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We have been requested to point out that this is not an official council publication. We feel that it is obvious that this site has been prepared by The Informed Investor, on behalf of  the Chard Trade Association, free of charge for the inhabitants of Chard and for potential visitors in order to assist and help them.There is an admirable official site for those who wish to visit it on

We include sections of interest to the community in our Notices, Local News, Tourism and our Heart rendering columns. Thank you for reading our site and please feel free to comment on any part which you feel about. We hope in our small way to make Chard a better place to live and work in.

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Chard Trade Association 
is to both promote Chard to the outside world and to make trading facilities in Chard more accessible. This association ONLY deals in matters of trade and not in town politics. Although shopkeepers are most welcome this Association is mainly aimed at manufacturers and providers of services. 


Chard Chess Club
Tel No
arts & Crafts
Avishayes Leisure Club
9 Lower Touches, TA20
01460 62576
Chaffcombe & Chard Scottish Country Dance Club
The Cottage, Chaffcombe, TA20
01460 62806
Chard & District Modellers Club
22 Forton Road,
TA20 2HL
01460 63509
Chard Amateur Theatre Society
28 Sycamore Square Glynswood TA20 1DE
01460 62841
Chard Art Group for the Disabled
Chard Camera Club
38 Chesterfield. TA20
01460 68359
The Shrubbery Hotel Ilminster. Thursdays 7.30pm. New members welcome 01460 53184 or 01460 73597

Chard Concert Brass 
6 Millfield  TA20 2DA
01460 7364 
 Chard Foundation of Women in Music
 3 Howards Row  TA20 3NQ
 01460 66115
 01460 66048
Chard Gardening Club
Catholic Church Room, TA20
01460 61544
Chard History Club
Long Hays,17 Kinforde,
TA20 1DT
01460 62722
 01460 62722
Chard Line Dancing
Lyncroft, Touchstone Lane, TA20 1RB
01460 65007
Chard Machine Knitting Club
15 Monmouth Court, TA20
01460 62531
 Chard Light Operatic Society 
 50 Halcombe  TA20 2DT
 01460 67481
Chard Scrabble Club
12 Laurel Gardens,
TA20 1SZ
01460 66962
Chard Tea Dance Club
Chardstock Village Hall, TA20
01460 67717
Mrs.Caroline lee Ballet Lessons & Tap Lessons
6 Dellshore Close  TA20
 01460 67359
South Somerset Choral Society
6 Old Town  TA20
 01460 64623
Tatsworth & District Floral Group
21 Linkhay Orchard, South Chard, TA20
01460 220057
Windwhistle American Line Dance Club
32 Beckington Crescent, TA20 2BU
01460 65260
Windwhistle Country Music Club
Windwhistle Inn, Cricket St.Thomas, TA20
01460 65260

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Tel No
Mothers ,Parents & Young People
Air Training Corps
Hurtham Farm Nursery, Chilson Common, South Chard, TA20
01460 220591
Avishayes PFTA
8 Holly Terrace, TA20 1PY
01460 68870
Chard & District Guides
3 Redstart Road, TA20 1SD
01460 63769
Chard Platoon Army Cadets
Somerset AFC ( drill Hall), Furnham Road, TA20 1AE
01460 63671
Chard Young People's Centre
Essex Close, TA20 1PZ
01460 62180
Manor Court Scout Group
Stoeyville, Whitegate, Forton, TA20 4HE
01460 220595
 St. Mary's Mothers Union
22 Rackclose Park, TA20 1RE 
01460 64361 
 Mums Time ( Meet-a- Mum Association)
118 Henson Park,
01460 68870 
Toy Library
01460 61915
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Tel No
Social Services, Clubs & Associations
Age Concern
164 Druids Walk,
TA20 1BN
01460 65144
 Cerdic Club for Retired Gentlemen
01460 220357 
Chard & District Carnival Committee Ltd
9 Bondfield Way, TA20 1LE
01460 64209
Chard Blind Club 
Woodcote, Broadway Ilminster TA19 9QY
 01460 53247
Chard Chamber of Commerce
c/o Lentells,26 Fore Street, TA20
01460 64441
Chard Day Centre
 Bradfield Way  TA20
01460 61258
Chard Cider Festival
16 High Street, 
TA20 1QL
01460 61416
0870 134 0103
Chard Ladies Afternoon Guild
19 Redstart Road, TA20 1SD
Chard Rotary Club
Monmouth House
Fore Street,
01460 63234
Chard Trade Association
16 High Street,
TA20 1QL
01460 61416
0870 134 0103
Chard Women's Institute
40 Helliers Close, TA20 1LJ
01460 62486
Chard 2000 Civic Society
The Old Barn, Snowdon Farm, High Street, TA20 1QU
01460 68090
Citizen's Advice Bureau
Holyrood Lace Mill Holyrood Street , TA20
 01935 421167
 Cruse Bereavement Care
  01823 276402
Friends of Sunnymede for elderly people
Silverlea Culverhayes TA20 2DR 
01460 62007
Ladies Evening Guild
Parkholme, Crimchard, TA20  4LB
01460 64215
Laurel Resource Centre Day Centre
Wilkins Close  TA20
01460  68500
Methodist Women's Fellowship
7 Southend Mews, Tatworth Road, TA20
01460 61133
Red Cross Medical Loans
Red Cross Centre, Hospital Grounds, Crewkerne Road, TA20 1EZ
01460 61352
Royal British Legion
Fairmile, Crimchard, TA20 1JS
01460 64177
Royal Naval Association
28 Henson Park, TA20 1NG
01460 65362
01823 288 998
01935 476 455
0845 476 455
Stoneham Housing Association for Single Homeless
Westwood, 2 Crimchard, TA20 1JW
01460 64416
South Somerset Saturday Charity Club
78 Glynswood  TA20 1AJ
01460 64003
Sunnymeade Home Care Services 
Helliers Close  TA20 
01460 67324
Tatworth Women's Institute
4 Gulway Mead, Tatsworth, TA20 2TB
01460 220361
University of the Third Age
16 Monmouth Court, TA20 1HQ
01460 64494
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Tel / Fax Nos
Sports Clubs
Tuesday Badminton Club
21 Ashcroft, TA20 2JH
01460 63552
Chard Badminton Club
Combe Cottage,
Combe St.Nicholas, TA20 1ED
01460 63889
 Chard Bowling Club
 Bonds Close  TA20
 01460 63799 
 Chard Cremery Sports & Social Club 
  Chard Junction South Chard TA20
 01460 220829 
Chard Cricket Club 
George Fields  TA20
01460 63829 
Chard Cycling Club
Vicarage Cottage, Combe St.Nicholas, TA20
01460 67614
Chard Town Football Club
Chard Hockey Club

