 Sep 2010
LG UK Brian Na, President   16 Sep 2010
Nikon UK Michio Miwa, President   22 Sep 2010
Finance and Insurance          
AEGON Scottish Equitable Otto Thoresen, Chief Executive   24 Jan 2010
Alliance & Leicester Part of Santander Group 10 Dec 2009
American Express UK Raymond Joabar, Country Manager
9 Aug 2010
Aviva and Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Andrew Moss, Chief Executive AV.L (FTSE100) 21 Aug 2010
AXA UK Nicolas Moreau, Chief Executive

18 Feb 2010
Bank of England Mervyn King, Governor
10 Feb 2010
Barclaycard Amer Sajed, Managing Director
20 Sep 2010
Barclays John Varley, Chief Executive BARC.L (FTSE100) 10 Nov 2009
Bradford & Bingley Richard Banks, Managing Director Nationalised 19 March 2010
Britannia Building Society

  Part of Co-Operative Group 10 Dec 2009
Britannic Paul Thompson, Chief Executive   Part of Pearl Group  
Callcredit Information Group John McAndrew, Chief Executive
1 May 2010
Camelot Group (National Lottery) Dianne Thompson, Chief Executive   9 Feb 2010
Clydesdale Bank Lynne Peacock, Chief Executive Part of National Australia Bank 16 Dec 2009
Co-operative Financial Services / Co-op Bank Neville Richardson, Chief Executive Mutual 8 Mar 2010
Deutsche Bank UK Colin Grassie, Chief Executive
21 Jul 2010
Egg Bert Pijls, Chief Executive Part of Citibank 30 Mar 2010
Equifax Sandra Lawrence, UK General Manager
19 Apr 2010
Esure / Sheila's Wheels Peter Wood, Chief Executive
1 Sep 2010
Experian / Credit Expert Don Robert, Chief Executive
020 3042 4215
EXPN.L (FTSE100) 21 Sep 2010
First Direct Chris Pilling, Chief Executive Part of HSBC 25 May 2010
Friends Provident Trevor Matthews, Chief Executive FP.L (FTSE100)  
HSBC UK Paul Thurston, Chief Executive HSBA.L (FTSE100)  
ICICI Bank UK Suvek Nambiar, Managing Director
28 May 2010
ING Direct UK Richard Doe, Chief Executive
23 Sep 2010
Ladbrokes Richard Glynn, Chief Executive
15 Jul 2010
Legal & General Tim Breedon, Chief Executive LGEN.L (FTSE100)  
Liverpool Victoria Mike Rogers, Chief Executive Mutual 23 Oct 2009
Lloyds TSB (includes Halifax / Bank of Scotland (HBOS)) Eric Daniels, Chief Executive LLOY.L (FTSE100) 2 Sep 2009
Mastercard UK Hany Fam, General Manager
26 Sep 2010
MBNA / Bank of America (UK) Ian O'Doherty, Chief Executive
Part of RBS Group 5 March 2010
Nationwide Graham Beale, Chief Executive
(Tel: 01793 513 513 then say "Graham Beale")
Mutual 14 Sep 2010

Part of RBS Group 17 Feb 2010
Neovia Financial (Netbanx, Neteller, Net+) Mark Mayhew, Chief Executive
7 Jul 2010
Northern Rock Gary Hoffman, Chief Executive Nationalised 28 Oct 2009
Prudential Tidjane Thiam, Chief Executive PRU.L (FTSE100) 4 Jan 2010
Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) and "More Than" Andy Haste, Chief Executive RSA.L (FTSE100) 2 Sep 2010
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS Group) Stephen Hester RBS.L (FTSE100) 8 Feb 2010
Santander Group (formerly Abbey) Antonio Horta-Osorio
10 Dec 2009
Scottish Life John Deane, Chief Executive   16 Dec 2009
Skipton Building Society David Cutter, Chief Executive Mutual 2 Feb 2010
Standard Chartered Bank Peter Sands, Group Chief Executive STAN.L (FTSE100) 10 Feb 2010
Standard Life David Nish, Chief Executive SL.L (FTSE100) 10 Feb 2010
Student Loans Company (SLC) Ed Lester, Chief Executive
Tel: 0141 306 2000