 5 Monmouth Court ,TA20 1HQ  

01460 62147

Chard Karate Club
6 Bracken Way, TA20 1HS
01460 66629
Chard Life Saving Club
7 Cedar Close, TA20
01460 63770
Chard Netball Club
01278 431952
Chard Rugby Club
The Park, Essex Close, TA20 1RH
01460 62495
Chard Recreational Educational Trust Association
Holyrood Community School, Zembard Lane, TA20
01460 64084
Chard & District Riding for the disabled
Ammerham House, Winsham, TA20 4LB
01460 30410
Chard & District Swimming Club
Bews Corner, Bews Lane, TA20 1JU
01460 65237
Avishayes  Swimming Pool
At Avishayes School 
07749 487913


Kingfisher Swimming Club for the Disabled
7 Glynswood, TA20 1AH
01460 64207
Chard Tennis Club
Lindens, Tatworth Road, TA20
01460 220710
Windwhistle Company of Archers
Windwhistle Golf & Country Club,
Cricket St Thomas, TA20 4DG
01460 30231
Windwhistle Golf,Squash & Country Club 
  Cricket St.Thomas TA20 4DG
01460 30231
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Details Written up In Computer Active's Excellant Webguide
Art in Miniature
Curious how many hobbies deal with items in miniature. Perhaps it's the space constraints of working in all those garden sheds. Miniature painting has a long and glorious history of course, probably dating first to the illuminated manuscripts that were the stock in trade of medieval monks. Despite a few dodgy decades after the advent of photography, miniature painting is again going strong. This site gives advice on materials, courses, finding a teacher and buying and collecting miniatures. There's also onsite inspiration in the shape of some delightful pictures both medieval and modern.
Whether you are looking for details of the latest exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, a catalogue listing for the Louvre in Paris, a dictionary to explain to you exactly what chiarascuro and picture plane mean, or simply a guide to what's good to see on your trip to Glasgow, the tersely titled Art is the site to click to. Links to sites covering every aspect of painting and sculpture.

Official Picasso web site, endorsed by his son Claude, no less. Paintings are grouped according to people rather than period. There are lists of exhibitions and other events here.

Explore Monet's World

See Monet on this site from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in America, which takes visitors on a tour through the great impressionist's life and work.

A door to the net for artists and galleries. Sign up for your own site or find links to organisations and artists