6 Sep 2010
Yorkshire Building Society / Chelsea Building Society Iain Cornish, Chief Executive
17 Mar 2010
Health & Pharmaceutical          
Amersham William Castell, Chief Executive   5 Feb 2009
AstraZeneca David Brennan, Chief Executive AZN.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
GlaxoSmithKline Andrew Witty, Chief Executive GSK.L (FTSE100) 18 Feb 2010
ARM Holdings Warren East, Chief Executive ARM.L (FTSE250) 21 Feb 2010
Autonomy Mike Lynch, Chief Executive AU.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Leisure & Entertainment          
Carnival (formerly P and O) Micky Arison, Chairman & Chief Executive   CCL.L (FTSE100) 30 Jul 2010
Football Association (FA) Premier League Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive  
21 Mar 2010
Silverstone Circuits Richard Phillips, Chief Executive  
21 Aug 2010
B Sky B Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive BSY.L (FTSE100) 23 Oct 2009
BBC Mark Thompson, Director General N/A 15 Feb 2010
BBC Today Program N/A 5 Feb 2010
BBC Watchdog N/A 5 Feb 2010
BBC Working Lunch N/A 5 Feb 2010
Channel 4 David Abraham, Chief Executive
15 Jul 2010
Daily Telegraph Will Lewis, Editor
Tel: 0207 931 2000
N/A 15 Feb 2010
EMAP David Gilbertson, Chief Executive Owned by Apax and Guardian Media Group 24 Nov 2009
The Guardian Alan Rusbridger, Editor N/A 5 Feb 2010
The Independent Simon Kelner, Editor
Tel: 020 7005 2000
N/A 14 May 2010
The Independent on Sunday John Mullin, Editor N/A 5 Feb 2010
ITV Adam Crozier, Chief Executive
21 May 2010
PR Week Danny Rogers, Editor
16 Sep 2010
Reed Elsevier Erik Engstrom, Chief Executive REL.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Reuters Group Tom Glocer, Chief Executive    
The Sunday Times John Witherow, Editor N/A 5 Feb 2010
The Times James Harding, Editor N/A 5 Feb 2010
YouView Roger Halton, Chief Executive
16 Sep 2010
Metallurgy & Minerals          
Antofagasta       ANTO.L (FTSE100)  
Anglo American Cynthia Carroll, Chief Executive AAL.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
BHP Billiton Marius Kloppers, Chief Executive BLT.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Lonmin Ian Farmer, Chief Executive LMI.L (FTSE100) 9 Feb 2010
Randgold Resources Mark Bristow, Chief Executive RRS.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Rexam Graham Chipchase, Chief Executive REX.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Rio Tinto Tom Albanese RIO.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Vedanta Resources MS Mehta, Chief Executive VED.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Xstrata Mick Davis, Chief Executive XTA.L (FTSE100) 8 Jan 2010
Oil and Natural Gas          
BG Group Frank Chapman, Chief Executive BG.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
BP Tony Hayward, Chief Executive BP.L (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
Cairn Energy Bill Gammell, Chief Executive CNE.L (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
Petrofac Ayman Asfari, Chief Executive PFC.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Royal Dutch Shell Peter Voser, Chief Executive RDSA.AS (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
Tullow Oil Aidan Heavey, Chief Executive TLW.L (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
British Land Company Chris Grigg, Chief Executive BLND.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Land Securities Francis Salway, Chief Executive LAND.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Aggreko Rupert Soames, Chief Executive AGK.L (FTSE250) 21 Feb 2010
AMEC Samir Brikho, Chief Executive AMEC.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Anglian Water Group Peter Simpson, Managing Director Part of Osprey consortium 18 Jan 2010
BUPA Healthcare Ray King, Chief Executive
21 Aug 2010
Capita Paul Pindar, Chief Executive CPI.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Centrica / British Gas Sam Laidlaw, Chief Executive CNA.L (FTSE100) 23 Oct 2009
City Link Stuart Godman, Managing Director   4 Jun 2010
Compass Group Richard Cousins, Chief Executive CPG.L (FTSE100) 23 Oct 2009
E.ON Paul Golby, Chief Executive Part of E.ON AG 5 Feb 2009
EDF Energy Vincent Derivaz, Chief Executive   30 Jul 2010
First Utility Mark Daeche, Chief Executive
14 Sep 2010
Homeserve Richard Harpin, Chief Executive   18 Jan 2010
G4S (Group 4 Securicor) Nick Buckles, Chief Executive GFS.L (FTSE100) 1 Sep 2010
National Grid Steve Holliday, Chief Executive (FTSE100) 21 Jul 2010
Post Office Limited David Smith, Managing Director Part of Royal Mail 19 May 2010
Royal Mail Moya Greene, Chief Executive N/A 21 Sep 2010
RWE npower Volker Beckers, Chief Executive Part of RWE npower 4 Jun 2010
Scottish Power Nick Horler, Chief Executive Part of Iberdrola 9 Apr 2010
Scottish and Southern Energy Ian Marchant, Chief Executive SSE.L (FTSE100) 16 Feb 2010
Serco Christopher Hyman, Chief Executive SRP.L (FTSE100) 30 Mar 2010
Severn Trent Tony Wray, Chief Executive SVT.L (FTSE100) 15 Feb 2010
South East Water Paul Butler, Managing Director   21 Feb 2010
Thames Water Martin Baggs, Chief Executive   2 Sep 2010
TNT Post Nick Wells, Chief Executive   4 Jun 2010
United Utilities Philip Green, Chief Executive UU.L (FTSE100) 28 Dec 2009
Yorkshire Water / Kelda Kevin Whiteman, Chief Executive
27 Aug 2010
Telecommunications and Internet          
BT Group Ian Livingston, Chief Executive BT.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
Cable & Wireless UK John Pluthero, Executive Chairman   CW.L (FTSE100) 28 Oct 2009
Carphone Warehouse Group / Talk Talk / Tiscali / Pipex Charles Dunstone, Chief Executive   10 Sep 2010
Google UK Matt Brittin, Managing Director   8 Feb 2010
Inmarsat Andrew Sukawaty, Chairman & Chief Executive ISAT.L (FTSE100) 10 Feb 2010
O2 Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive   23 Oct 2009
Orange Tom Alexander, Chief Executive   5 Feb 2009
Phorm / Webwise (spyware) Kent Ertugrul, Chief Executive
  24 Jan 2010
Plusnet Jamie Ford, Chief Executive Part of BT Group 14 Sep 2010
T-Mobile Richard Moat, Chief Executive   1 Feb 2010
Tiscali Mary Turner, Managing Director Part of Carphone Warehouse 16 Sep 2010
Three Kevin Russell, Chief Executive   28 Oct 2009
Thus / Demon Stewart Smythe, Managing Director   17 Aug 2010
Virgin Media (previously Telewest) Neil Berkett, Chief Executive NASDAQ:VMED 24 Jan 2010
Vodafone worldwide Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive VOD.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
Vodafone UK Guy Laurence, Chief Executive
5 Feb 2009
Yell Group John Condron, Chief Executive   28 Oct 2009
British American Tobacco Paul Adams, Chief Executive BATS.L (FTSE100) 31 Oct 2009
Imperial Tobacco Alison Cooper, Chief Executive IMT.L 14 Sep 2010
Air France, UK Henri Hourcade, UK & Ireland General Manager   5 Feb 2010
Air Southwest Peter Davies, Chief Executive   25 Mar 2010
Airmiles Andrew Swaffield, Managing Director   8 Jul 2010
Arriva Andrew Swaffield, Managing Director   8 Jul 2010
Avis UK Kevin Bradshaw, Chief Executive   17 Aug 2010
BAA Colin Matthews, Chief Executive   16 Feb 2010
British Airways (BA) Willie Walsh, Chief Executive BAY.L (FTSE100) 23 Mar 2010
BMI / BMIBaby Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, Chief Executive
21 Sep 2010
Carlson (Regent, Radisson, TGI Friday) Hubert Joly, Chief Executive   3 Jun 2010
DHL UK Ken McCall, Chief Executive   24 Jan 2010
Diamond Holidays Kevin Riley, Managing Director   24 Jan 2010
East Coast Trains Elaine Holt, Chief Executive   21 Aug 2010
Easyjet Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive Part of Easy Group 1 Sep 2010
Easy Group Andrew Robb-John, Chief Executive