Feast of Leonardo

Everyone knows some - or at least one of the Renaissance genius's work. Here are many more. Five hundred years on, the left-handed vegetarian still leaves artists, technologists and inventors gasping.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Something of a work of art in itself, this website. The SFMOMA is one of the world's greatest facilities dedicated to modern art, with a superb collection of painting and sculpture. Enter the website and you are faced with a minimalist white page, with fast-changing shots of the stunning museum building itself, its modernist lines looking stunning against the San Francisco skyline. Click further and you receive thumbnails and rubrics on the collection itself.
British Museum
The home page 'welcomes you to one of the greatest museums in the world', and anyone who has marvelled at the Bloomsbury leviathan's unrivalled collection of artworks Classical and modern, from prehistoric and Roman coins, through medieval carvings and Oriental antiquities won't argue with that. This is an excellent site in its own right, crammed with essays and pictures. If you're planning a visit to the museum itself, start your planning on the Internet.
The Glass Painting Specialists
Stained glass was once the sole preserve of medieval monks labouring away in damp cloisters but time, and technology move on. Professional glass painter Jane Dunsterville has expanded her work with conventional stained glass to include research into making the whole process easier, cheaper and more accessible to beginners. This site is the fruit of her labours. Be inspired by examples of Jane's own work, including her professional commissions, featured on the site, and take a look at what others have come up with in the Gallery section.
Inside the Louvre
Excellent preparation for a visit to this auspicious art gallery, or simply as education and entertainment for those who can't make it to Paris. Inside the Louvre not only lists all the paintings and sculptures within the galleries, but allows you to take a look at them and backs up your viewing with background history, so there are biographies not just of the artists themselves but of the movements they sprung from.
Stained Glass Warehouse
Definitely a hobby for those with a steady hand and a keen eye, stained glass making isn't just about producing 40ft high rose windows for the west end of your local cathedral, but crafting miniature gems to sit proudly on the mantelpiece. This site appears to have been constructed by someone with an over-fondness for sky-blue and purple, but we'll let that pass. An excellent source of raw materials, and at reasonable prices. Design ideas abound, and the best feature is the stained glass search engine, routing you straight to the pick of the sites worldwide.

By offering affordable posters and detailing information on art galleries across the globe, this impressive site successfully appeals to the art enthusiast as well as those who don't know their Hirst from their Hogarth. There is a guide to art movements, biographies of leading artists and recommended reading lists. All featured exhibitions have pictures and descriptions so you don't have to keep leaving the site.

The Louvre
Don't worry, there's an English language version of this website from the most famous of French art galleries. This is an impressive resource including lots of fast loading thumbnail images of the major works stored in the Parisian gallery (you just click on the images to pull up bigger more detailed pictures). If you want to familiarise yourself with the layout of the Louvre before you take a trip over there give the virtual tour a whirl - it takes in the obligatory Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo exhibits. All the sections of the site are splendidly presented with plenty of images from each of the seven main departments in the gallery.
The Museum of Modern Art
Even if you can't afford the trip to New York to visit this museum take some time out to have a look at The Museum of Modern Art's excellent website. The design is fabulous and incredibly stylish. Exhibitions are backed up by plenty of online information as well as discussion areas and photographs of the exhibits. The online store is a shopper's delight, full of interesting and unusual gifts if you want to wield your credit card. Or if that all sounds a bit pricey you could always send a free electronic MOMA postcard to a friend, featuring an image from the museum. is first and foremost a commercial site that sells prints, posters, photos and lithographs, but it's also a great resource for art lovers. The reference section is impressive and includes a history of twentieth century art, written decade by decade and giving background on the artists, images of their most famous works and, of course, the opportunity to buy posters and prints of their work. The guide to museums and galleries is sadly restricted to the US but the dictionary of art terms is relevant no matter where you are. And it's worth taking time out to browse through the art work for sale - you're bound to end up buying something from this massive collection.
Van Gogh Museum
This gorgeous looking site is packed full of images from the Van Gogh Museum and, thankfully for us, is presented in English as well as Dutch. This museum in Amsterdam is home to the world's largest collection of works by Van Gogh (including 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 700 letters). Many of the most famous works are reproduced on the site along with works from other 19th century artists including Gaugin and Toulouse-Lautrec. Art historians should make the excellent Van Gogh's Life and Times section of the site their first stop.
Worldwide Arts Resources
Worldwide Arts Resources is a massive art search engine providing links to artists, museums, galleries and art history information housed on the Internet. This really is a comprehensive resource; over 15,000 artists are listed in the artists' index (they're sorted by genre of art) and there are thousands of links to commercial and non-commercial galleries. This site makes a fabulous starting point for any art lover or art historian who wants to learn more about a specific artist or a period of art; you can even get the latest arts news emailed direct to your mailbox by handing over your email address.
National Gallery
The biggest and most famous gallery in the country, the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square will take you at least a day to see on foot and the same could be said of this sprawling website.
As well as all the usual practical information, the gallery includes a stunning amount of detailed explanations on the works of art therein. You can also view many of the pictures themselves in a separate window while another fascinating feature tells you the story behind some of the more unusual items in the collection.
The Grove Dictionary of Art
The Grove Dictionary of Art is a huge work of art history and research published by Macmillan and costing a minimum of £275. The really good news is you can check out the online version of the dictionary for absolutely free for 24-hours. Hand over your email and contact details and you'll get a password and username in return that gives you access to 41,000 cross-referenced articles and over 12,000 links to images of works of art housed in galleries all over the world. All aspects of the visual arts from prehistory to contemporary paintings and photography are covered in this gargantuan online resource.
The Tate Gallery
Although the biggest Tate gallery is in London this site also covers exhibitions on show in the Liverpool and St Ives buildings, you also get the latest news on the Tate London expansion work in the Bankside Power Station (due to open May 2000). The Tate has worked hard at getting its works into electronic format and the web site is home to over 8,000 works of art, ordered alphabetically by artists. If budgets permit take a whirl around the Tate online store and check out all manner of art-related products, from T-shirts to stationery.
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