19 Jan 2010
Europcar / National Car Rental UK Mark Cotterill, Chief Executive   24 Jan 2010
Eurostar Nicolas Petrovic, Chief Executive   19 Sep 2010
Eurotunnel Jacques Gounon, Chief Executive ETL.L 19 Sep 2010
First Group Moir Lockhead, Chief Executive
14 May 2010
Flybe Jim French, Chief Executive
27 Feb 2010
Hertz UK Neil Cunningham, General Manager   17 Aug 2010
Highland Airways Alan Mossman, Chief Executive   25 Mar 2010
Holidaybreak Martin Davies, Chief Executive
25 May 2010 Ian McCaig, Chief Executive Part of Travelocity Europe 10 Dec 2009
Monarch Airlines Tim Jeans, Chief Executive   24 Jan 2010
National Express Dean Finch, Chief Executive   26 Sep 2010
Network Rail Iain Coucher, Chief Executive Nationalised  
Northern Rail Ian Bevan, Managing Director   15 Jul 2010
Royal Caribbean Cruises Adam Goldstein, Chief Executive

SAGA / Automobile Association (AA) Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive N/A 22 Mar 2010
Southern Railway Chris Burchell, Chief Executive   19 Sep 2010
Stagecoach Brian Souter, Chief Executive SGC.L 8 Feb 2010 Murray Hennessy, Chief Executive N/A 4 Feb 2010
Thomas Cook Group Manny Fontenla-Novoa, Chief Executive Contact via Chairman: TCG.L (FTSE100) 8 Feb 2010
Thomson / TUI Travel Dermot Blastland, Managing Director
29 Apr 2010
Travelodge Grant Hearn, Chief Executive Owned by Dubai International Capital 18 Mar 2010
Virgin Atlantic Richard Branson, Chairman   30 May 2010
Virgin Trains Tony Collins, Chief Executive   30 May 2010
Weapons and Aerospace          
Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Bill Haight, Managing Director
Tel: 0118 981 4111
N/A 16 Jun 2010
BAE Systems Ian King, Chief Executive BA.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
EDO MBM Paul Hills, Chief Executive
Tel: 01273 810 500
Part of ITT 2 Jul 2010
Rolls-Royce John Rose, Chief Executive RR.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Wood and Paper          
Bunzl       BNZL.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010